Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - The Complete Guide

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - The Complete Guide
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Key Objectives

Escape the Alien Prison - Follow your new friend and escape to the engineering core.

Rescue the Frozen Prisoners - You’ll need to get some allies by unfreezing them.

Knock Out The Power - Three Generators in 3 rooms. Lots of fighting in between.

Get to the Bridge - A bit of a detour through the weapons lab, the bio lab, and the living quarters will take you to the bridge.

Blow Up The Other Ship - Channel your inner Kirk and blow up the ship.

Little Adventures

There are no real side quests to Mothership Zeta. You are able to explore and get some new weapons though.

Samurai Sword - You can get this by going along with Sally to the Maintenance Area and the Waste Disposal Area.

General Chase’s Overcoat - This one is on the way to the samurai sword in the Waste Disposal Area.

Electro-Suppressor - This powerful shock baton is in the entrance area of the Engine Room.

MPLX Novasurge - A cool plasma pistol that’s hidden in a locked safe in the Cargo Hold.

Enemy Analysis

Aliens - You’ll face tons of these guys. They are all quite frail. Just blow their heads off with a shotgun, energy weapon, or rifle. They should die with 1 or 2 shots from VATS. The only trick is entering VATS quickly so that they don’t do too much damage. Their real strength is the power of their alien weaponry.

Shielded Aliens - You’ll run into a few of these guys throughout the ship. There is no trick to beating them. You just have to keep firing and work away at their health. The best tactic is to shoot their weapons in VATS and force them into melee combat. This is the best way to survive their attacks long enough to kill them.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Few Problems Are So Great That They Cannot Be Solved With a Headshot

Support Drones - A pathetic little robot that the aliens use for repairs. It can try to scratch you with its claws though. Just shoot it a few times to blow it up.

Guardian Drones - A stronger drone. This one will take a few solid hits before it dies. Just aim at the body and fire. It uses a special drone cannon that fires an energy orb. This is a really cool weapon, so make sure that you loot it at least once.

Abominations - There aren’t too many of these guys on Mothership Zeta. They are basically just ghouls. Just fire a few rounds into their head as they charge at you. You won’t start running into these guys until the end of the bio lab area. They are also hostile to the aliens, so let them fight it out when you can.

Bits and Pieces

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - The Samurai Armor Just Requires 1 Quick Murder

Paulson’s Revolver and Outfit - Paulson has a unique non-scoped magnum and a unique outfit. The only way to obtain the special gun is to kill Paulson at some point, or let him die during a mission. He will leave after you leave the ship and disappear off of the game map. Your best bet is to just slip a mine into his pocket. The people onboard shouldn’t mind too much.

Samurai Sword and Samurai Armor - You can get the samurai sword back from Toshiro Kago by killing him. You can kill him in front of the crew at any time without consequences. You could also just hold on to the sword but there’s no real benefit. He’ll stay onboard the bridge of the ship forever.

Cryo Mines and Cryo Grenades - If you take Elliott with you into the Cryo Labs, then he should return with some of their cryo material. If you wait for a few hours, he’ll start producing cryo grenades and cryo mines. He will apparently no longer make these after you capture the bridge. This means you’ll need to load up when you get the chance. Just wait for an hour and he should have more to give you.

Free Alien Stuff - After you beat the game, you can come back onto the ship and get free alien guns from Elliott. Sally will have alien epoxy, alien biogel, random alien weapons, or alien power modules.

Alien Crystals - These have no real use, but they are weightless and quite valuable. Think of it like pre-war currency. Collecting all of the crystals will make you a rich man when you go home.

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