Fallout 3: Point Lookout Guide - Table of Contents

Fallout 3: Point Lookout Guide - Table of Contents
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Key Objectives

Defend Calvert Mansion - Investigate the smoke pouring out of Calvert Mansion to discover a full scale assault. Help Desmond defend himself to gain a new ally in the swamp.

Join the Tribals - This quest will take you on a spiritual journey before you become an official member of the tribe.

Spy on the Tribals - Self explanatory. Find out who their “God” really is.

Fun at the Ferris Wheel - Either a quick drop off for Calvert or a long battle on Desmond’s behalf.

A Meeting of the Minds - A final raid on the facility to find Professor Calvert in his mortal form.

Side Quests

Make Some Moonshine - Help Maguerite brew a bit of homemade ellixir.

An Antique Land - Collect some dirt to get some gas canisters from an old ship in the bay.

Survive Plik’s Safair - Win an special axe by surviving this ghoul shooting gallery.

Rolling Back the Velvet Curtain - Blow up your very own sub on behalf of Chinese Intelligence.

The Dark Heart of Blackhall - A wonderful trip down Lovecraft Lane to get a special book from the swampfolk.

Enemy Analysis

Mirelurks and Swamplurks - Some new versions of the old creatures in the wasteland. Just shoot them in the face as they try to close the distance. The only trick is timing it right. The lever action rifle seems to penetrate their shells a bit though.

Ghouls - The same old guys with a bit of a different look. The only thing that has changed is that they are often in large groupings. Be very careful around the cemetary of the Ark & Dove Cathedral and the Turtledove Detention Center. You might find 10-15 ghouls there.

Smugglers - Just a twist on Talon Company. The only real danger is that they usually throw a few plasma grenades. Just aim for the head and take them out in a few shots.

Tribals - You’ll fight them occasionally as part of the main quest. The trick is that they can do an unstoppable +35 to any damage caused by Point Lookout weapons. This means that the riflemen with lever action rifles are your worst nightmare. Be ready to lose a lot of health in your fights with them. Use a good rifle or energy weapons to take them out quickly.

Swampfolk - This varied bunch will present a number of new challenges to you. They also get a +35 to their damage. They don’t tend to be as alert or accurate though. The only really dangerous ones are the bruisers. They can cause tremendous damage equal to a deathclaw or albino scorpion if you let them get into range. Shoot out their legs or hit them with a dart before they catch up to you. The rest can just be shot in the head in a normal gunfight.

Robobrain Sentries - You’ll face of few of these in Professor Calvert’s Lab. Just shoot them in the dome. They aren’t very dangerous.

Little Quests

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - Tobar Was Pretty Busy

Herzog Mine - You can get a safe home in the area by finding Kenny inside Herzog’s Mine. You can either talk him into letting you sleep there or you can find his lost teddy bear near the bottom area of the mine.

Finding Nadine - After “Walking with Spirits” you can follow Nadine to the Duchess Gambit. She’ll explain that Tobar is the one who took your chunk of brain and that she’s taken the ship in return. Use her key to go into the engine room and find him. He’ll try to justify his actions. Just shoot him in the head when he draws his gun. You can grab your lump of brain on the table. It has no real use other than as a neat decoration. You can then travel for free.

Croatoa - This gardener at the Ark & Dove Cathedral has a special fertilizer shovel. You can get it by passing a speech check or using the Child at Heart perk. He’s usually inside the church. It should be on his body if you kill him too.

The Lighthouse - You can light up the lighthouse if you want. Grab a lightbulb from the truck wreckage to the northwest of the Ark & Dove Cathedral. Then pop it into the light at the top. After a bit of time has passed, a number of smugglers will set up a hideout there. You can kill them for a lot of loot.

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