Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Getting General Chase's Overcoat and the Samurai Sword

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Getting General Chase's Overcoat and the Samurai Sword
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A Trip to the Maintenance Level - General Chase’s Overcoat

The access for this room is the teleporter near the Robot Assembly entrance. Go through the teleporter and look around. You should find Sally in an elevator. Get in and talk to her. It won’t be long before things get a little interesting. Crouch by Sally and ride out the series of movie parodies and little encounters. You’ll be dumped out of the bucket near the end.

Once you recover, stand up and go into the waste disposal area. Don’t get under any of the pounders. Just keep walking forward and into the next area through the only accessible door. Watch out for a guardian drone nearby. Go up to the next area to find a control room area. Look around for a chest that contain’s General Chase’s Overcoat. Once you get that, go through and around. There are another 2 aliens up on the balcony area. Shoot them and then go through the door on the other side. Go through this control room quickly. There’s no reason to fight a shielded alien if you can help it. Sally seals the doorways anyway. Don’t run straight into the next room though, since there is a big pounding mechanism. Walk around it and then use the control near the exit to turn it off. Go into the next room, but don’t immediately turn off the pounder. It should help with the 2 aliens who jump down and try to cross the room. You could also turn it off and then turn it back on quickly.

Go into the next room and repeat the trick to kill the melee rusher. Then kill the alien with a gun on top. Go through the door when it opens and wait a minute. Sally warns you of an ambush in the next room. It’s not much, but they are waiting for you. Go through with a good weapon drawn. Turn and shoot the alien to the left immediately. Then snipe the other 2 waiting in the room. Go ahead and grab the log by the door now. Then take up a position and wait for the real ambush. Kill the normal alien with the gun and the melee rusher. Then just start hammering the shielded alien. He should die eventually. Shoot the disintegrator out of his hand to make it easier. I had good luck using the drone cannon to bounce shots into him. Anything will work though if you just keep firing.

The Samurai Sword

We’re almost ready to go. Use the healing archway and then go through the door.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - A Sacred Samurai Sword That’s Free for the Taking

There’s just one alien left up at the top. Blow him away. Then go inside and meet Sally. Go into the supply closet here before you leave. Grab some stimpaks and make sure that you pick up the samurai sword. Go through the teleporter ahead when you’re done.

You can either keep the sword, or go down to the children’s area and find Toshiro Kago meditating. Give him the sword if you want him to start using it on the ship. The advantage of giving it to him seems to be fairly minimal. You’ll get some fun encounters where you’ll just find a meditating Toshiro next to 8 dead aliens. He’ll also use the sword in the final battle, which makes it fairly useful. You can also just kill him later to get it back. He’ll never leave the ship and there doesn’t seem to be any penalty for killing him. No one gets mad and you don’t even seem to take much of a karma hit. You’ll also get his cool samurai armor then.

Engine Room - The Electro-Suppressor

The door to this one is right next to the access to the Robot Assembly. Go through this door and into the engine room. One alien should run out to your spot in the entry room. Just blast him. Move down the hall and past an apparently malfunctioning drone. Another alien should be here too, so give him a few shots.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Don’t Tease Me Bro…The Electro-Suppressor Is Quite Easy to Find

Heal at the little archway in the alcove, then go into the next room. Be very careful at the door though. There as many as 3 aliens in the room along with 1 support drone and 2 guardian drones. Step in and try to take out the drones quickly with VATS. The aliens only have shock batons, so they aren’t much of a threat. Whip out the support drone before it gets too close. There should be other malfunctioning friendly drones here. Just leave them alone. Go over and to the left. Head inside the room and push past a support drone to get into the room you saw through the glass on the way in. The Electro-Suppressor is lying on the table. Pick it up, grab some of the alien epoxy and loot the container. Head back out.

You can loot a few more things if you want. Move over to the far wall and activate the control device. See if you can blow up the turret remotely to solve that problem now. Then go into the room to the left of the big door. Use the panel to open it.

I could go on, but I don’t know why you’d want to go further. There’s no real reward. You’ll just wear out your weapons for barely any more loot. There are 2 aliens with some of the toughest shields I’ve seen in the game. Plus, I have the feeling you’ll be plenty tired of wandering around and killing aliens soon enough. So back out and just leave.

Cargo Hold - MPLX Novasurge

The cargo hold can be accessed through a door by the door to the Hangar. The simple truth is that there are a fair number of aliens wandering around back here. They’ll probably come to investigate gunfire, so you’ll just have to deal with them as they get triggered. You should be pretty good at gunning down a few aliens and drones by now.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - I’m Standing Right in Front of Reid’s Terminal Before I Unlock The Safe With The MPLX Novasurge

You need to walk along the catwalk and look for a large waste disposal device. It’s easy to spot. It’s the big thing that’s vaporizing animals and equipment from the wasteland. Once you’re there, turn to the right and follow the Catwalk down. You need to watch the walls for a few old computer terminals in a little series of desks. One of them should be hackable if you have 75 points in Science. Hack it and then read the logs if you want. The important thing is the remote safe unlock. Once that’s done, go back to that waste disposal unit. Walk past it and into the junk. Then look down. In one of the corners, a safe sticks out of the junk. Only the face is showing though, so you have to look down and do a little bit of a grid search. Since you used the computer, it’s open. Grab the MPLX Novasurge. Go ahead and test it out. It’s a pretty cool plasma pistol.

There’s also a lot of other junk on the belt. A research room in the back has an alien captive recording too. Other than that, you can just leave.

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