Fallout 3: The Pitt Walkthrough - Getting Started in the Steelyard

Fallout 3: The Pitt Walkthrough - Getting Started in the Steelyard
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10 ingots - Laborer’s Outfit. It’s a unique slave outfit. Not sure why you’d want it for long. It’s not good for much besides some stat boosts and its low weight.

20 ingots - Filtration Helmet. A decent helmet that protects against radiation.

30 ingots - Steel Knuckles. Decent for players who like fist fighting. Otherwise they aren’t that useful.

40 ingots - Metal Master Armor. This is decent armor. It’s very light but provides a lot of protection. It’s basically an hybrid of leather armor and power armor. Heavy gunners and gunfighters won’t like it, but players who want to stay light will really like it.

50 ingots - Metal Blaster. An amazing gun. Each beam counts separately for critical strikes. This means that you’ll usually get a few criticals and cause a ton of damage. Obviously not too effective over any real distance though.

60 ingots - Bombshell Armor. Not that great. Decent light armor with some boosts to Big Guns and Explosives, but not a great reward.

70 ingots - Leather Rebel. Another good piece of light armor. Gives good protection and a boost to Charisma.

80 ingots - The Mauler. A unique auto axe that’s pretty good. It will need to be repaired almost constantly though.

90 ingots - Perforator. A great weapon. It’s a special version of the Infiltrator. It’s silenced, fires fairly damaging shots, has a shot, and is quite accurate. It also breaks down almost constantly, so be ready to do a lot of maintanence if you like using it.

100 ingots - Tribal Power Armor. This is a copy of Ashur’s armor that’s actually a bit better. Getting this armor makes the two sides of the quest essentially equal, since you won’t need to get Ashur’s armor. It has a boost to luck, a boost to your AP, and a boost to melee weapons. Ashur’s only has a boost to charisma and a boost to rad resistance. Regardless, this is one of the best suits of power armor in the game.

Steel Ingot Locations - The Supply Plant

We might as well start in the supply plant.

Go inside and start walking forward. Hack the turret here to make it fire on all the trogs and wildmen in the room. This should make them panic and rush toward you on the catwalk. They will probably be officially fleeing, so just pick them off without a struggle. Get back on the terminal shut off the turret to pass. Go forward along the catwalks and look for three ingots lying on the floor in the next room.

Move forward to the next big room. Rush forward and get into the little office. Hack the terminal to turn on the turret and have it fire on the wildmen and trogs who might be alive below you. Stay crouched though, since it will happily shoot you through the window. Wait about 20 seconds and turn the turret off. Go to the ground level but be very careful. There is a short tripwire near the mine carts and the loading station. Triggering this will set off a massive explosion that will kill you if you are still in the room. So…avoid the tripwire. Go forward and look for the mine tracks. Kill any surviving trogs and follow the tracks to the right. There might be some wildmen hanging around still. It should just be a bunch of dead bodies with a trog or two left. Go down the tracks and look for 8 ingots lying in a cart.

Backtrack out and follow the tracks to the left. Stop at the supply closet with a bunch of skeletons lying near it. There are a bunch of bobby pins on the floor in front of it if you need some. Pick the lock and get inside the closet. There are 6 ingots here.

Leave and keep following the path up to the main room above. Kill any wildmen who might be guarding it, and then grab the last ingot off of the bed. Go ahead and get the Man Opener too. This is a decent unique auto axe. Go a bit further a use the switch next to the locked door to open a new exit and end up right back at the start.

That accounts for 18 ingots.

3 in the opening.

8 in the mine cart

6 in the supply closet

1 on the bed.

Steel Ingot Locations - Steelyard Entrance Area

There’s not great way to do this, so I’ll just handle it in little zones.

Let’s start with the abandoned area, even though you won’t go to it for a bit. When you walk back through the caged walkway, a trog will knock a section of it off and be lying in wait. Kill it and walk into the side area. 3 ingots are lying in a cart. 3

Start by grabbing the first 2 ingots next to the dead slave at the start. You probably already did this. Go forward and go around the supply plant. Keep following the tracks to the back corner with the group of trogs. Kill them and grab the 2 ingots here. Look over to the dumpsters. 4

Go forward and climb onto the truck. Jump into the first dumpster to get 2 ingots. Get onto the raised part and jump into the next dumpster for another 2 ingots. Look for another 3 ingots in another smaller dumpster by the next one in the line. 7

Fallout 3: The Pitt - Two Ingots on a Train Car

Go up the first step of steps for some more ingots in the raised section. We’ll go to the right first. Climb the steps and go over the fallen fence. Go to the right and turn down the alley. 2 steel ingots are lying by a pile of barrels. Go out of the alley and move along the fence. Carefully walk out onto one of the steel beams and drop down onto the train cars. There are 2 ingots lying on top of one of the train cars. Move along the boards and look for a dumpster below one of them. Drop in to grab another 3 ingots. Move back up and go to the left now. Enter the small steel shack and grab the 2 ingots off of the shelf. Walk out and go through the gate. 9

Steel Ingot Locations - Steelyard Middle Area

This next area has a lot of ingots in spread out locations. First, look for the one large dumpster near all of the fences. Climb the nearby stairs and jump into it for 2 ingots. Jump out and over the fence sealing off the sections of generators. There are 2 ingots waiting here. Climb onto the board resting on the generator to leave the fenced in area. 4

Go back and look for a square building with stairs in the back left area of the steelyard. Go up the stairs or go into the side alley. It doesn’t matter. Kill the three trogs in the center and grab the 2 ingots on the ground. Go out of the alley and walk down the slight slope to get to a dead slaver lying near two ammunition boxes. Grab the 3 ingots near him, grab his armor, and get some ammo from the boxes. Look over to the left and into the radiation field. Go in along the right side and hug the wall. Kill the few trogs and then rush out to the center area. Grab the 3 ingots lying on the ground and then run back out. 8

Fallout 3: The Pitt - Who Would Put Steel Ingots in a Deadly Radiation Field?

Go back out and look for the giant bridge connecting a few of the rooftops. It should be easy to see. Climb the stairs and cross over to the bridge. There are 2 ingots lying on the center of the bridge. Finishing crossing it to what should be an unvisited building on the other side. Look around as you reach the end. There are 2 ingots lying on a nearby roof that you should be able to reach. Drop down further to land by some shelves. Another 2 ingots are lying on them. Finally, round the corner to get 2 more ingots that are hidden in a pile of tires. 8

For lack of better directions, go further to the back right and go along a small alley to the far corner. Go along this narrow path and kill the surviving trogs and Wildmen. 4 ingots are in a mine cart at the end of the alley. Hug the fence and back toward the train cars, without leaving this area. You should find 2 ingots next to a dead slave. 6

Go to the far left area near the generators and look for the one staircase. A slave named Wild Bill is here. Grab the 2 ingots by him. Make sure you also get his pistol. Continue up to the next area. 2

Steel Ingot Locations - Steelyard Raised Area

This is the final grouping of steel ingots. Thankfully, they get a bit more clustered at this point.

Go past Wild Bill and up his set of stairs. There’s a wooden shack at the top with 3 wildmen inside. Kill them and take their ammo. There are 2 ingots inside their shack along with some other good loot. 2

Fallout 3: The Pitt - Reaching That Big ramp Is Your Ultimate Goal

Turn around and get onto the only catwalk here. Go along the line. Watch out for a trog ambush along the way though. The catwalk isn’t exactly an ideal fighting spot. Go further until you get to a spot where there is a large pipe that crosses over the catwalk. Jump onto it and follow it over to the trog at the end. Kill him and grab the 2 ingots he was protecting. Walk back to the catwalk. Continue along it to reach the stairs. There will be a wildman guarding the entrance staircase to the furnace. Kill him and start going up. Don’t hug the furnace wall though, since it will give you a nasty dose of radiation. You’re looking for the next flat area with some vents. Jump onto it and fight the 4 wildmen on this rooftop. Kill them and start moving through the rooftop. Get to the back area and kill a few trogs who might still be here. There are 4 ingots in a pile of guts in the corner. Pick them up and look over the edge. 6

You need to get to a lower area with four smokestacks and a metal catwalk. It is sealed of ffrom the other area. It’s really hard to climb up, so I suggest that you drop down from this rooftop. Look for the one big smokestack right next to the roof’s edge. It will be in line with your goal. Save. Then jump out and try to hug the pipe. If you manage to do this, you should slide down the pipe at a slow rate and survive. Drop down further to the metal catwalk and go down the line. Loot the ammo boxes in the area and get to the end. There are 4 ingots in the corner. Picking up the ingots triggers a trog attack, so spin around and take them out. Make your way back to the Wildmen Shack and the staircase. 4

Steel Ingot Locations - The Very Top

The last grouping is in this high area of the plant. Move up the staircase to the top of the reactor. Be ready for one very serious fight though.

Fallout 3: The Pitt - A Pretty View from the Top of the Pitt Blast Furnace

There are five wildmen and a powerful turret up here. Move along the left side to quickly reach the terminal. Hack it and reset the targeting to hit the Wildmen too. You can stay behind the support beam and just take out the Wildmen as they rush you. Disable the turret once they’re dead. Go up the stairs and get to the very top of the structure. Kill any trogs that might be waiting around here. They often jump off the side accidentally, so you might not have to fight any. Once you get to the very top, you’ll find 12 ingots on the catwalk. Go back down to the level with the turret. Jump out onto the big steel ramp. Follow it all the way down to the ground level. There are 7 more ingots at the end of the ramp. 19

This should be it, if you have already grabbed the 3 ingots from the abandoned area. If not, grab them on your way out. Report to Everrett for your reward.

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