Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - One Long Trip

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Walkthrough - One Long Trip
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A UFO Experience

There’s no real trick to getting abducted. After you install the add-on you’ll get a message about a new radio signal that sounds ominous. Travel to the marked spot. It’s right outside the alien crash site, if you remember where it is.

Approach the crashed ship for a quick abduction and a bit of probing. You’ll wake up in your underwear in a prison cell. Go ahead and talk to Somah. She’ll tell you to get back after a short bit. Look up to watch the harvester pass your cell and grab another prisoner. Talk to her again afterward. You have to stage a fight if you want to leave. You should probably make a hard save now.

Just punch her a few times and wait for the guards to show up. If you’re a fistfighting master, then you might not want to hit her too much. No need to stun her or hurt her seriously. You’ll need her help. 2 guards will show up and kill the field shortly afterwards. Go into VATS and immediately chain up a bunch of hits on one. My character had no unarmed skill and was still able to lmost kill one with a string of VATS hits. Focus on finishing it off and then quickly loot its shock baton. Equip it and use it to polish off the other one. Let Somah pick up his shock baton. Go outside and turn to the right. 2 more are heading down the hall. Use the shock baton and give them a few good whacks. They should die quickly.

A Little Exploration

You’re safe for the time being. You can use the release mechanism to free the Rivet City security guard, but he’s not really together at the moment. Go down to the left and into the control room. Activate the 3 control machines to get the 3 alien captive logs. They should be 14, 15, and 22. You get an achievement for getting them all, so I’ll try to help you find them.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Look For These Panels to Get Alien Captive Logs

Go back out and check the rest of the cells. The 3rd cell on the left has a dead Enclave officer inside. Steal his hat and uniform. It’s the only armor you can get for the time being. Put it on and continue onward. The red archway will heal you a bit, so stand there for a second and heal up.

Go into the next control room. There are another 3 logs here. Activate each of the panels with a spinning disc above it to capture the logs for 1, 3, and 12. The only way to go is through the door to the left. Go through it to find Sally’s prison cell. Go forward to the generator area. Press the control to activate it. Then hit each of the coolant switches and run down the hallway. Turn and watch the reactor blow up. This unlocks Sally’s door. Talk to her and then follow her to the sealed door. Wait a minute and she’ll open the door.

A New Friend

Go ahead into the next area. Turn to the left and smack the alien a few times to kill him. Then go inside and check the containers. The one in the center of the room should have all of your old gear. Reequip and then flip the switch. Go into the steamworks ahead.

You can tell Sally to go ahead of you if you want and flank them with a grenade. You can choose to fight them, but you might as well let Sally have fun with the grenades. Just go slowly through the steam and wait behind the pipes near them. Sally will hit them with the grenade soon. Go down the next hallway and wait for Sally to talk to you again. Just wait by the door for a minute and she’ll open it for you. No reason to provoke the unaware aliens at the end of the hallway.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta - Sally is Great for Opening Those Pesky Doors

Go into the room and grab all the alien stuff from the container. Open the door and spot another alien in the hallway. As an important note, stealth might suit us here. If you have a silenced gun, then you might be able to stay hidden when you shoot the first alien. If that happens, sneak forward and sneak to the left to avoid an unnecessary fight. Quietly kill the 2 aliens here and skip ahead. If you can’t use stealth, then show him that a good old American gun still beats an alien atomizer. Kill him and grab the new gun.

Turn and kill the 3 aliens who should be rushing to investigate all the death and screaming. Blow them away before they get into melee range. Look at the end of the hall to possibly kill another alien. Go down the hall and walk through the healing archway.

Turn to the right and blow away the 2 aliens with your shotgun, assault rifle, or whatever cool alien toy you want to use if you don’t want to sneak. They have an atomizer and disintegrator, so do try to be quick. Kill the next 2 that rush in from the left. They were waiting in the room anyway, so sneaking would have been hard for someone with a loud gun.

A Steam Bath

There are lots of different ways to take the steam room. You can go in guns blazing through the bottom or the top. I did it successfully after a few tries. The problem is that it’s hard and there’s no real reward. There’s an alien with a powerful energy suit that just ignores most of your damage. It is a waste of supplies.

Go through the left door on the bottom. Use a stealth boy or the Chinese Stealth Armor if you need help. Stick to the left for the first half, then shift over to the right to avoid the drone. It shouldn’t bother you unless you bother it or are spotted from above. Go through the door in back. Listen to Sally and just ignore the alien workers. They won’t bother you or call for reinforcements.

Go down the lane and turn the corner. Blast the weak alien and the turret. Then go through and keep firing. There are just a few more aliens with shock batons in here. Go up and around. Kill another alien and then blast the turret covering the doorway. Go through the healing archway and blast another 2 weak aliens.

Go down and through the hallway. You should come out into another room with about 5 or 6 aliens waiting for you. Just keep firing. It shouldn’t be hard, since they mainly have shock batons. Turn to the left and kill the turret. Then go to the right. Kill the 2 aliens inside and go up to the next control room. Go into the side area to find a healing archway, a container, and about 48 alien power cells laying on a shelf.

Go past Sally and down the catwalks. There are some alien crystals and food in the first control room. There’s nothing of interest in the second. Watch out for the turret covering the end of the catwalk. Blow it away and then go into the Engineering Core.

Follow Sally through the cafeteria. Try to grab all the crystals off the far right table. Then go up and learn that they shut off the teleporter. Follow Sally to the stasis room to officially end this quest.

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