Fallout 3: The Pitt Walkthrough – It’s Not Easy Being a Slave

Unsafe Work Conditions

Fallout 3: The Pitt - The Last Steel Scavenger

No matter how you got into town, you’ll have to walk to Midea’s house. Just follow the marker. You need to go along the pit with the slaves working on the bus. Then move into the big square. Midea’s house is opposite the slop table. Go inside to get your instructions. If she’s not here yet, then just use the wait command. You’ll have to gather 10 steel ingots from the steelyard. Sounds easy, right?

It’s not too bad once you get some weapons. Go back to the main pit you passed. Walk by it to find the marked entrance to the mill. Go inside and follow the path around the mill. Ignore the entrance to the steelyard and go a bit further around to find the control room first. Marco is inside. Talk to him to get an auto axe. It’s better than nothing and pretty good against the trogs.

Go to the marked entrance to the steelyard and follow Everett to the entrance. There are 100 ingots out here. I’m not going to list them all here for the sake of organization. There’s a full list of all 27 stashes under the separate quest labeled Mill Worker. I suggest that you get at least 50 ingots now, so you can get the Metal Blaster and a bunch of Microfusion Cells to power it. This reward will make the rest of The Pitt easy. You only “have” to get 10 though, so I’ll just cover that for now.

Into the Steelyard

Go outside and grab the assault rifle from the dead slave by the door. This should last you for most of the steelyard if you are even a half decent shot. Try to save some of it for the upcoming fights though, especially if you aren’t going to collect the ingots and get the better weapons from the Mill Worker quest. Also, if you have 75 points in Science, hack the terminal by the supply plant and activate the four protectrons. They will kill a lot of the trogs and establish a safe zone in the train yard. You can find this turret right around the first corner near the entrance to the supply plant. You should be able to easily see the Protectrons.

Fallout 3: The Pitt - Just How Hard Could It Be to Find Steel Ingots in a Steelyard?

I personally suggest you just go ahead and raid the supply plant. It’s next to the entrance, lightly guarded, and there are 18 ingots inside. They are fairly concentrated too. Just go in, kill the few trogs and wildmen, hack the few turrets to your advantage, and come back out. You can also just collect the few easy stashes by the train cars. There are 4 in the dumpsters, 2 in the right corner past the supply plant, 2 in the little storage house at the top of the stairs, and 2 in the alley near that storage house. Easy enough if you can kill the first batch of trogs without wasting too much ammo. If any of this confusing, then just skip ahead to my guide for the "Mill Worker" quest. I’ll have full details for every stash in there.

Once you have 10 ingots, backtrack out of the steelyard. The abandoned area isn’t as safe, since the first trog you saw on the walkway into the steelyard has broken through the cage. Just shoot him. If you want, you can grab another 3 ingots in a mining cart located off of the main path. Give Everett the ingots to get a new slave outfit and report back to Midea. Collecting 10 steel ingots also earns you the “Auto Axpert” perk, even if you didn’t use one the entire time.

The Hole

Midea will mention that Ashur has a new announcement. Go outside to watch the scripted sequence. He’s reopening The Hole and allowing a new round of gladiator style fights.

Walk into the mill and look for the marked entrance to The Hole. Go in and tell Spook that you want to fight. Then walk down and tell Faydra that you want to fight. Ask about your match to set everything up. You can wear and bring anything that you have. If you did the Mill Worker quest, then this is laughable. Just having the Metal Blaster makes this really easy. Regardless, you should at least have the assault rifle and you can pick up a .32 caliber pistol and some ammo from the locker by Faydra. If you are ever injured, then drink at the water fountain. The radiation is low and Faydra heals your radiation after the first two fights anyway.

When you’re ready, enter The Hole. The concept is simple. You have to kill the other guys before they kill you or before the radiation kills both of you. You’ll take about 10 rads a second, so fight aggressively.

Winning Your Freedom

The first fight is just three average slaves who are armed with a mix of random weapons. Usually a shotgun and some assault rifles. Kill them. Move into range and use VATS to gun them down quickly. Even a basic gunner should be able to handle it. If worse comes to worse, just do a suicide charge with the auto axe. Remember to loot their gear and then head back out to give you enough ammo for the rest of The Hole.

Fallout 3: The Pitt - The Foolish Bear Brother Brought Claws to A Gunfight

Faydra will heal your radiation when you walk back to her. Drink at the water fountain and get ready for the next fight. You’ll go against the Bear Brothers this time. One has a flamer and the other has a deathclaw gauntlet. Save before you go in, since this can go bad quickly. The best strategy is to get some quick headshots on the brother with the deathclaw gauntlet as he moves in to attack. He has to rush you to attack, so take advantage of this to score a bunch of easy shots in VATS. Once he’s down, it’s just a matter of hanging back and pumping the other brother full of lead. You could also shoot the flamer out of his hands, if you want. Remember to loot their gear. Their armor is in really good condition and a deathclaw gauntlet should be a godsend to melee fighters. Leave and talk to Faydra again.

The third and final fight is really easy actually. You’re just going up against one well armored and well armed guy called Grubber. Grubber has an Infiltrator assault rifle. It fires fast and hard, but there’s still only one guy. Just rush him and start scoring headshots with the shotgun, the flamer, the deathclaw gauntlet, or even the assault rifle. He’ll die quickly. Grab the Infiltrator and leave as the new champion.

Krenshaw will mention that you are now officially free and welcome in Uptown. You are also due for a visit to Haven to talk to Ashur. Best of all, your gear is in the footlocker behind Faydra. Grab whatever you need. The footlocker doesn’t reset, so you don’t have to grab it all right now.

There’s also a merchant called Friday on the newly opened upper platform in Downtown. You can get to it from the new staircase opened near Midea’s house. When you’re ready to continue the main quest, go to Uptown by walking past Hammer in the Mill.

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