Fallout 3: Broken Steel Walkthrough - Liberty Prime and Death From Above

Fallout 3: Broken Steel Walkthrough - Liberty Prime and Death From Above
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Time to Wake Up

It seems like a lot has changed since you got knocked out. Wake up and talk to Elder Lyons. When you are done, go over to the lab and talk to Scribe Rothchild. He’ll give you the update and your next mission. For now just head off to the Southwest corner of the map and look for the newly added car tunnel. Go inside and follow the Brotherhood of Steel forward to the end of the tunnel. Talk to Paladin Tristan to learn about their bold strategy of following Liberty Prime and letting him do all the work.

Go out of the tunnel and stay at a good distance behind Liberty Prime. He’ll pretty much take care of everything for now. Just watch and enjoy. When he reaches the Satellite Relay Station, he’ll punch a hole in the wall and then warn you of an incoming strike. Run away and watch the destruction of your friend. You knew that they had to get rid of him sometime, otherwise there wouldn’t be a campaign.

Talk to Tristan to get your new orders to go inside and figure out what just happened. Storm the building alongside your Brotherhood of Steel allies and get ready for a lot of fighting.

Storming the Relay Station

It’s time for some close combat. Go up the path and into the hole in the wall. Loot the dead enclave soldiers and go through the door. There are 3 Brotherhood of Steel Paladins backing you up. They seem to have a whole lot of health, but they can die during the mission. They start out with a flamer, a gatling laser, and a plasma rifle. They tend to pick up new weapons anyway though.

Fallout 3: Broken Steel - Expect Full Scale Warfare During

For the most part, you just keep moving forward. It’s somewhat pointless to actually list the whole directions. It’s just one long corridor with alternating staircases. There are groups of 3 or 4 enclave soldiers in each room. I counted about 24 enclave soldiers in my run at level 22. They’re all well armed too. Expect lots of plasma rifles and gatling lasers. Just keep advancing and clearing out the rooms until you make it to the end. Remember to loot as many of the Enclave as you can to keep a steady supply of ammo. Some first aid kits should have enough stimpaks to last you through the mission.

The trick is to just keep moving forward carefully. Check corners and don’t rush into battles. You have three other allies who are more than happy to die for you. Feel free to let them go ahead and charge forward. Then take out the distracted enemies with your own favorite weapon.

Once you go up and down about 4 corridors connected by three staircases, you’ll come to a marked terminal built into the wall. Just activate it. Have it update it’s information and then download all the information about the Enclaves new orbital nuke system. Go out the nearby door and blow up the two turrets in this last corridor. Then leave the door to return to the Capital Wasteland.

Fast travel back to Scribe Rothchild to finish this quest.

Shock Value - Mission Prep

This one is a quick and straightforward mission, but it isn’t easy. Talk to Paladin Tristin to get your new marching orders. You need to go to the Olney Powerworks and find a Tesla Coil so that they can make a new superweapon. Yes, you’ll be fighting a lot of deathclaws.

You can ask for a bit more help to learn about the Deathclaw Control Scrambler. Go talk to Scribe Vallincourt to get this new toy and learn about it’s function. Basically it just makes all Enclave controlled Deathclaws your friend. If you want to test it out and complete the optional objective, then you need to go to the position to the Southwest of Old Olney first. Approach it from the south to pick the lock on a marked deathclaw cage. It will rush out and kill all the Enclave. Do not help it. If you or your followers kill the Enclave here, then it might break the objective.

The deathclaw will follow you for the time being. They tend to blow up if you get too far away. Mine was gunned down by nearby Brotherhood Outcasts, so don’t depend on yours too much.

Finding the Old Olney Powerworks

Time for one long and painful mission. Approach Old Olney. It’s marked on your map. Go into the deathclaw infested town and keep your head on a swivel. There are lots of deathclaws here, they are all very strong, and they are all ready to kill you in a few swipes even at a high level. Have fun.

Fallout 3: Broken Steel - The Deathclaws Can Kill You Quickly in the Cramped Olney Sewers

Go to the left when you enter. The sewer entrance you need should be in the first alley on the left. Go down and get ready for lots of deathclaw fights in close quarters. Save often and be ready to fight constantly. There is no great way to kill a deathclaw in such cramped quarters. Just get a strong energy weapon, a good shotgun, or whatever your favorite weapon is. Fire and fall back to survive and pray that you don’t run into 2 or 3 at once. Once you get a bit further into the linear sewer, you’ll see the new ladder that takes you toward the Olney Powerworks via the Olney Underground.

You’ll also know that you’re there because 2 ghouls named Wint and Kidd will run up and explain that their “brilliant” plan to colonize Old Olney was meet with failure. Nothing else to do with them though. Let them leave through your cleared path and move on ahead. It’s another fairly linear path. Just follow the trail of dead ghouls until you get to the entrance to the Old Olney S. Wilson Building.

Just go forward through this ruined building. You should see the vertibird overhead. It just dropped off the first wave of Enclave soldiers. Get across the ruined floor and watch out for about 3 Enclave soldiers. One will probably have a Heavy Incinerator, so be very careful. That can do a lot of damage. Go past these first few and then go to the marked door. Two more Enclave will probably be guarding it. Kill them and go through it to reach the Old Olney Powerworks.

Getting the Tesla Coil

Surprisingly, this is pretty easy. There are only a few sentry bots in here and they should be a welcome relief after all of the guys you’ve faced so far. Keep an eye out for them and start moving forward. If you have 100 points in science, then you can just hack the first terminal on the left to unlock the shortcut that would normally be the exit. If you can do it, congratulations. Skip ahead to the end of this section. Otherwise, you’ll have to go a bit further.

Just keep moving along the platforms. Watch out for sentry bots and other defences left in place. Be very careful of stumbling into the corridor lined with radiation traps. Unless you can kill the traps with the terminal or your repair skill, then avoid them. You can just go forward and access the main energy room with some jumping and manuevering. Your character should just be able to easily survive the fall.

Regardless of how you get there, it’s pretty easy to get the Tesla Coil. If you have a lot of health, then you can just save and grab it. I lost most of my health on my level 25 character. You can also be smart and hack the nearby terminal to shut down the system in the room. If you don’t have enough skill in science, then you can just flip the three emergency shut off valves in the room to decrease the strength of the shock.

Once you grab the Tesla Coil, you just have to leave. Go back a bit along the path to find a marked ladder leading out of the powerworks. Save now. This is still Old Olney and there are still deathclaws around. You don’t want to die now without saving. Once you are out of Old Olney and away from any roaming deathclaws, go back to Paladin Tristan.

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