Fallout 3: Point Lookout Guide - Defending Calvert Mansion and Walking with Spirits

Fallout 3: Point Lookout Guide - Defending Calvert Mansion and Walking with Spirits
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The Trip to Point Lookout

Getting to Point Lookout is actually pretty easy. You should get a message shortly after installation about a new ferry docking in the Capital. Choose the quest line “The Local Flavor” to get a marker for the new docks. Just walk along the river to get to it. A woman named Catherine should walk up to ask you to find her daughter, Nadine, while you are up there. That’s for a bit later.

Talk to Tobar and buy one ticket from his inventory. You shouldn’t need another one. Just trade some stuff with him if you don’t have the caps. It should cost anywhere from 300-500, depending on your Barter skill. Sleep on the cot in the cabin once you are ready to go.

When you land, make sure you talk to Tobar to get some information about side quests in the area. He should point out all the smoke pouring out of Calvert Mansion. That’s your next objective.

A Noble Defense

Walk to the marked objective to find Calvert Mansion. Walk inside and help the ghoul fight off the tribals. Once they’re gone, talk to Desmond to realize that there’s a pretty big attack going on at the moment. Walk with him and his two dogs to the new area of the mansion that’s under attack. Help him out again to get to the meat of the mission. You need to stop the two breaches and ultimately stop the attacks.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - Shooting Red Barrels is Alwas a Good Idea

Now, it would be absurd for me to write out “go forward and kill any tribals here” about 15 times in a row. The next parts are repetitive combat missions. You follow a linear path and fight lots of tribals. They’ll be armed well and they can do a magical +35 damage with their swamp weapons. I will give you the best tips I can though. You’ll be fighting in close quarters, so rifles are going to be impractical for the most part. The lever action rifle might work well here, but it would still be a stretch. A shotgun is a good choice. The double-barrel shotgun might work well too, once you grab enough to repair your own to a good condition. Energy weapons are still effective too, if you have the ammo. The key is to use VATS and pick them off one at a time, then heal up. The only other real trick is to make sure that melee attackers don’t get too close. They take a while to kill and you don’t have anywhere to run.

So, with these basic ideas in mind, get ready to attack. Go into the next area and into the dining room. Kill the fairly large group of tribals that come in and watch out for the one that falls through the ceiling. Go along the path and through a maze of barricades. Your objective is the breach. You’ll see it as a hole next to an intercom. Shoot the red pipe to collapse that section of the wall and stop the breach.

Desmond will open the door and let you back out into the main area. Follow him and go into the next hallway. Step forward and ride out the fall. Get up and move through the wine cellar. Kill the tribals who come in, and then follow their route up through a few more rooms and 2 floors. Shoot the red pipe to seal the breach. Report back to Desmond for the final defense.

The Last Stand

WIth both breaches sealed, they will just come straight through the front of the mansion. There are some mines in the ammo boxes by Desmond. Feel free to use them on the assault paths if you want. I personally didn’t find them to be that useful though.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - Laying Mines Can Help Desmond Defend the Mansion

This fight isn’t too hard as long as you focus on picking them off one at a time. You have a lot of help. There should still be two turrets on the bottom floor. Desmond has a sniper rifle that he can use well. Freki and Geri are also around. Just take up a position behind the sandbags and wait for the first wave to break through the top right door. Shoot them as they run down the balcony.

Look down and help the dogs kill the second wave that comes through the bottom right door. Then help them kill the wave coming through the bottom left door. It shouldn’t be too hard, as long as you shoot anyone even remotely moving toward the stairs. The last wave should come through the front doors with big guns blazing. Snipe them both from the cover of the sandbags to finish the fight. If it doesn’t end, then look for any stragglers under the stairs.

Talk to Desmond to end the quest and get your new assignment. You receive a cool perk that gives a +5 to any shoot fired from a stationary position. This is a dream upgrade for snipers.

Finding the Mother Punga Tree

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - The Mother Punga Tree is Quite Easy to Spot in the Sacred Bog

Go to the Ark & Dove Cathedral and approach the doors. Be very careful of straying toward the cemetary. The powerful ghouls will not like it. You can die easily without any cover from the reavers' attacks. They will demand that you go on a spirit quest and travel to the Sacred Bog to find their Mother Punga. Alright. Time for a trip.

There is no real trick to this. Just walk to the marked spot on the far middle west of the map. You will have to travel through a lot of swampfolk territory, so stay alert. Stick to the bridges to avoid the radiation from the water. The entrance itself is easy to spot. Once you reach the door, go inside and be ready for a bit more fighting.

The goal here is to circle around the bog. There are a number of leveled mirelurks and swamplurks. They shouldn’t be too tough. Just shoot them in the face with a lever action rifle or the double-barrel shotgun. The path itself is linear. You just have to move through a lot of water and go in a big “C” around the map. Don’t worry about the radiation. All of the punga you can collect will heal it. The narrow entrance to the Mother Punga is marked by impaled dolls and torches, so it should be easy to spot.

Once you approach.the tree, just go around and pick all of the punga fruit. It doesn’t matter if you become encumbered. With the new Punga Power perk you’ll get, the punga will heal a lot of radiation. You can then just eat a bunch to heal your damage, lower your radiation, and lighten your pack. When you are ready, activate the seeds and be ready for one big mind trip.

Walking with Spirits

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - Just One of the Creepy Parts of Walking with Spirits

Time for some strange stuff. Walk back and just stay on the path. Nothing can hurt you, so just take in the weird scenery. There’s a lot of surgery symbolism, insulting bobbleheads, an upside down room, and finally a bunch of bodies leading up to Mister Break and the Megaton bomb. The path is linear, so just keep moving forward and you’ll be fine. You’re limited in where you can go anyway.

After the big bang you’ll end up outside the sacred bog. Fast travel back to the Ark & Dove Cathedral and go inside. You need to talk to Nadine, who is also the runaway girl you were sent to find. She’ll explain that lovely scar on your forehead and give you the intel you need for Desmond. Seems that the tribe leader makes regular trips out to a cave on the coast.

For this part of the quest, just talk to Desmond to wrap it up and get your new objective. Nadine will head out to take care of Tobar after this. Consult the table of contents for help with that.

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