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Because The Wasteland Cheated You

Fallout 3 is a fun, interesting game, offering the player the ability to do nearly anything. The player can be as mean or as good as they’d like, and although there are some consequences, the game does not force you to follow a certain morale compass. The game also does not prevent you from jumping from tall buildings or from nuking an entire squad of Super Mutants. It is a sandbox game, and half of the fun comes from being able to stretch your legs, go where you’d like, and do what you’d like. Sometimes the features in the game are sufficient for this. But now and then, you might feel the urge to cheat.

No worries. Fallout 3 has plenty in store of those who’d like to get their hands on weapons powerful enough to destroy nations. The regularly available Fat Man is only a glimpse of what the Wasteland has in store.

Mysterious Stranger’s Pistol

If you have the Mysterious Stranger perk, and you’ve had him spawn, then you were probably amazed at how deadly he is. Despite being armed with only a pistol, he seems capable of killing the toughest enemies in a matter of seconds. As it turns out, there is good reason for that - his Pistol is among the most powerful weapons in the game.

How powerful? Well, with a damage rating of 9000 per shot and a relatively fast rate of fire, the Mysterious Stranger Pistol can do somewhere around 26000 points of damage per second. That makes it the most powerful direct-damage weapon in the game. With a weapon like this, the Rivet City killing spree you’ve always wanted to go on can easily become a reality.

To obtain the Mysterious Stranger Pistol, type in the console command player.additem 50f92 1 100.

The Cryolator

The Cryolator is a weapon that Bethesda had at one point said would be in the game, but which was cut for final release. It was meant to be an Energy Weapon which froze targets, making them unable to move for a period of time. For unknown reasons, the Cryolater never made it into the final version of the game.

But the players had something to say about that. The Cryolator was not in the game, but there was still some information about how it worked left in the game engine. It didn’t take long before someone modded the weapon back into the game. This makes the Cryolator half-mod, half-cheat. The Cryolator is a weapon the developers didn’t intend the player to have, but the mod community has made it possible to obtain.

It is a fun weapon, particularly when chasing after innocent civilians.

Liberty Prime’s Laser And Liberty Prime’s Football Bomb

You might want to stop reading the article at this point if you’re concerned about spoilers, because I’m about to talk about weapons you don’t see at all until the end of the game.

Okay, still with me?

The Liberty Laser is the wonderful blue beam of death that Liberty Prime uses to grind the Enclave to dust. Cranking out 1000 damage with each shot along with an AOE range of 128, you can use this weapon to vaporize entire rooms full of enemies in short order. The Liberty Football bomb is basically a Mini-Nuke that actually does less damage overall than a Fat Man, but which has an extremely large AOE radius of 1200. Both of these weapons are powerful, but the real reason to use them is that they’re great fun.

The Liberty Laser can be obtained with the player.additem 00033FE2 command and the Football Bombs can be obtained with the player.additem 0005932F command.

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