Fallout 3 Walkthrough - Tranquility Lane - Tears, Affairs, and Creepy Little Girls

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - Tranquility Lane - Tears, Affairs, and Creepy Little Girls
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You’ll get to start this quest up after a trip to Vault 112 in “Scientific Pursuits.” Once you sit down in the free simulation chair, you’ll be treated to a vision of an ideal American town. Feel free to explore a bit and talk to the people to learn about this slice of Americana. The real quest requires you to talk to Betty and start some “interesting” quests.

Before we start those though, understand that they are all fairly evil quests. They are also optional, if you can figure out the one good way to break the simulation. I’ll cover that in its own section at the end. For now, I’ll cover the evil quests to follow Betty’s orders.

Boys Don’t Cry

Betty wants you to make Timmy Neusbaum cry. This is pretty simple. The Neusbaum house is easy to spot, since Timmy has a lemonade stand outside. Just walk over and decide your course of action. You have 4 main ways to do it.

If you aren’t feeling creative, then just hold down “R” to draw your fists. Then just punch him a few times and he’ll run away and start crying.

If you want it over really quick, then you can just pass a Speech challenge and convince him that his parents are getting a divorce.

If you don’t have many points in Speech, then you can just go inside the house. Pat Neusbaum will tell you that Timmy is a good boy and will mention that she wouldn’t ever send him to the military school. This odd statement is because her friend Mabel insisted that she take a brochure for one. Go inside and into the kitchen. The military institute brochure is on the table. Take it to Timmy and show it to him. Tell him that they’re sending him away to start the water works.

The final and extra inventive way is to take out your fists and beat his mother to death. No one else will notice or turn hostile. Just chase her down and keep punching. She dies pretty quickly, even for my character with about 25 points in Unarmed. Timmy will then run over and start crying over her body. You can go ahead and kill his father, but it isn’t necessary. She will be revived once you talk to Betty.

Once he has cried, you can talk to Betty and ask whichever question you want. Then get your new task.

A Happy Home

You need to break up a marriage. The Rockwells are fairly happy, but they have one main weakness. Janet Rockwell assumes that Martha Simpson is in love with Roger Rockwell.

Fallout 3 - This Rolling Pin is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

If you are really lazy, then just talk to Janet and use your Speech skill to tell her that you saw Roger kissing a lady outside. Just quicksave and quickload if you fail.

The fun ways involve a bit more work. You can ignore the speech option and frame Roger. Go over to Martha Simpson’s house across the circle. Go upstairs to her bedroom and grab the lacy underwear off of her bed. Go down to Roger’s workspace in the basement. Activate the workbench and put the underwear on it. You can then tell Janet about it. You can either convince her that he had Martha over for some fun, or that the lingerie is his. Either way, she’ll break up with him.

The even more interesting way is to go upstairs and read Janet’s diary on the nightstand. She mentions her fears and writes that she’d like to beat Martha SImpson to death with her rolling pin. Go into the kitchen and grab the rolling pin. Then track down Martha. She’ll either be in her house or somewhere around the circle on a walk. She’s wearing a really white dress, so she isn’t too hard to spot. Just whack her a few times with the rolling pin until she dies. Tell Roger Rockwell that his wife is a psychopath and then show him the bloody rolling pin. He’ll break up with her in anger.

Martha will be revived once you report back to Betty.

Killing Mabel Henderson

A simple objective with lots of little options. You need to kill Mabel in some fairly creative way. There are 4 ways to do it.

If you want a simple one, just go up the steps and activate the rollerskate at the top. It’s a little hard to see due to the black and white background, but it’s there if you look. She’ll slip and fall down the steps the next time she uses the stairs. You might have to wait for a bit though.

Fallout 3 - The Reason Mabel Henderson’s Show on the Food Network Wasn’t Renewed

You can also go to the top of the stairs and activate the chandelier. It will then be rigged to fall on her the next time she walks under it. She seems to spend more time downstairs than upstairs, so this is a bit quicker of a method.

Another quick way is to activate the oven and tamper with the pilot light. You can then ask her to bake a pie for you. She’ll try to use the oven and die in the fireball.

The final and most intricate method is to use the terminal in the kitchen. You can use it to activate the Mr. Handy’s security mode and disable the security screeners. It will then go on a search and destroy mission and kill Mrs. Henderson. The problem is that it will also go after you. Since Mrs. Henderson often runs past you into the kitchen, it is hard to pull this off without dying. If you manage to succeed, then use the terminal to reapply security screenings and turn off the security lockdown. You can then leave.

Once she’s dead, report back to Betty for your final objective.

The Pint-Sized Slasher

The grand finale is a really simple quest. You need to kill everyone as the pint-sized slasher. Go over to the marked dog house and activate it to put on the slasher’s gear.

Fallout 3 - The Creepy Pint-Sized Slasher

The rest is actually just as easy as it sounds. You need to get close to people, activate VATS, and cut them down. They die really quickly thanks to their low health and the high damage caused by the special knife. After a few sucessful kills, they all should flee to their houses. This makes it a lot easier to hunt them down. Just follow the quest markers if you need to find someone. Remember to put away the knife if you are chasing someone and lagging behind. The slight speed boost can help you catch them.

You also don’t need to actually kill “everyone.” Timmy Neusbaum disappears since the game won’t let you kill kids. You also don’t need to kill the Mr. Handy. Doc, the dog in the center, can’t be killed. Slashing Betty will cause Braun to kill you with an EMP pulse, so that’s a bad idea.

Once everyone is dead, just report to Betty and leave the simulation.

Good Karma in Tranquility Lane

Fallout 3 - Yeah…The Chinese Firing Squad is the Good Ending

This is the good karma solution for Tranquility Lane. There are a few ways to get the hints. Technically you are supposed to get your lead either by talking to Old Lady Dithers or exploring the neighborhood and finding the abandoned house. Once inside, you should see a bunch of strange objects that make a noise when you activate them. These 7 objects are a lock.

The password can be easily cracked with simple guessing. There’s a blunt noise for an incorrect code. Since there are only 5 items to try, you can just use trial-and-error to find it. You are supposed to listen to Betty though and notice that she often whistles a little tune. That’s the code.

Since you’re already here though, the code is: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder block, gnome, nuka cola.

This code makes a special terminal activate. Use it and read some of Braun’s notes. Then look at the fail safe option and the chinese invasion section. Read the warnings and initiate the attack. Go outside to see friendly Chinese soldiers executing everyone for real in order to free them from Braun’s prison. Talk to Braun and then go through the door for your reunion.


There’s very little left to the quest. You can follow James back to Rivet City if you want, or you can just tell him to go on his own and fast travel there. Any followers you have need to be told to follow again. If they aren’t here, then they may have wandered back to their waiting spot.

When you’re ready, just go find James and Dr. Li at Rivet City to officially start the next quest.

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