Guide To Fast and Easy Heritage Quests in EverQuest 2 For Under Level 40 Characters

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What are Heritage Quests?

Heritage Quests are longer, story heavy quest chains that are generally inspired by historical events or items from Everquest 1. They generally require a group to complete, but can be solo’ed if you are 10 or so levels higher than the HQ level. They often involve travel to multiple zones and a number of tough combat encounters. Some are very hard or take many hours to complete. The ones in this guide can generally be completed in under an hour (2 at the most).

Why Do Heritage Quests?

Heritage Quests are often fun, exciting, and rich in story telling. They also tend to have very nice item rewards and give large amounts of Achievement Experience.

For the role players, special titles can also be earned by completing heritage quests. After completing the required number of heritage quests, you can obtain the new title in the main library in your character’s home city.

For completing 5 Heritage Quests: the Treasure Hunter

For completing 10 Heritage Quests: the Lore Seeker

For completing 20 Heritage Quests: the Relic Keeper

For completing 30 Heritage Quests: the Artifact Raider

(Level 17) In Honor and Service

In Honor and Service - If you do this in your 30s or so, you can solo it very easily. It takes less than an hour and takes place entirely in Greater Faydark.

Starting Zone: Greater Faydark

Starting the Quest: Speak to Captain R.K. Irontoe

Reward: Dwarven Ringmail Tunic (chainmail armor, good melee stats)

(Level 20) The Return of the Light

The Return of the Light - In the 30s/40s this one will take less than an hour. The only moderately challenging part is the final step when you zone into Bloodskull Valley: Maulic’s Stronghold and have to fight multiple huge waves of low level orcs.

Starting Zone: Commonlands

Starting the Quest: Use Burned Out Lightstone, dropped from killing a Lightbringer Wisp (level 18, semi-rare spawn), north of the Commonlands Druid Ring.

Reward: Greater Lightstone (permanent light source, good bonuses to most stats, neck slot)

(Level 30) A Strange Black Rock

A Strange Black Rock - This one isn’t easy, or fast. So why is it listed? The item reward is too good to pass up. You have to camp the Tome of Life/Death spawns in Varsoon (which can be very lame… especially when a member of your own guild runs past your clearing to gank the Tome of Life… but I digress…). Then you kill Varsoon the Undying, which isn’t bad if you are overleveled or in groups. Be aware of the 18 hour lockout on fighting Varsoon since “Stiletto’s Orders Intercepted” also requires that you kill Varsoon. Overall this is not bad. You make a lot of trips to Antonica to talk to the quest npc, so plan for that (or bring a Fury!).

Starting Zone: Antonica

Starting the Quest: Speak to Scholar Al’Quylar, behind the Oracle Tower in Antonica

Reward: Glowing Black Stone (great caster stats, light source)

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