Fallout 3 Walkthrough - A Complete Guide to Grady's Key and Grady's Package

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - A Complete Guide to Grady's Key and Grady's Package
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Finding Grady

The first step is to actually get to the Marigold Station. You might as well do this right alongside the “Those!” quest, since you’ll need to clear out the ants anyway. Look for Grayditch. The easiest way is to just go to Wilhelm’s Wharf and wait for the kid to come and tell you about the ants attacking the town. Then go to the marker and fight straight through the town to get to the marked metro station. Come well armed and be ready to fight a lot of fire breathing ants.

Grady is a skeleton inside of Marigold Station. You can find him in the first area of the metro station on the raised platform. It’s just inside of the main entrance to Marigold Station from Grayditch. He’s inside of a station booth with a pistol and a last recording next to him explaining what happened.

It seems that Grady was on a little quest and got pinned down in the metro station. He asks that the next person to find it carry out the rest of the quest. The recording has verbal directions for how to get to the key and the connected safe.

The problem of course is that any explorer doing the “Those!” quest has probably already found the key. If you haven’t then the instructions are below.

Finding Grady’s Key

Fallout 3 - Grady’s Key is Inside This Box

This isn’t too far away. Look down at the subway and look for the only two open tunnels. Turn to face them and walk down the one on the right. Follow it to the end and open the maintenance door to the right. Be very careful, since you’ll be running into fire ants in these tight quarters. Keep a shotgun handy.

Just go a little further into this access tunnel and open the door to the supply closet. The fire hose box is marked as Grady’s. The key is inside.

Finding Grady’s Package

Once you have the key you are ready to get into Grady’s Safe. Go back out into the main system and cross over to the tunnel on the left. There should be a crossover path at the halfway point,

Fallout 3 - The Yellow Light Leads the Way to Grady’s Package

but if it’s not there you should be able to just get into it by backtracking all the way out of the tunnel.

Walk down the tunnel and keep an eye out for the spinning yellow light. You can’t miss it once you’re in range. Just keep walking forward and follow the tunnel as it curves to the right. You need to squeeze in between the tunnel on the left and the wrecked subway cars. Getting through this little gap will put you right next to the spinning light. You can pick the easy lock or hack the easy computer to gain access. Go inside and loot the ammo and weapons from his stash. Then open the safe and grab the all important package. Yeah…it’s just some fancy underwear.

The Aftermath of Grady’s Key

Once you have the Naughty Nightwear in your inventory, you’ll trigger the next part. A raider named Lug-Nut will walk into the room as you try to exit. He’ll demand that you hand Grady’s Package over to him. You have a few options. You can refuse and just shoot him. He’s only a raider, so he dies easily. You can use speech or strength to scare him away. You can also take the best route and just hand the Naughty Nightwear over to him. This ensures that they are fully repaired. Then just blow his head off as he walks away. Reclaim them from his body.

You can just hold the Naughty Nightwear as a way to boost your Charisma. There is still a quest though. The Ronald Lauren that Grady mentioned is a man living in the little town of Girdershade. Girdershade is located underneath the highway in the southwest corner of the map. Just follow the long horizontal road on your map. It’s also southwest of Smith Casey’s Garage, if you have already been there for the main quest.

Talk to Ronald and offer him the Naughty Nightwear. He’ll only spawn after you talk to the woman there named Sierra and start the Nuka-Cola Challenge. He’ll offer 200 caps. You can get him to pay 300 if you have enough skill in Speech. He then puts them into his inventory for the day when he wins over Sierra, which is never. So you can kill him and take them back if you really want them.

That is the mystery behind Grady’s Key.

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