More Fast and Easy Heritage Quests in EverQuest 2 - Guide To Quick Everquest 2 Heritage Quests for Characteres Under Level 40

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(Level 30) Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians

Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians - This one is short and easy. It can be soloed in the mid/high 30s easily. The 2 handed slash weapon is nice for people who use those. It all takes place in Nektulos Forest so get those griffons unlocked! With the griffons unlocked in advance, this Heritage Quest is really a breeze.

Starting Zone: Nektulos Forest

Starting the Quest: Speak to Dragoon K’naae in the Northeast corner of Nektulos Forest

Reward: Shiny Brass Halberd

(Level 30) Hadden’s Earring

Hadden’s Earring - This one can be a tad painful as there is a lot of swimming around. Worst of all, you will have to do all of Nektropos Castle if you are unable to find someone who completed the quests there and earned access to the right sections. We tried to find such a person for a few days but were unsuccessful. We did the quests ourselves and it took an hour or so just for that step. The key to making this HQ “fast and easy” is finding someone with Nektropos Castle unlocked. Other than the Nektropos Castle part it is not too bad, and the reward more than justifies the effort (good stats and water breathing). Most people carry the earring around for their entire character’s life unless their class has a water breathing buff. It is just too darn useful to have water breathing covered from that point forward.

Starting Zone: The Thundering Steppes

Starting the Quest: Speak to Kerath McMarrin in The Thundering Steppes

Reward: Fishbone Earring (great stats, permanent water breathing when worn)

(Level 35) Stiletto’s Orders Intercepted

Stiletto’s Orders Intercepted - Almost everyone will want to do this eventually for the manastone which is very nice to have. Stiletto is on a 1 hour respawn timer, which would normally be a huge problem on an MMO. But this is one situation where playing an older MMORPG has a huge benefit. The lower level zones are almost completely empty, and therefore it is pretty easy to catch a Stiletto spawn on your first trip to the zone. If you have the EQ2 map interface installed it is especially easy to find him. Both times I found him near a Splitpaw Sundered entrance in the far SW of the Thundering Steppes. After that, the rest of the HQ is pretty easy.

The weird requirement that you have to travel back to town at one point to craft a bag is annoying, but otherwise this HQ fits the fast and easy premise of this guide. You might have to camp the weaver area in Varsoon for the named weaver, but he seems to repop quickly. You fight Varsoon the Undying on this HQ, so be aware of the lockout if you are doing this near the same time that you do A Strange Black Rock. I did the HQs separately so I cannot promise that doing them at the same time will work. It should work - especially since these are older HQs and most if not all of the bugs have been worked out.

Starting Zone: The Thundering Steppes

Starting the Quest: Use Stiletto’s Orders dropped by Stiletto in The Thundering Steppes

Reward: Manastone (converts health to mana when used)

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