Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Walkthrough - Aiding the Outcasts and Going to Anchorage

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Walkthrough - Aiding the Outcasts and Going to Anchorage
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Aiding the Outcasts

Operation: Anchorage starts quite simply. You will be notified of a distress signal from the Outcasts as soon as you load up an old game. If you are starting a new one, then you should receive the notification shortly after you leave Vault 101. The mission is called “Aiding the Outcasts” in your Pip-Boy.

Travel to the marked location. You should be able to get to it by going through the Bailey’s Crossing Metro. It’s close to Fort Independence and the Red Racer Factory. Fight through the few ghouls and pop up at Bailey’s Crossing. You should find a group of Outcasts fighting a large group of mutants. Help them out, but watch your fire. One stray shot turns them all against you. Save often too, since this area is a bit buggy. It really shouldn’t be too hard on the whole, since you have a lot of help.

Once the area is clear, you can talk to Defender Morrill. He’ll send you down to see Protector McGraw to help with their problem. As an interesting side note, he’ll mistake you for a ranking Outcast officer if you show up in Outcast Power Armor. It doesn’t mean much, but it’s a cool touch. Protector McGraw exposes you once you talk to him though.

Be very careful with your companions. They aren’t allowed inside and the waiting spot isn’t that safe. It’s possible that they will be killed by mutants in a skirmish while you are inside. It’s safest to dismiss them. Be very careful with Star Paladin Cross though. She tends to go crazy and kill the Outcasts due to her allegiance with the Brotherhood of Steel. You might want to leave her at the Citadel.

Talk to Protector McGraw once you enter the base. He’ll explain the situation and send you over to the simulator room. Go in and talk to Specialist Olin to get your special suit. Put it on and then open the simulator. Sit on the chair to finish this part of the quest.

As another side note, if something happened that caused all of the Outcasts' deaths, or if you decided to kill them all, then you can still do the simulation. Just get the suit off of Olin’s body and get into the chair yourself. Everything else plays out normally.

Welcome to Anchorage

You wake up on a cliff in Alaska. Your partner and only other surviving ally helps you up and gives you your new objective. You need to fight through the Chinese forces and blow up the captured artillery. You have a silenced pistol and a trench knife, so you should be ready for some light fighting.

Fallout 3 - Benjamin Montgomery Comes to the Rescue

Keep moving forward until you encounter the first soldier at the little clearing. Try to get a sneak attack and finish him off. Use the health dispenser if you need it, then start moving across the bridge. Move quickly though. There are several Chinese soldiers who are on the surrounding cliffs and effectively outside of your pistol’s range. Just avoid most of their gunfire for now. Cross the bridge and take out the two soldiers who get in your way. Make sure you go down to the little spot on the right to use the health dispenser and grab the sniper rifle. Go into the hut and pick up the Chinese assault rifle and max out the ammo for it at the ammo dispenser.

Head outside and use your new weapons to take out the three or four soldiers on the pipe. The assault rifle should make quick work of them. You can also grab more ammo once you’re done. Go out on the pipe and up the steps to reach the door that leads to the caves.

Go inside and watch the two Chinese soldiers take out the trapped paratrooper. Use grenades, mines, or your guns to take them out. Grab the gauss rifle that the paratrooper dropped. It will come in handy during the next sequence on the cliffs. Make sure you grab more ammo from the little nook past the gauss rifle. Keep moving through the caves. Kill the one soldier up on the next level and then go up the steps to get into the base. Montgomery will drop in and join up with you here. He’s a handy companion, a great bullet sponge, and a good shot. Ask him for more ammo to get some more bullets and another 10 microfusion cells for the gauss rifle.

Reaching the Guns of Anchorage

Leave the base and go back out onto the cliffs. Start working down to the pipe. Kill the few soldiers with whichever weapon you like best. Once you get to the pipe, you need to cross it and go into the little base on the other side. Pick the very easy lock and get into the field storage unit. Grab the intel briefcase off of the desk.

Go back and onto the catwalk. Move forward along the catwalks and keep clearing a path. The scattered soldiers shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Watch the right cliff for the second intel briefcase. There will be another entrance to a field storage unit. If you hear Montgomery’s warning about the artillery base being nearby, then you went a little too far. Pick the lock and grab the briefcase.

Go into the little connecting hut leading up to the artillery base. Approach and notice that there are two bunkers covering the bridge to the base. Go forward and through the little door on the right to reenter the caves. Kill the one soldier who might be here, then go up the slope and out to the artillery base. This lets you bypass the firing range of the forward base. Charge the bunker on the upper level. Kill the two soldiers inside and take out the turrets. They are pretty weak, so a few shots should do it. Go down to the first level to clear out the other bunker. Be very careful, since an inferno unit will step out and ambush you as you approach the bunker. That’s obviously deadly at a close range.

Go inside the base and get ready for another fight. Montgomery will start shooting at the five solders around the entrance bay. Get behind a crate and help him kill the soldiers trying to surround you. Once they’re dead, just go up the steps to the upper level of the catwalk. Follow it into the little office area and just keep moving forward. Watch for another side door to field storage. Pick the lock and grab the intel briefcase here. Go up and around to the upper level. Use the health dispenser and start pushing forward again.

Your path will just follow one corridor that the Chinese will try to reinforce. Just move forward steadily and keep shooting. Pay attention for Montgomery’s comment on the Chimera tanks. This is the signal for the last intel briefcase on this level. Turn the corner and kill the soldier inside. Then look for the terminal and a door to the field storage unit. Go inside and grab the last briefcase for this mission.

Go up the nearby stairs and into the big ammo storage center. Go down and look carefully for the cloaked dragoons. These elites are well armed, skilled, and usually cloaked. Keep an eye out for disturbances and shoot them to break the cloaking. You can then enter VATS to take them out. Just be really careful. They do a lot of damage with their swords and move really quick. Focus on fighting your way up onto the catwalk and move up the series of little stairs to get to the main exit. Follow it out to finally reach the big artillery pieces on the cliffs. I’ll also note that you don’t get to keep any of your ammo for the next mission, so feel free to use up the good stuff now.

Fallout 3 - Pretty Fireworks at the Artillery Base in Anchorage

Go out and be ready for the last big fight. Kill the few guys by the entrance and turn to the right. Move forward to the bunker and fire at all of the Chinese Soldiers nearby. There should be at least 2 near the actual gun. Another sniper should be on the ledge overlooking the gun. Be ready to take him out if Montgomery doesn’t. Get to the marked panel on the artillery piece and plant the explosives. Get a safe distance away and watch the explosion.

Go up the slope behind it to start working toward the next gun. Kill another sniper or two and take out the inferno unit who’s usually here. Take out any other stray soldiers and plant the explosives again. Then just rinse and repeat on the defeated garrison barely guarding the third cannon. Blow it up to complete the mission. You’ll automatically go back to the Field HQ and report your success. Mission accomplished.

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