Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Walkthrough - Mission Prep for Paving the Way

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Walkthrough - Mission Prep for Paving the Way
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Mission Preparation

This is one long mission that features two objectives and a lot of chances for micromanagement. Listen to General Chase’s briefing for your new mission. You have to blow up the fuel depot and clear out the listening post. Then you have one last big charge on the captured refinery.

Before you start, you have to prepare your new squad. Talk to Lieutenant Morgan if you want more information. Use Patterson’s terminal to select your strike team. It honestly doesn’t matter that much. The AI is fairly worthless for any real help. Montgomery is the only real help you need anyway. You can pick three units and spend up to five points.

I personally liked using a sentry bot and a grenadier. The grenadier actually came in handy. They seem to be smart enough to use their grenades to take out the entrenched enemies. Mine actually helped once or twice, which is good enough for me. The sentry bot is fairly useful and worth the lost slot. Mister Gusty is fairly useless due to the long range nature of the battlefield. The plasma pistol isn’t strong enough and the flamer won’t come into play much. The sniper and the missile launcher aren’t bad, but they aren’t that smart either. It’s your call.

Make your picks and order the first deployment. Then look at Morgan’s computer to pick your equipment. Don’t pick heavy weapons or sniper. There is going to be a lot of close quarters fighting here, and the pistol is worthless for that. We should also be getting a gauss rifle soon, if you follow my instructions. The shotgun or the assault rifle are good picks. They are absolutely deadly in close quarters too, while having sustainable ammo and enough versatility. Make your pick to get the holotape.

Go to the quartermaster at the base and ask for you equipment. Go inside and grab the extra stuff and use the ammo dispenser. Save. Talk to him and use the speech check to ask for extra equipment. It shouldn’t be too hard of a test if you have half-decent speech. Otherwise, just keep saving and loading. You will get the very powerful gauss rifle as a little bonus if you can convince him to give it to you.

If you want, talk to the base doctor to get 5 units of Psycho. I don’t use the stuff, so I didn’t bother. It’s your call though. Talk to Montgomery and pick your first objective. I usually attack the Listening Post first. Send him ahead and follow him to the mining town. If you don’t follow him immediately, then just turn right as you exit the base to link up to him.

The Mining Town

Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage - 2 Snipers and a Missile Launching Soldier Will Each Have a Clear Shot During the Charge

Go to the marked mining town and look for the train cars on the outside. The one NPC soldier will get sniped as a warning. There are two snipers waiting on the metal crates ahead and to the left. There is another guy with a missile launcher on the right. Tell Montgomery to advance with your team. Follow them and join the attack. Use the train cars for cover and get to the little ruined building next to the Chinese launcher. Use this safe spot to take out the sniper. Watch out for a Vertibird that should fly overhead and land next to the town. I put five pistol shots into it and it blew up, so go ahead and waste this little bit of ammo to save yourself the trouble of dealing with the Chinese reinforcements.

Circle the corner and go up to the building. Take out the missile launcher if you strike team hasn’t already. Go into the ruins and kill the next Chinese launcher. Look for the intel briefcase on the table. Make sure you pick it up. Go a bit further into town with your strike team and finish off the few stragglers to complete the little objective. Send Montgomery ahead to the listening post.

The Listening Post

Follow them and watch four dragoon snipers ambush them in the square clearing with the metal crates. Take up a spot by the wall so you are safe from two of the snipers. Then take out the other two. Montgomery should be able to get the other two, but be ready to help if he doesn’t. Talk to Montgomery to order replacements if you lost anyone.

Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage - These Cloaked Dragoons Are Everywhere in the Listening Post

Keep going forward to the listening post. There are two bunkers here with three soldiers in the middle area. It’s just like the artillery base. Keep shooting and take out the soldiers who approach. Then rush up and attack the bunkers from behind while they are firing at your strike team. Go inside with Montgomery and any infantry. The robots will stay behind to guard the entrance.

This is pretty easy. Just move forward. You’ll stumble into a dragoon coming out the door, so kill him quickly. You might run into a friendly technician. Just go ahead and kill him. It’s not bad karma and he might call for reinforcements if you let him run away. Go forward and watch for the overturned table by the stairs. A cloaked dragoon is waiting in ambush with a rifle. Kill him before he can attack you. Then go into the next room. More dragoons will attack, but that shouldn’t really be a problem. Just keep firing. You’ll come to a staircase with some more soldiers around it. Kill them and grab the intel briefcase that’s lying under the staircase. Go up and into the main area. Now, try to keep the technicians from reaching the ham radio. If they use it, dragoons will be flown in to ambush you on the roof. It’s not a big deal though, so don’t worry if you aren’t fast enough.

Clear the room of dragoons and take the double doors out. There’s one bunker here, and a few cloaked dragoons if you didn’t stop the technician. Just kill them to officially end the mission and automatically go back to the Field HQ.

The Chimera Depot

You can change anything you want now. If you are happy with your squad and equipment, then just go out and order Montgomery to go to the Ice Camp by the depot. Go out and take a left. Follow the road down and encounter the first camp. Kill the few soldiers and guard dogs and then go into the actual ice camp.

Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage - Top Chinese Tank Technology…Still Vulnerable to a Shotgun

Just keep moving forward and clear out the scattered soldiers in the tents. Look for the snowmen on the left. Go into the tent next to the snowmen and then look for the intel briefcase on the table. Remember to free the captured Americans. Keep going forward and kill the spider drones. Montgomery should actually get most of them, but keep an eye out anyway. Keep your squad moving forward to the big depot. You’ll know you’re there once you see the two big watchtowers. Kill the guards inside and open the gate.

The depot is actually pretty defenseless. There are scattered group of fighters hanging around, but you should be able to make short work of them. Go to the left from the gate and enter the guardhouse. Grab the intel briefcase. Then go forward to the first marked fuel tank. Use the explosives to blow it up. Get a safe distance away and watch the explosion.

Go deeper into the next level of the depot. There is usually a Chimera tank here, but it’s really not that dangerous. Just keep firing at the laser to deal a lot of damage. It really isn’t much tougher than a usual robot. Your strike team will make short work of it. Go to the back corner of the base to kill the last few soldiers and plant the explosives on the other tank. If all the enemies are dead and both tanks are gone, then you’ll automatically go back to Field HQ.

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