Fallout 3 Walkthrough - The Keller Family Transcripts

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - The Keller Family Transcripts
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The story of the Keller family is pretty simple. A soldier stole the code to access the national guard depot armory and gave one number to each of his relatives. He hoped that they’d get along and survive together. That…doesn’t work out so well. You’ll pick up the details of the story along the way. The big reward for collecting all 4 of their numbers is that you can gain access to the national guard depot armory and the experimental MIRV inside.

There is no official quest and there aren’t any markers to help you find the Keller tapes. If you want to find them, then you are just going to have to follow my directions.

Keller Family Transcript Locations

1. VAPL-58 Power Station - You don’t have to actually find this one, unless you want the backstory of the Keller Family. This one does not have a number. I’ll assume that you want to do the whole quest though. You can find the VAPL-58 Power Station a bit to the west of Vault 106. You can also look at the map and find the thick highway by the Super-Duper Mart. Look up a little bit to find a fairly narrow horizontal road. The power station is in the big dip in this road.

The actual Keller Family Transcript is easy to find once you’re there. Just start heading north and follow the power lines. There is a shack by the 3rd tower. Go inside and kill the 3 ghoul wastelanders guarding the place. The transcript is on a bookcase. Also remember to grab the mini nuke here.

2. The Hallowed Moors Cemetery - This is an easy one to find. It’s straight to the north of Big Town. There are about 5 super mutants in the area though and they are well armed. If you have Broken Steel installed, then expect to find an overlord. Just use the rocks for cover and keep firing until they all die. You should be able to fight mutants by the time you start looking for this. When the coast is clear, go inside the church and grab the Keller Family Transcript off of the stand inside. Make sure you grab the mini nuke here along with a few of the skill books and random loot.

3. Grisly Diner - Another place of death and gore for you to search. The Grisly Diner is far to the Northeast.Look for the spot where the large highways make a “Y”. It’s there. Watch out for mines near the back and front entrance. A group of raiders will ambush you once you step inside and go behind the counter. This isn’t a good place to fight from. Just kill the first one at the front door and go out the back. Kill another 4 or 5 raiders moving toward the back entrance. Once they’re dead, grab the tape off of the table i

n the back yard.

4. A Sniper Shack - This is an unmarked location that is mainly known for housing the Victory Rifle. You can get to it by traveling to Rock Breaker’s Last Gas and looking to the west. The shack is pretty easy to see up in the cliffs. Go up to it and go inside. Watch out for Enclave and Super Mutants in the area. The transcript is sitting on the workbench.

5. Super Mutant Camp - This unmarked location is a short trip north of the Anchorage War Memorial. Just go there and look for a large truck on the road. Move over to it and kill the super mutant. The tape is inside the tent with the captive.

The National Guard Depot

You have to get through the National Guard Depot before you can claim the Experimental MIRV. Getting to the National Guard Depot isn’t too hard. It’s on the outskirts of the Capital Ruins and you can actually get to it by just walking along the road to the north of the city. It’s easy to spot thanks to all the red markings and signs.

Fallout 3 - Opening the Door to the National Guard Depot Armory

As a side note, I’ve already covered the way to get to the National Guard Armory in my Bobblehead Location guide. The Small Guns bobblehead is inside the first part of the armory. Keep an eye out for it while you’re in there.

It doesn’t take too much to get through the National Guard Depot. Your goal is to flip a switch a bit above the large steel door into the armory. The only way to get to it is by walking through the base. There are leveled robots everywhere. Just stay alert and be ready to gun down sentry bots quickly. Also remember to bring along a lot of stimpaks. Even the quickest players are going to get hit with sentry bot missiles. As always, just fire away with a good gun. Aim for the head or try to cause a critical hit to the missile or laser gatling arm.

You need to go through the double doors into the training wing. Then just follow the linear path. Your big landmark is the firing range. Pick up the ammo that’s in the cabinets and then go down the range and into the offices. Curl up and around into the lobby. Leave and step out onto the ledge. Go forward and look at the left side of the wall. There’s an electrical box. Flip the switch to open up the armory. The yellow light above it flashes, if you can’t find it. It’s just below you. Kill the sentry bot that should come out, then go down and into the secure area. Flip the next electrical switch inside to reveal a hidden staircase to the armory. Walk down into the armory, grab the bobblehead, and access the computer by the door. Just click the command to input the right code. The game does it automatically. Walk inside.

The Experimental MIRV

Fallout 3 - I Survived This Somehow…the Experimental MIRV Certainly Packs a Punch Though

Walk along and watch out for the glowing one inside. Just blow him away. That’s apparently Mr. Keller. The 3 skeletons are all that remain of the Keller Family. The Experimental MIRV is lying on a table inside this hollowed up storage area. It’s in plain sight. Pick it up and make sure that you grab the 5 mini nukes by it.

That’s it really. You’re free to do what you want. The quest is officially over and you now have an impractical and absurdly powerful weapon. It fires 8 mini nukes at once in a spread. You really need to aim at a distant target, or you will just end up nuking yourself. The ones on the bottom like to drop a little early. I personally suggest that you take it outside, save, and have some fun with it.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many combat applications. There are only about 70 mini nukes in the whole game. That means that you could only possibly fire your Experimental MIRV 8 times, if you find every last one and abuse a few rare respawning ones. This weapon is really just for you to play around with before you revert to an old save. The one possible real use is absolutely obliterating a behemoth or albino radscorpion. They are the only enemies that one fat man shot can’t kill.

Have fun with your new toy!

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