Fallout 3 Walkthrough - You Gotta Shoot'em in the Head - Crowley's List

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - You Gotta Shoot'em in the Head - Crowley's List
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You’ll get this little quest by talking to Mister Crowley in Underworld. You can find him wandering around Carol’s Place looking for a good mercenary for his task. It seems that he wants to take some revenge out on bigoted humans and he wants you to shoot them in the head for a zombie style kill. There’s naturally a lot more to this quest than some simple assassinations, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Crowley’s Orders

Mister Crowley wants you to kill 4 people. This is Dukov, Ted Strayer, and Dave all need to be killed with their keys taken as proof. Tenpenny just needs to be killed. If a key sounds like an odd marker, than it is. Talk to the ghouls around underworld to find out that Crowley is being a little weird. Tenpenny is a definite bigot and jerk, but Ted is just some kid in Rivet City, Dukov is a little playboy who does nothing but drink in his home, and Dave is friends with several of the ghouls. You can get all of this information with a few speech checks around Underworld.

You can also confirm all of this by talking to Dave, Dukov, and Tenpenny. Ted doesn’t know what’s going on, since the key is just an inheiritance from his father. You’ll then have to decide how you want to play this one. You can figure out with some speech checks with the victims and Crowley that he really just needs their keys. If you get a little more information, he needs them to get something from Fort Constantine. You’ll need to decide how you want to do this now.

You can just play along and kill them.

You can tell him that you’ve figured it out, and he’ll only ask that you kill Tenpenny. The keys are all he needs from the rest, and he’ll pay full price for them.

You can keep the keys and go to Fort Constantine yourself.

Or you can give him the keys and rob him, either once he comes back with the armor or before he leaves with the keys.

The List

Tenpenny - Tenpenny might already be gone if you did the Tenpenny Tower quest before this one. That’s alright. You can just try to lie to Crowley and claim a 25 cap reward for ensuring his death. Even if he sees through it, it won’t change the quest much. If he’s alive, then go up to the top of Tenpenny Tower and get past his guard. Talk to Tenpenny on his balcony and ask him about Crowley. If you pass the speech checks, you can find out that Crowley was sent to Fort Constantine as part of a raiding group. He should also be able to tell you where it is.

Fallout 3 - You Gotta Shoot’em in the Head - Tenpenny

Don’t just kill him once you’ve gotten your information though. Tell him that Crowley wants him dead. He’ll give you a counter offer to kill Crowley. You can just listen to him and go kill Crowley. The ghouls in Underworld don’t usually seem to care. Regardless, if you pass the speech check to get 300 caps, he’ll give you 100 upfront. If you want to follow Crowley, take the caps and blow his head off in VATS.

Ted Strayer - Ted is a drug user in Rivet City. Just track him down in the common area. If you have Strength higher than 6, you can just scare him into giving it to you. You can also buy it off him or just pass a speech check. He doesn’t know anything about it, so this one is easy.

DukovArticle Image - Dukov is in Dukov’s Place out on the edge of the city. Just go inside his party house and talk to him. With a few speech checks you can find out about the mission and get a marker for Fort Constantine. You can also convince him to give up the key for free. You can also buy it for 200 caps. This is a little wastefull though. You can use the Lady Killer perk to get one of his girls to get it for you. If all else falls, you can talk to Cherry. She’ll offer to pickpocket it if you take her to Rivet City. Just fast travel there once she has it.

Dave - Dave’s out at Dave’s Republic in the northeast corner of the map. Just walk up to the gates and ask to be let inside. This one is probably the trickiest for a speech check. You need to pass a tough speech check and convince him that you’re an ambassador. With another 2 checks, he’ll hand it over as a gift. Just keep saving and reloading. You can also kill him or pickpocket him if you run out of patience.

Fort Constantine

Your choice will change how this plays out. If you gave the keys to Crowley, he’ll set off on a trip to Fort Constantine. If he doesn’t get stuck, he’ll show up again a week later with the new armor in Underworld. You can then pickpocket him while he’s sleeping or just kill him to get it. You can also ambush him on the way back in if you’re willing to use the wait command a lot.

You can also follow him out to get it. He’ll probably die somewhere in the wastes if you’re actually following him. You can then loot the keys. If you protect him, he’ll eventually turn hostile at Fort Constantine.

If you want to go for it yourself, then you can pickpocket back any keys you gave him. Then just head up to the northwestern part of the map and get your keys ready. Go inside the marked CO Quarters on the map. You’ll be fighitng leveled robots, so bring some decent guns. Head on downstairs. There is a Big Guns bobblehead in the open safe, so go ahead and grab it. Then open the door into the base. Keep going forward and down the steps. You’ll eventually come to the doors for the Bomb Storage area. There should be 2 “Very Hard” doors on the right. Look to the left to find Tara’s body. Search it for the final key you’ll need. Open the door Tara is lying against to find the T-b51 Power Armor.


Fallout 3 - You Gotta Shoot’em in the Head - Fort Constantine

Things are pretty much done once you get the armor. If you gave Crowley the keys, killed him for Tenpenny, or got the armor for yourself, then the quest will officially complete. There’s also a bit of a bug where wearing the “Winterized T-b51 Power Armor” from Operation Anchorage will wrap up the quest. You should still be able to get the keys by pickpocketing.

If you come back with the power armor, the Crowley might attack you. He’ll also do it he’s convinced that you’re trying to steal the keys from him to get the power armor. He’s easy to kill though.

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