Finding the Bobbleheads for Agility, Barter, Big Guns, Charisma, Endurance, and Energy Weapons in Fallout 3

Finding the Bobbleheads for Agility, Barter, Big Guns, Charisma, Endurance, and Energy Weapons in Fallout 3
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If you’ve been playing Fallout 3, then you are probably aware of the bobbleheads that litter the wasteland. Each of these little figurines will give your stats a boost and push you closer to an Xbox achievement. Some are pretty hard to find in the vast expanse of the Capitol Wasteland, so here’s a quick guide to find them all.

Important Bobblehead Note


There are some bobbleheads that become inaccessible as you advance in Fallout 3. First, you have to retrieve the strength bobblehead from Megaton before you blow it up (if you plan to do that). Second, you have to get the medicine bobblehead from Vault 101 from one of the few times you are inside. Either before you leave or while you’re doing the “Trouble on the Homefront” quest. Third, you have to pick up the energy weapons bobblehead before you leave Raven Rock during the main quest. Not doing this will ensure that you can’t get all 20 and the accomplisment that comes with this.

Agility Bobblehead

The Agility Bobblehead is Right Here

This one isn’t too hard to get, if you have some radaway to spare. It’s at the Greener Pastures Disposal Site. It’s basically in the middle of nowhere. It’s south of Old Olney and just above the main marked road.

Just go past the puddles of radioactive waste to the lone office building. The Agility bobblehead is on the desk.

Barter Bobblehead

The Barter Bobblehead in Evergreen Mills

This one isn’t too hard to get. It’s in the Evergreen Mills Bazaar. Be ready to kill a lot of badly armed raiders. Go to Evergreen Mills by travelling east from Smith Casey’s Garage. Then go into the Bazaar via the Foundry. Look for Smiling Jack’s shop. Go to the side area with the workbench and jump over it. The bobblehead is on the shelf.

Big Guns Bobblehead

The Big Guns Bobblehead in Fort Constantine

This bobblehead is at Fort Constantine. This is in the northwestern corner of the map. Just go up and kill the few robots guarding the perimeter. Go into the little house labeled as the CO Quarters. Go down the steps into the bunker and look for the already opened safe on the desk. The bobblehead is inside.

Charisma Bobblehead

This one is inside the Cloning Labs in Vault 108. It’s not too hard to get, but you’ll have to walk a bit to find the vault. It’s far away on the middle part of the eastern edge of the map.

The Charisma Bobblehead is in Vault 108

The vault itself isn’t too dangerous. It’s full of a bunch of clones with basic melee weapons. You shouldn’t have a problem with even a half-decent gun. Go inside and look for the sign pointing to the Lab. Go inside and look for the bobblehead on a desk. The best landmark I can give is that it’s next to the main x-ray room. You can even see it through one of the windows. Just go in and pick up the charisma bobblehead.

Endurance Bobblehead

This one is tricky. You probably won’t be able to get it for awhile.

This bobblehead is located in the Deathclaw Sanctuary. It is near the entrance, so a brave player could go to the sanctuary and grab it quickly. Most of the deathclaws don’t patrol around the entrance anyway. The problem is that the Enclave establish a camp outside of the entrance as soon as you get to the relevant point in the main quest. It would then take a full scale attack on the post to get inside, so be ready. It’s right next to a rotting brahmin by the entrance.

Energy Weapons Bobblehead

You need to get this while you are in Raven Rock and before you visit President Eden. Leave your cell and head to area 2C. The bobblehead is in Colonel August’s area. Look for it on the desk. It’s fairly easy to find, but you’ll have to kill some Enclave soldiers and consult the in-base maps to get to it. You won’t be able to get it once you talk to Eden and blow up the base.

Explosives Bobblehead

The Explosives Bobblehead is at the WKM Broadcasting Station

This one isn’t hard to get, but it is hard to find. You need to go to the WKML Broadcasting station and look for the sealed cistern behind it. It’s a bit to the west of Paradise Falls. You should be able to see the radio towers from far away.

The bobblehead is just on the desk.

Intelligence Bobblehead

This is a really easy one that you should try to get quickly. The intelligence bobblehead is on Dr. Li’s table in the science lab in Rivet City. You’ll go there as part of the main quest, but you might want to get it before you explore most of the Capital Wasteland. Signs inside Rivit City point the way.

Lockpick Bobblehead

The lockpick bobblehead isn’t too hard to find. You’ll just have to do a lot of fighting to get to it. It’s in the East Office of the Bethesda Ruins. These are located to the northeast of Springvale School. Just follow the marked highway to stumble across it.

The Lockpick Bobblehead in the Bethesday Ruins

The whole area is crawling with raiders. I think I killed at least 12 in a brief foray into the area. They are fairly well armed too, with a number of snipers and flamers around. Bring a good shotgun or favorite rifle if you want to survive.

Go through the barricades and look for the entrance to the East Office. Walk up the ramp into the office area and start looking for terminals on the second floor. The lockpick bobblehead is on the second floor by one of the turret control computers. It should also be near a safe and a raider with a flamer and the key to the safe. Once you grab the lockpick bobblehead, you can just walk out.

Luck Bobblehead

This one is at Arlington Cemetery, inside the Arlington House. In order to get there, you have to go into the Flooded Metro. It’s just a

The Luck Bobblehead is Inside the Arlington House

little south of Wilhelm’s Wharf and the Super Duper Mart. Go into the metro and fight through the fairly short and linear path to get to Arlington Cemetery North.

Once you’re there, just go up the path and into the only visible house on the right. Go down the steps into the basement. The luck bobblehead is on the shelf in the basement. You should be able to see it right after you step off of the stairs.

Perception Bobblehead

This one is fairly easy to get, but it will take a bit of walking. The perception bobblehead is located in the Republic of Dave. This little settlement is at the top right corner of the map. Once you get there, you just have to visit the town’s museum and grab it off of the shelf. If you want to find the town easily, then just go to Underworld in the Museum of History and talk to Mister Crowley. His quest “You Gotta Shoot’em in the Head” will put a quest marker there, since Dave has one of the keys.

Medicine Bobblehead

This one is easy to get as long as you remember to grab it. It’s on James' desk in the medical clinic in Vault 101. You can grab it before you take the G.O.A.T or as you are leaving Vault 101. If you missed it both of these times, you can still get it if you go back to take care of the “Trouble on the Homefront” quest. Just go into the clinic and grab it.

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