Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - The Weapons Lab

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - The Weapons Lab
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Storming the Weapons Lab

Get inside and push the button on the teleporter to call in your reinforcements. Talk to them and wait for Sally to open the door. Look down on Earth and then listen to your new enemy while Sally opens the door. Go ahead and notice that the next teleporter is off. The only option is to go through the weapons lab.

Go inside and blow up the two turrets on the ceiling. They seem to be more powerful than usual. Go forward and just hurry past the shielded alien for now. We’ll have a much better gun in a minute.

Kill the 2 weak aliens teleporting into the room ahead. Turn right and enter the weapon closet. Grab the atomic pulverizer on the table. It’s a much better version of the alien atomizer. It can fire off a ton of damaging shots in VATS. Also activate the guardian drone if you need another one. It should go out and kill the few guardian drones teleporting into the room. Go up and around to kill the original shielded alien. Blow him away with your new toy. Hit the control button to unlock the stairs and go down to the right. Kill the guardian drone down here as it teleports into the room. Then keep firing at the shielded alien that rushes you. It should just have a shock baton, so it’s not as dangerous. Advance further. Kill a few more weak aliens and go up the steps.

Advance a bit more and you should finally make it to the real weapons lab. Kill the guardian drone and the shielded alien on guard here. You’re pretty safe then. There’s a lot of ammo and weaponry around here. Take a minute and loot as much ammo as you can.

Then go into the side room with the experimental drones. Activate one by pressing the switch. Go inside and kill the first one. Then kill the second when it wakes up to defend its brother. You can then get the unique drone cannon, Drone Cannon Ex-B. Go around and toward the teleporter. The destabilizer, an automatic disentigrator, is lying on a shelf by the teleporter. Go past the teleporter and to the shooting range at the end. This is a bit tricky.

The Xenomorph Tech perk gives a +20% to all alien weapons. Using this range apparently is linked to it. Just activate it and watch the raiders try to fight off the deathclaws and sentry bots. Once enough die, you’ll get it. I assume that you are supposed to shoot a certain number, but it’s not working like that for now.

Go over to the experimentation lab for the next part

Experimentation Lab

Go inside and have the pulverizer out. There is one incredibly tough shielded alien here. Just keep firing at him. He’s the last real threat for awhile though. There are just some weak aliens and workers for awhile. Go into the back room with the examination chairs. There’s a log in here.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Get Used to Seeing These Abominations

Go down the hallway and into the next reactor room. Grab the log off of the back wall and then blow up the reactor to kill the force field blocking the way. Since no good deed goes unpunished, this also unleashes a whole bunch of abominations who blindly attack the aliens and you.

Go forward and turn to the left into the experimentation room. Kill the 2 abominations. They’re about as strong as a Glowing One. Just aim at the head and take them out. Go inside and grab another log in the area. Once you’re done with any extra looting, go into the Biological Research Wing.

Biological Research Lab

Go over to the right side and activate the support drone. Then go up the stairs and grab the log on the right side of the upper platform. Shoot the 2 abominations up here. They should have already killed a few of the aliens. Turn and start shooting at the next grouping of aliens in the control room.

Go through this area and just keep moving out onto the catwalks. The switch on the wall kills the nearby force field. Do not go through the teleporter ahead just yet. Go downstairs. There’s another support drone down here if you lost yours. More importantly, there are about 100 alien power cells for the alien blaster on the back shelf. Grab them all. This is probably the largest cache you’ll easily find. When you’re done looting, go into the teleporter to the Death Ray Hub.

The Death Ray

Come out and kill the one alien with a shock baton who might be here. Then turn left and use the door control to get to a drone room. Activate it and send it off on a patrol. There’s another drone room past the teleporter. Let these guys soften up the next area a bit and follow them in. Unlock the door on the side and grab some epoxy and biogel. Then go ahead to the next control area and kill any survivors. Go down the stairs and into the hallway. Shoot any aliens you run into and then follow the corridor. Power down the force fields and just keep going down until you find the entrance to the Death Ray Control Room.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - This Puts the Fat Man to Shame

Go inside and kill a few more aliens. I counted 4 around the death ray. Now we need to take it out. Look at the controls for it. If you feel like it, you can use the controls on the right to point it at the earth. Then press the right button on the left console to destroy about 50 square miles of Earth for a cool screenshot of a giant mushroom cloud. No real effect though.

Fun’s over though. You need to push the left button on the left console 4 times. This raises all 4 generators. Do a quick circle and knock out their coolant nodes. Watch the fireworks and get ready for a fight. 5 aliens teleport into the room near the entrance. Just start firing. Chain some hits together in VATS to take them out.

The teleport you used to come in is offline. The only way out is through a door inside the death ray control room. Go inside and use the teleporter to get into the Living Quarters

The Living Quarters

Go forward and come to the little trap projector. Shoot it a few times to blow it up and then hang back. An abomination should come in and fight the 2 aliens. The turret will then fire at it until it retreats up the steps. Blow up the turret and then kill the abomination. Loot and then go up and above to the next big area.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - We’re Getting the Aliens Where They Live

Run forward and crouch behind the pylon. Snipe the 3 aliens on the other side of the trap. Then peek out and shoot the 2 turrets. Once you’re done, blow up the traps and loot all of the rooms. Nothing spectacular is in here, but you might as well look around. Go forward and through the door. If you want, you can go to the left and down a corridor. Kill one alien and blow up a trap from behind to find Kago standing over about 6 dead aliens. Loot if you want and then fall back.

Go to the right and activate the disabled support drone. Then kill the 2 aliens here. Advance until you see the trap, and then save. You need to clear out the room to the left to avoid an ambush. Go in and crouch behind a table. Shoot the 2 turrets and get the 3rd one in the room to the left. Then shoot 2 of the weak aliens that charge into the room. There are another 2 shielded aliens who also rush into the room. One is only partially shielded. The other is nearly fully shielded. He looks almost completely cloaked. Pound the partially shielded one and try to take him out in VATS quickly. The atomic pulverizer should work fine. Then quicksave and start shooting the fully shielded one. I unloaded about 60 shots from the destablizer into him and it took him out. Just watch your health and use the adapted biogel and stimpaks you should have saved up. Once he’s down, loot the room and grab log #23 off of the wall. Come out from behind and blow up the turret covering the hallway. There’s a healing archway to the left. Use it if you need it. Then go upstairs.

The end is just a bit further. Kill a few more aliens and you should finally come to the end of the living quarters. The teleporter to the bridge is just ahead.

Taking the Bridge

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Taking the Bridge of the UFO Isn’t That Hard Actually

Approach the bridge. There are 5 weak aliens and a fairly weak alien captain. Go inside and find some cover. Then just start shooting. If you are hurt, fall back and use the healing archway. Just rinse and repeat until the bridge is yours. Your friends should come into the area shortly, but they’ll probably be accompanied by 2 shielded aliens. Finish them off.

You’re not done just yet though. It’s time for a bit of a chaotic battle. Go to the front and see that you’ve got company. Another ship is here and they’re really not happy.


Everyone quickly runs to battle stations.

Here’s the rundown. Elliott is running a teleporter jammer. Somah is failing at trying to steer the ship. Sally is keeping the death ray aimed at the enemy. Paulson is using his revolver to cover the door. Your job is to manage the energy distribution and fire the death ray as often as possible to destroy the other ship. Your health display is on the left in green. Their health display is on the right in red. The fire button is standing alone in the middle next to the energy displays. The energy buttons let you redistribute the power. It’s set on a middle button for the balanced setting for the time being.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Take Charge of the Bridge

The basics of this are pretty simple. You need to press the right button to transfer as much power as possible to the death ray. Fire the ray and then flip the shields to full power. It will still recharge fairly quickly. Rinse and repeat this process as often as you can.

It’s a bit harder than it sounds though, since the battle is quite chaotic. After a few shots, you’ll hit a meteor. This disables the power and knocks out Elliott. This means new aliens through the unjammed teleporter and a bit of work. There are 4 buttons for the emergency generators. There are 2 on each side of the bridge. Hit each one to get the power back online. This also brings Toshiro Kago to the fight, but unlocks a 2nd teleporter to the right. Paulson can handle the weak aliens, but you’ll have to turn back around and help him out if you don’t want to be shot in the back a few times. Toshiro is also handy for distracting the shielded ones, but you can’t count on him. That said, you might want to let them get cut down. There’s no real benefit for keeping them alive, and if they’re dead you can loot their cool gear. It’s your choice.

After this point in the fight, it’s just a matter of hectically firing at any aliens that teleport into the room while you pull the firing trick with the death ray. The enemy ship should blow up in a blaze of glory shortly afterwards. Stand by the glass and enjoy the pretty explosion.

Talk to your friends when you’re done. Either Sally or Elliott will explain that a homing beacon was accidentally shot down to Earth, which means that you now have a way home. You can use the teleporter in the back to leave the ship and go back to the alien crash site.

Mothership Zeta Aftermath

Paulson and Somah will leave the ship. It doesn’t look like we see them again. You can chose to kill Paulson without any real consequence apparently. I slipped a grenade in his pocket in plain sight and no one went hostile. The benefit is that you’ll get his unique magnum and nice outfit. You should also be able to kill Toshiro with no penalty.

Sally, Toshiro, and Elliott stay aboard the ship. Sally and Elliott will both give you alien weapons if you show back up on the ship. There’s also a workbench by the captain’s teleporter. Other than that, you’re done. Head back home and enjoy playing with your new toys in the wasteland.

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