Gamers Xbox 360 Review Fable II

Gamers Xbox 360 Review Fable II
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Fable II is the long awaited sequel to Lionhead’s RPG game of Fable. The story continues as Albion waits for another Hero, while the player learns who he or she is. New features such as children, divorce, and companions make this a great sequel for Fable fans.

The Story (5 out of 5)

A wonderfully crafted world of wonder and magic that will let you leave your old life for awhile in favor of a world that’s heavy on the action and adventure.

Fable II has a world so massive you can wander around enjoying the amazing presentation of the fine details and undertake fun and challenging quests that will have you coming back for more, time and again. The well written story line provides small moments of mirth, outrageous moments of laugh out loud fun, is engaging enough to immerse you in the world, and leaves you spent and wanting more adrenalin. Players of the original Fable will recognize your mentor, as well as other familiar places and people.

Fable II allows for you to chose your gender, either as a young boy or girl, and the action soon begins after you’ve gotten a hold of how to use the controls.The story, as will the original, places you on the path of revenge and vengance but adds in the overall quest to join certain followers together to defeat a dark evil.

A new feature is that of a golden line that will lead you to the object of the current quest. For some players, this might seem to be annoying - as they would rather explore or stumble upon the objective - but for someone such as myself who couldn’t find the way out of a paper bag, the line is extremely helpful.

Another helpful feature and add in is that of a faithful dog who follows you throughout your life. The dog also has the ability to discover treasure that is buried all over Albion. Again, another advantage for those who seek to find all the keys, chests, and diggable things in the world.

The game graphics (5 out of 5)

The world of Fable has realistic weather effects that are beautifully rendered and wonderfully created, engaging and immersive they keep you in the game and the moment well. You will be walking across an open field in the noon-time sun and the sky will open into a amazing downpour that will leave you in wonder.

Areas in which you have to fight in the dark can be especially eerie, which helps in the overall effect. Cut scenes are player controlled for the most part, but do allow for exploration.


Explore a vast world

Danger call me a friend

Adventure and action are my life

Some Downsides (3 out of 5)

While the overall game is wonderful, it seems much shorter and even easier than that of the first game. Taking into account some of the side quests, the game could easily be beaten in a few hours, assuming that after the end, you don’t complete the side quests that you hadn’t finished.

The companions that you pick up in order to complete the overall quest are about as helpful as fish on land; at least until the second to last boss battle. If anything, they seem to get in the way more than actually help. Fable II also seems to be more focused on finding and keeping jobs, with a slew of different professions available. This can be either a hit or miss, as you can waste time in meeting contacts and make some side money, but doing certain quests should be providing the majority of the loot (or finding treasures) instead of doing ‘busy work’.

I was actually quite sad not to find as many Demon Doors in this game, unlike in the original where they seem to be everywhere. Also problematic was trying to get them to open.

The bottom line (5 out of 5)

Fable II sticks very close to Fable, but Lionhead Studios has made a few improvements that up the entertainment and keep the adrenalin flowing even more than with Fable. Fable II weaves a charming net that will capture the senses and draw you out of your reality and into a land of magic and adventure. The meticulous details included with Fable II urge you explore every aspect of the title and get all you can out of the experience. You can be the hero coming to the help of the weak or the bad guy taking advantage of human weakness, you get to decide.

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