Fallout 3: Point Lookout - Side Quest Guide - Surviving Plik's Safari

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - Side Quest Guide - Surviving Plik's Safari
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Plik’s Safari - The Beginning

This one can be rather hard or pathetically easy. It depends a bit on your character and on your level. Getting to the quest is half the battle really. You can talk to Tober to get a marker on your map showing the Coastal Grotto. It’s far to the northeast along the coastline. I suggest that you go past the Tribals’ sanctuary and then carefully drop down the cliff.

Kill any mirelurks here and look for a door built into the cliff with a steel catwalk. Go inside and walk into the side room. Read Plik’s Journal to get a nice boost to your damage toward ghouls. Then talk to Plik. He’ll ask for 1,000 caps to gain membership to his club. There is no other way into the safari. If you don’t have the caps, then just collect some stuff and sell it. You can also do Blackhall’s Quest to get the 1,000 cap reward. Several quests actually have high rewards, so just look around and pick up the caps however you can.

Remember to take off the ghoul mask to protect yourself against some glitches. Once inside, it’s actually pretty simple. You just go to the center platform with the other 2 hunters. Then you need to survive a series of ghoul waves. You’ll walk past one of the cages on your way into the room. Look inside to see what types of ghouls you’ll be facing.

Plik’s Safari - The Battle

I was personally prepared for a pitched battle with this quest and was very disappointed. I went in at level 23 and survived without a scratch. Both of the other hunters survived and I just stood in the center and scored headshots with the lever-action rifle. The key seems to be having Grim Reaper’s Sprint. The presence of weak ghouls means that you can constantly refill your action points and get easy kills in VATS.

The only real challenge seems to come if you are doing the quest at higher levels. Then you have to deal with glowing ones in the waves. That makes things much more difficult. In that case, my only advice is to keep firing the rifle or the shotgun. Clear out one of the waves so that you have a fall back spot if it goes bad.

Either way, just leave the room once you’ve killed them all and received a quest complete notice. Talk to Plik to receive The Dismemberer as a unique reward. It’s a decent axe that basically carries the Bloody Mess perk. He’ll have the safari restocked in a few days and you can run through it again for the easy experience at the cost of 500 caps.

The Dark Heart of Blackhall - The Search for a Book

Nerds can rejoice thanks to this lovely quest that finally grabs onto the Lovecraftian atmosphere. This is a great quest for easy caps for Plik’s Safari. You need to go on a bit of a trek first though.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - You Need to Find Blackhall Manor Before You Can Start the Quest

The quest must be stumbled across. You have to find Blackhall Manor way out to the west of the boardwalk. I’ll include a picture here. It’s basically just west along the main road from the Homestead Motel. You should be able to see the large house from a fair distance away.

Go inside and walk into the main room. There’s some unique choices depending on your skills, but you can break the ice however you want. Go inside to talk to Obediah about his little errand. He wants you to go get a special book called the Krivbeknih from the swampfolk. They stole it for its magical power and took it to a ritual site that’s a bit northeast of the boardwalk. Head outside to find Marcella waiting for you. She begs you to turn the book over to her instead because Obadiah wants to use it to control the swampfolk. We’ll make that choice later. For now, just go to the marked Ritual Site. It’s on your map.

Raiding the Ritual Site

The Ritual Site is not inside real swampfolk territory, so it shouldn’t be much of a fight to get to it. There were 2 scrappers and 1 bruiser guarding the entrance when I found it at level 25. This isn’t too bad. Just use the lever-action rifle or whatever your favorite weapon is to kill them. Go into the cellar to enter the Ritual Site.

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - The Swampfolk Aren’t Known for Their Interior Design Skills

This is one creepy place, if you can’t tell. There are various little whispers and sounds. Just block them out mentally or turn your sound off if they bother you. Go through the little path and along the wall until you see a part where it widens. The only real choice is to move forward and find the ritual area. Go inside and to the very back. The Krivbeknih is in a little blood filled stand in the back. There is also a special ritual knife lodged in the mutilated body on the altar. Take a minute and arm yourself. Picking up the book or the knife triggers an assault. About 5 swampfolk will rush down. Take apporpriate steps beforehand. Repair and reload your weapon. Think about laying mines if you use them. Save and then grab the book and the knife. You’ll want the ritual knife just because it’s a unique knife.

Turn around and kill the first swampfolk or two that run down. VATS headshots work wonders. They shouldn’t be the toughest of the bunch. They certainly weren’t for my level 25 character. Just take cover behind the altar and shoot them as they come into the room. After you kill about 5, carefully backtrack out.

Regardless of your choice, visit Marcella’s tent at the marked Disaster Relief Site. Go in armed though. It’s a bit south of Blackhall Manor. 3 smugglers are in the camp. Snipe them and watch out for their grenades. Loot the tents and finally go into Marcella’s tent. She’s dead. The smugglers killed her and apparently wrote “Die Thief” on the wall. The moral is that you never should ask too many questions in a Lovecraftian story. Pick up the holotape on the desk to get your options. Also feel free to read her travel log. Make sure you get her key and unlock her safe too. It has a decent stash of medical supplies.

The Krivbeknih’s Fate

Fallout 3: Point Lookout - This Surprisingly Has No Bad Outcomes for You

Here are your choices.

Listen to Marcella - For this, just go to the Dunwich Building and reach the obelisk at the very bottom. I already wrote a guide for the building, since that’s where you find the Melee Bobblehead. Check the link follow these instructions if you need help. There’s no sense in writing them again, and you might as well pick up the melee bobblehead in the process. Also wear a ghoul mask or be ready for one heck of a fight at a high level. Just go up to the Obelisk and activate it. The book will vanish in a fireball and you’ll receive a confirmation message. You’ll receive 100 xp and some good karma.

Listen to Obadiah - A deal’s a deal. Give him the Krivbeknih and accept your 1000 caps and 100 xp. He’ll rush down to the basement to pray at the altar of a dead swampfolk. Marcella was right, but wrong about its real power. Nothing happens and it never will. You don’t even get bad karma.

Backstab - For roleplaying purposes, you can give Obadiah the Krivbeknih and accept your reward. You can then kill him to get it back as a normal item. The quest is officially over, but you can still destroy it at the Dunwich building. Probably your best option, if you don’t care about getting a little good karma but want to destroy it.

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