Fallout 3: Point Lookout Guide - Side Quests - Moonshine, Dirt, and Chinese Spies

Fallout 3: Point Lookout Guide - Side Quests - Moonshine, Dirt, and Chinese Spies
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A Spoonful of Whiskey

This quest is actually a fetch quest. Go over to Marguerite’s House and go inside. She’ll ask for some ingredients to make a home remedy for a fever. If you have decent skill in Medicine or Speech, then you can find out it’s just a moonshine recipe. The still also gives it away. It’s also broken. If you have more than 44 points in Repair, then you can offer to fix it for at least 100 caps. She’ll go up to 200 caps for a not too difficult speech check.

The ingredients aren’t too hard to find out here. You’ll need 6 fission batteries, 3 bags of yeast, and either 10 refined punga fruit or 20 wild punga fruit.

The batteries and yeast are really easy to find. I usually found one or the other on all the dead swampfolk. You can also just raid Blackhall Manor, the Calvert Mansion and Panic Room, or several of the swampfolk’s shacks to get these ingredients.

The punga aren’t too hard either. You’ll constantly stumble across wild punga in the swamps. You can also raid the refined punga supplies of the Ark & Dove Cathedral for at least 50 of the plant.

You can drop off each batch one at a time or do it all at once. It’s your choice. She’ll hand over the money and start making the moonshine once you drop it all off. You can come back in a day for 6 jugs of moonshine. This quest can be repeated, but the money isn’t actually enough to justify it. You could just sell the ingredients and make more.

An Antique Land

This is another quick mission. The only hard part is finding the ship that starts it all. It’s out on the coast a bit to the northeast of Calvert Mansion. Just follow the road and look out into the ocean. You should be able to see the Ozymandias from the the shoreline. Just swim out to it and climb inside the hatch. Access the terminal to learn about their mission to collect soil samples.

Go out to each of the 3 marked sites. They are all deep inside swampfolk territory, so stay alert. Go down the exacavated muck hole at each site and hurry over to the desk inside. The areas are heavily irradiated, so don’t stick around. Just grab the soil samples and any bio-gas canisters nearby.

Once you have all 3 samples, go back to the ship and put them into the computer as the 3 authorization codes. Then unlock the expedition supplies. Loot the safe for some more bio-gas canisters and minor loot.

These canisters are fairly useful. You can use them on an enemy and then shoot the resulting gas cloud for one big fireball. Your supply is still limited though.

The Velvet Curtain - The Beginning

This quest is going to take you all over Point Lookout. It starts by going into room 1D at the Homestead Motel. The door shouldn’t be locked. Access the terminal to get the instructions for Dr. Jiang. It seems the agent was a bit ineffective at his mission. No matter. Grab the key from his suitcase to get started on your own espionage mission.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - It Seems That Dr. Jiang Was No James Bond

Follow the marker to a set of lockers by the Dutchess Gambit’s landing area. Just open the set on the right to get the holotape with your instructions. Listen to it to get your next destination. You need to go to the bank.

Follow the marker to the bank and go inside. Shoot the few radroaches in here and move into the safety deposit box room to the right. Go inside and approach the voice input station. Try to use it to fail the voice recognition. Go into your notes section and play the holotape again. This opens box 1207. Grab the holotape inside.

Play this holotape to get information about your next contact. It seems that this was a particularly rough spot in the plan. You need to figure out what happened to Agent Weng and get his fake tooth. If you go outside, you can follow a marker to Weng’s wanted poster on the wall of the bank. Any information was supposed to go to the nearest military office. That would be the navy recruitment center. Go to the marked building and head inside. Kill a few radroaches and use the terminal in the little office to the left. You can find out that Weng was arrested and sent to Turtledove Detention Center.

The Velvet Curtain - Fighting and Explosions

This is where this mission actually gets a bit hard. Turtledove should be marked on your map. It’s a bit north of your position and surprisingly a good distance away from swampfolk patrols. It’s unfortunately home to numerous sentry bots and a bunch of ghouls. There will also be reavers in the bunch. I hope you have the ghoul mask, otherwise it will be one heck of a fight. Firing any weapon seems to trigger all the nearby ghouls to investigate, so if you can sneak into the camp it is advised.

You can just storm the camp though. Go right in from the south and fight the 5 or 6 bots inside. Nail the turret too. Then run around and fight the ghouls that rush over to investigate. You could charge forward and jump into the morgue or another building. I don’t think they’ll follow.

I personally approached it from the north. I got inside and destroyed a lone turret and moved behind a nearby building. The fight drew over sentry bots and all the ghouls, but the two groups just fought each other while I went into the morgue quickly.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - The Chinese Submarine is a Bit Below the Water

There is also the possibility of finding a secret exit to the morgue in the form of the septic pipe. It lets out a bit to the west of the camp. You can come in this way, but I personally think it borders on cheating, since it should just be a one-way exit.

Regardless, just use the marked cellar doors to the morgue and get inside. Agent Weng’s slab is marked with his name. Pop him out and use the menu screen to get his tooth. You can either backtrack or go out a nearby hatch into the septic tunnel. It lets you out in a fairly safe spot in the swamp.

Blowing up the sub is actually quite easy. You just need to swim out to the marked spot to the east of Calvert Mansion. Look for the wreaked salvage boat and swim down. The hatch is on the top of the sunken sub. Go inside and go to the right. Use the terminal to enter the codes. Loot the locker here and move to the leaking engine. You need to pull the electric switch to confirm the destruction order. Leave the sub and swim away quickly. It will blow up 30 seconds after you leave. Go back to room 1D and use the terminal to find out about the reward.

The Velvet Curtain - The Aftermath

Grab the Cryptochromatic Glasses from the toilet basin and head out to the ruined greenhouse at Calvert mansion. The code is 1323442. It’s in your notes if you forget it. Put on the glasses and look at the 4 vases. The number of rings marks their code number. Just punch in the code by activating the vases. Try again if you mess up. There is no penalty. A panel will slip aside to the bunker once it is done.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - This Pipe is the Way to Freedom

Go inside and walk forward. Tell the protection the password. Don’t follow it just yet though. Gather all of the ammo from the ammo boxes. Also search the cabinets for more weapons and ammo. This is a real goldmine for a player who’s low on supplies. Once you’ve looted what you want, go down and into the room. Grab the backwater rifle off of the shelf. It’s a good unique lever-action rifle that rivals Lincoln’s Repeater. Activate the terminal to read the last message.

Okay, they want to kill you. This only pumps radiation into the room though, and it does it quite slowly. If you have at least 30 in repair, then activate the vent and shut it off to stop the radiation. If you have 71 points in Science, then use the circuit board partially hidden in the corner to bypass the door’s lock and walk right out. Otherwise, jump onto the lockers and up onto the container. Get onto the pipes and walk along it until you can hop up to another set of pipes leading to the runoff pipe. Use this pipe to escape the chamber. Leaving the death chamber ends this quest.

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