Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - Playing with Robots

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - Playing with Robots
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A Rude Awakening

Press the release to free the 4 people. The astronaut is already gone though. It’d be too easy if a skilled person was ready. Take his suit and talk to Sally again. She has a plan to help you clear the way to the top.

Before you go, talk to your new friends. Paulson is a decent fighter and ally. Toshiro Kago is a little bit confused for the moment and there isn’t much you can do to help him. Elliott Tercorien is an old medic from Anchorage. He can convert any alien biogel you have into adapted biogel. It’s much more effective. Somah’s also here again. She can do excellent repairs aboard the ship, but she still charges a lot.

Also go ahead and grab each of the captives logs. Might as well learn a bit more about them and add to the collection.

Robot Assembly

I suggest that you start with this one. You’ll be able to control a drone as an extra ally after this mission, so you might as well do it first.

Talk to Somah. She can help. Ditch any other allies first to make room. Go to the marked door in the engineering core. Go inside and pull out the Disintegrator. Cover Somah while she works on the teleporter. There are 2 drones at first. One is a guardian though, and they fire one heck of a cannon. Open fire and take them out. She gets it working, but teleports to the other side of the room. Go down and kill the next pair of drones. She’ll get to work on clearing the upper path while you work on the bottom. Go ahead and grab some stuff off of the shelves. They have a lot of alien power cells, so keep an eye out for the blue glow.

Go forward and shoot a few more drones moving around. Help her shoot a few turrets and get another conversation. She’ll suggest that you blow up the production line. Go over to the big base and find the electronics panel. If you have 75 points in Repair, then you can overload it with a time delay. If you don’t, then just overload it and take the small hit.

Go through the hole into the next area. Shoot the alien and a few guardian drones that come out to respond. There are 2 aliens here and one really strong alien. Ignore him for the time being and focus on the guardian drones. Once everything else is dead, you can just focus on him. Just keep firing with everything you got and help with the adapted biogel. He’ll eventually die. Loot his body for a drone control device. You can then open a guardian drone pod and pick up a new ally. Just one at a time though.

Go forward and get to the reactor panel. Repeat the old trick and blow up the reactor. The force fields go down in the paths by the reactor. Go down these narrow hallways and use the teleporter to end up back in the first part of the room. Go back to engineering.

Cryo Lab

Talk to Elliott to gain some help for this part and open up a little bonus quest. Go through the door at the back of the stasis lab. Kill the first alien here and then flip the release switch. Go downstairs and into the lower level. Grab the epoxy and go into the side room. Then grab some more biogel and a log from this room.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - The Definition of Poetic Justice

Go back up and into the next part of the lab. Re-align the sensors on both of the support drones and reactivate them to gain some new allies. Then hit both of the switches by the windows for the side rooms. This unleashes a raider and a ghoul on the 2 aliens on each side. Let these guys soften them up, then go in and clean up the mess. Grab the log out of the back corner of the left room.

Go forward and into the next area. Duck into the room on the left. If you manage to not trigger the 2 aliens, then hit the switch inside to release 4 raiders and 4 feral ghouls to weaken the aliens in a big fight. If not, just turn and blow them away. Activate the door through the controller next to it. Go inside to get a bunch of meds and equipment from the captured raiders. Then go to the controller below the window looking out. Use it to overload the turret, if you can. If not, go out and kill the turret on the wall just above the window. If you feel like it, hit the switch even if the aliens are dead and watch the 2 groups fight each other. It’s fairly entertaining. Kill the survivors and then go down. There’s some random mix of loot on the shelves, if you want more ammo or armor.

Go through the next set of doors and go down the hallway to find the autopsy room. If Elliott’s here, he’ll hit the button. The doors will open once they’re frozen. Go inside and loot the random stuff in the room. Make sure that you grab the 2 logs here. Go through the open door to get into the back area.

If you have Elliott with you, then his surviving squadmates will still be alive. You can tell him to put them out of their misery, or just abandon them. That seems a little pointless though. Just wait for a minute to let him try to fix them and restore their memory. When he tells you to, push the button. They’ll stick close and provide cover until they die in combat or collapse.

Cryo Storage

Gather your little squad and go into Cryo Storage.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - There Are Lots of Aliens to Kill in the Cold Basement

There’s a log to the left. Grab it and loot the 2 containers. Then go to the left. There’s 3 aliens with stun batons here. Blow them away. Go forward and hit the switch to the middle right. Then go downstairs. Kill the 3 aliens down here and grab the log at the back left side.

The rest is just kinda confusing. Go ahead and wander around if you want. I couldn’t find much else that was interesting. Do not push the switches on the catwalks though. These unleash super mutants on the bottom floor. High level players will unleash super mutant overlords. That is a bad idea.

Just fight some more aliens and blow them away until you curve around to the path. All roads go to Rome, so just move forward. The reactor goes down the same way as the first. Hit the main control switch to pull it up. Then shut down each of the coolant cores. Run back a bit and wait for the bang. Then go back and hit the other switch in the room to turn the teleporter back on. Jump inside and take the quick ride back. Return to the engineering core.

After this mission, Elliott will start working on cryo mines and cryo grenades. The first batch will be ready in an hour.

The Hangar

Talk to Paulson ahead of time to get a little extra firepower. Then go inside the hangar. Watch the UFO land and then head down to inspect it. Stay away from the large tower and go through the only open door in the wall. Kill the alien and the turret in here. Walk through and come out on the other side. Fight the 2 aliens and 1 shielded alien on the raised platform. The shielded one seems to not be as strong as usual, so don’t worry too much. If you need another drone, you can grab a guardian here. Go up and into the tunnel.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - You’ll Never Have This Much Firepower Again

Head through the control area and wrap into the control tower. Kill the last alien up here. Now, save and heal at the archways. When you’re ready, push the button to try and kill the field blocking the generator room. They don’t like that.

Your task is to protect the control tower by shocking the aliens trying to climb the stairs to your area. Each of the five buttons controls a pylon grouping. The aliens come in from the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. They then try to climb the stairs to the left and the right. The dangerous part is the stairs to the left, since aliens on the bottom left can be safely away from the pylons very quickly.

You just have to scan the whole area and pay extra attention to guardian drones and shielded aliens. The shielded aliens usually come from the bottom in general. Guardian drones usually come from the top left. They will also take a few shocks, unless you manage to knock them into space through the hole in the hangar. Just focus on keeping them knocked down. Paulson can handle a fair number of aliens that slip past, but he isn’t a god.

After about 20 aliens in 2 waves, you’ll see the hangar close. This means that there are no more reinforcements. Spin around and help Paulson kill the 2 weak aliens and the 1 shielded alien coming out of the generator room behind you. Make a stand for a bit longer to wear out the survivors. Finish off any stragglers and then go into the generator room. Hit the button to seal the force field. No need for distractions now. Then pull the same trick you pulled on the other generators. Search the shelves for a ton of alien ammo too.

Go back out and go down the left hallway to get back to the engineering core.

A Little Space Walk

Talk to Sally. She’ll point you to the spacewalk and remind you to put on your spacesuit. Now, before you go you need to do a checklist. This area is basically sealed off once you leave. Did

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Look for the Little Red Nodes in the Void of Space

you explore everything? Did you go through the Cargo Hold, the Maintence Area, and the Engine Room? Did you get the NPLX Novasurge? The Samurai Sword? General Chase’s Coat? The Electro-Suppressor? If not, then check out the side quest guide and the table of contents for some quick directions. Once you are completely done with this area, go out to do the space walk.

Put the spacesuit on and go into the decompression chamber. Loot the dead aliens on the way if you want. Once you’re outside, it isn’t too hard. You need to put back the exposed panels to reset the teleporter. The easiest way to find them is to just jump up and look for the exposed red glow. Then walk along the surface and push them back down. Jump onto the teleporter to get sucked into the next decompression chamber. Hit the button and wait for it to finish. Then put on your real armor.

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