Finding the Bobbleheads for Melee Weapons, Repair, and Science in Fallout 3

Finding the Bobbleheads for Melee Weapons, Repair, and Science in Fallout 3
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Melee Weapons Bobblehead

This one can be a real nightmare if you don’t get it quickly. It’s even worse if you have Broken Steel. Then again, it might be a walk in the park if you managed to pick up the ghoul mask after the Tenpenny Tower quest.

The melee bobblehead is inside the Dunwich Building. This is to the south of Girdershade and should be fairly easy to see from a distance. The building is infested with ghouls who are drawn to an obelisk in the basement. If you have Broken Steel, then there will be a number of ghoul reavers inside too, so be ready for that. If you do the Tenpenny Tower quest before this though, then you should have a ghoul mask. Just wear that and walk through the building.

Go to the left and up into the office area. You need to find an entrance to the virulent chambers. The one marker on the local map is unreachable. It’s a one-way exit for the end. Go into the forsaken ruins and look for the entrance to the virulent chambers. The melee bubblehead is lying on the floor in a mix of junk on a side path in the virulent chambers. You need to go up the metal stairs to find this room right before the exit.

Repair Bobblehead

This is another fairly easy one. It’s inside Evan King’s house in Arefu. You can get a marker on your map by talking to Lucy West in Megaton and agreeing to take her letter there. Just pick the lock and go inside. No one should even be outside at the beginning and there isn’t a karma loss associated with it. Just go in and pick up the repair bobblehead from the table by the door.

Science Bobblehead

This one isn’t too hard to get. The problem is that you have to find it inside Vault 106. You can find it a bit to the northwest of Vault 101 in the rocky areas.

The Science Bobblehead in Vault 106

Go inside and open the vault door. The science bobblehead is in the Vault 106 Living Quarters. Go forward through the entrance area. It’s just one linear path, so just keep moving until you see the door. Go through it to enter the Living Quarters.

Kill the insane survivors that you come across. You don’t have to get off of the metal balcony to get the bobblehead. Just look for the door on the level that leads past some medical screens. Go into the office beyond it and kill the insane survivor who’s usually here. Then look on the shelf for the science bobblehead. You can then backtrack out of the vault, unless you want to scavenge some more.

Small Guns Bobblehead

This one is a bit of a pain to get. You’ll need to fight a lot of robots before you can pick up the small guns bobblehead. It is located in the National Guard Depot. It’s outside of the city limits, so you just have to walk toward it from the north. It’s on the northwestern edge of the city. Just walk straight sought from Vault 108. It’s a big red building with “National Guard Depot” written in neon letters, so you should be able to see it.

The Small Guns Bobblehead in the National Guard Depot

Once you make it inside, you need to go upstairs and jump over the gap in the floor. Your ultimate goal is to unlock the armory, but you have to take a long path to get to the switch for the sealed utility door. Go toward the one door that allows you to go to the National Guard Training Depot. It’s on the right side of the building from the entrance. Go through this area. Pick up all the ammo lying around and kill the various sentries and turrets inside. Go out the door to the office area at the end.

The office is a fairly small area. Just go up the stairs and look for the door back to the general National Guard Depot. This door should put you back outside, and right next to an electric switch on the wall. Flip the switch and then drop down to the floor. The utility door should be open. Go through and enter the armory. Then go into the main armory. Look on the shelf by the main bunker access. The bobblehead is sitting on the shelf, facing the door.

Sneak Bobblehead

The Sneak Bobblehead in the Yao Gaui Tunnels

This one isn’t too hard to find. It’s in the back of the Yao Gaui Den. You can find this by going to the northwest of Smith Casey’s Garage and west of the Charnel House. The Yao Gaui Den is a long series of tunnels filled with Yao Gaui. Go forward and kill them as you go. You need to make it to the second room called the Yao Gaui Tunnels. Go into the center area and go through the pool of water. The sneak bobblehead is located by a dead settler on a metal box.

Speech Bobblehead

This one is easy to get. Just go to Paradise Falls and go to Eulogy’s Pad. The speech bobblehead is on his desk by the heart bed inside It’s easy to find, since it’s right in the middle of a spot where the highways form a square. You can just get close and look for the Big Boy statue.

Strength Bobblehead

This is an easy one to get right at the start of the game.

The Strength Bobblehead in Megaton

The strength bobblehead is on Lucas Simms' desk in his home in Megaton. You just have to walk in, go upstairs, and pick it up off of his desk. It doesn’t count as stealing. You shouldn’t have to break into his home if you go during the day. This is sometimes a little buggy though. If you do have to break into the home, just remember to stay hidden. They don’t take kindly to crime.

NOTE: If you blow up Megaton in the “The Power of Atom” quest, then you can not get it. You have to grab it before you go to Tenpenny.

Unarmed Bobblehead

This bobblehead is easy to get once you find the spot. It’s inside Rockopolis. This is the secret city that is mentioned in the Herbert Dashwood stories. It’s an unmarked spot on the map. It’s a bit to the west of Smith Casey’s Garage. I’ll include the pictures of where to find it.

The Secret Location of Rockopolis in Fallout 3

You just need to hit west and look at the rocks. There is a small party ribbon hanging over the entrance. If you are able to spot this, then you’re already home free. Just go inside and look for Argyle’s body. Go ahead and inspect him to complete the unmarked quest for Dashwood. Then grab the unarmed bobblehead from next to his body.

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