Fallout 3 Tips & Tricks: Learn How I Made it to Level 20 and Beat the Game

Fallout 3 is undoubtedly one of the best role playing games ever made. It was one of the most anticipated games of late last year, and has already sold more than enough copies to be considered a big hit among gamers. It also is a very challenging game that may give the best gamers a run for their money, and that’s why I put together some of my own tips and tricks. I played this game for two months and reached the level 20 cap, then I finished it.

Here’s some advice from someone who beat the game:

Take your time. There is so much to this game that you could play for months, like I did, and still not see everything. I completed the main quest plus about two-thirds of the side quests before reaching the level cap. Don’t rush through the main quest without at least doing some of the side missions, because you’ll miss out on a lot of cool equipment and locations to visit.

Pick your battles. You don’t have to kill everything you meet in the Wasteland! Although it is played using a first person shooter type interface, this is not the type of game where you will live for very long if you charge headfirst into every foray. Despite being a fairly well-balanced game, there will occasionally be times that your character needs to back off or at least be strategic in how he engages the enemy.

Rest often. Save your stimpacks and purified water for combat – when you really need them. Otherwise, find a bed to sleep in and regain your strength. There’s usually a place to sleep near the tougher combat scenarios, so keep a look out for them. Be sure to pick up every health aid you find in the field, and never sell them.

Conserve ammunition. Nothing is worse than being caught in the middle of a firefight and running out of ammo. Use the VATS system as often as possible and concentrate on making crippling shots, like shooting people in the head or limbs. Sometimes it is best not to waste ammo trying to pick off enemies from afar when you can let them get closer for better accuracy.

It’s OK to be a bad guy…sometimes. This is the type of game where you aren’t exactly meant to play nice all the time. There’s a ton of extra content available to people who decide to be bad, so every now and then it is OK to pop a cap in some random character who mouths off to you. This often makes it easier to get keys and other items that you normally wouldn’t be able to talk out of them. Just be careful not to get an entire town after you.

Have fun. It’s just a game!