Fallout 3 Walkthrough - Reilly's Rangers - Finding Reilly and Her Rangers

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - Reilly's Rangers - Finding Reilly and Her Rangers
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Reilly’s Rangers will take you into the biggest battle outside of the main quest. You’ll get to take part in a full scale attack on a super mutant position, get a lot of free supplies from a hospital, and get a set of amazing armor that will serve you for most of the game. It all starts with just a simple message on the radio.


The quest should officially start when you pick up a radio signal around the capital. You will definitely hear the signal on your way to Underworld in the Museum of History. If you tune into the channel, you’ll hear a special distress signal from Reilly’s Rangers. It seems that they’re pinned down and need assistance. We don’t know where they are though.

You need to go into Underworld and visit Doctor Barrows. There’s a girl called Reilly who is unconscious on a bed inside the medical clinic. You need to wake her up. If you have Medicine above 60, then you can do it yourself. You can also convince Doctor Barrows to do it by passing a speech check. Note that doing it yourself seems to have a chance to cripple her, which makes her character have a limp for the rest of the game. You might want to stick to convincing Barrows, since he seems to have better luck. Either way, once she’s up you can talk to her about what’s going on. It seems that her team was attacked by super mutants while mapping the ruins. They brilliantly decided to charge to the top of a large building with no escape route. It’s your mission to go save them.

You can swing by the Ranger Compound now if you want some supplies, but there isn’t much worth getting. If you’re somewhat well armed, I would just wait.

Our Lady of Hope

If you listened to Reilly, then you know that the only way to get to The Statesmen Hotel is through a few subway stations. You should still have the series of waypoints on the map. Just follow through the standard subways until you pop out in Vernon square. The streets should actually be clear and the hospital is in plain sight down the right side of the road.

Fallout 3 - Reilly’s Rangers - The Cafeteria By The Stairs in Our Lady of Hope

Go up to the doors and head inside Our Lady of Hope. After that, I can’t help much. There will be leveled super mutants in this area, although they should still be on the weak end of the spectrum. I only saw normal mutants and super mutant brutes in the hospital. There’s no trick to this one though. Just go around with a hunting rifle or whatever your weapon of choice is to blow away all the super mutants. Stay alert when turning corners and watch the sides. There are a lot of rooms lining the hallways, so it’s easy to get ambushed.

As a side note, just about each room has a first aid kit with some stimpaks, so it’s worth your time to explore a bit. Other than that, it’s a standard clearing mission until you get to the stairs. They are over to the side of the cafeteria area with a lot of super mutants. You’ll probably get to it as you finish your walk around the building. Go up and fight through another brief floor in the spots overlooking the cafeteria. Then get up another set of stairs to our goal floor. You should be able to get out onto the “bridge” and cross over to the Statesman hotel. When you get to the end, you have to drop down and enter the second floor of the Statesman Hotel.

The Statesman Hotel

This is a repeat of the hospital for the most part. You just need to go through each linear hallway and get to the stairs to go up. There will be tougher super mutants here though. I started running into overlords and masters here, so keep an eye out. The only saving grace is that there are plenty of beds around for free healing after the battle.

The map itself is deceiving, since your goal is about 6 floors above you. The only good thing is that there’s only one linear path. Just don’t let yourself get turned around. You should be able to find your way out quickly. Other than that, there isn’t much I can say to help. Use VATS and feel free to pull out the best stuff to deal with the tough guys. You should also be careful moving up the stairs, since Reilly’s men put up grenade bundles on most of the staircases. Be ready to run if you hear a few thuds. The super mutants also like to ambush you on the stairways, so it’s a bad place in general.

You’ll run into Theo’s body on the stairs next to a dead super mutant. He’s really easy to spot since you just about have to walk over him. Look at the ammo box and use Reilly’s code to get a lot of ammo. The rest of this is not too bad. Just fight your way past about a dozen mutants to get up to the top floor restaurant. This is the big battle, so save first. I found 2 overlords here along with several masters. You need to move into the restaurant area and take cover by a wall. Then pull out your best gun and drop into VATS. Knock out any mutants on the first floor to get more control over the situation. Fall back and lure them toward you if you need some cover from the balcony gunners. Then push forward and use the tables for cover as you take out the remaining mutants above you.

Saving the Day

Fallout 3 - Reilly’s Rangers - Get The Fission Battery From This Protectron

Before you go up to the roof, look in the closet of this restaurant area. You should see a broken protection. Search it and grab the fission battery. We’ll need it. Go up and to the rooftop. Reilly’s rangers will finish off a super mutant charge as you get to them. Talk to them to get your objective. You need to get a battery to repair the elevator and then fight your way out. Normally we’d have to head back down pointlessly and walk over to the closet. Since we already have the battery, we’re good. Before you give the battery to Donovan, talk to each of them and give them some ammo. It’ll help in the next fight to keep them supplied. Once you give Donovan the battery, you just have to follow them down and into the restaurant again. There should be another 5 mutants. Help Brick blow them away with whatever you have left in your arsenal. Just use VATS and fire as fast as you can to end the battle and keep the rangers alive. After that’s done, you just have to follow them to the now functioning elevator that will take you to Vernon Square.

All that’s left is your reward.


It’s time to report back in to Reilly. She’s over at the marked Ranger Compound. You have a choice between 2 possible rewards for this one. You can get a new set of Ranger armor if you want some. This is basically the best armor that isn’t power armor. It’s great for sniper and small gun users. There’s a boost to Small Guns and Luck from wearing it, so it’s fairly handy. It’s also really easy to repair, since you just need a set of combat armor. You can also get “Eugene” from Brick. You should always pick the armor though, since you can just pickpocket Eugene off of Brick if you really want it.

More importantly, Reilly will offer to let you work for their group. She’ll give you a new geo tracker module to help map the ruins. The good news is that this is retroactive. If you’ve explore the city a bit, then you might get a ton of caps immediately. It’s easy money for the mid game. Just report in whenever you’ve gotten some new markers for an easy payment of 30 caps per new spot.

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