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So many dragon-flavors to choose from!

The Drakkin are the newest race added to Everquest, making them the 16th race. This neutral race of dragonkin was added in The Serpent’s Spine expansion. Their home city is Crescent Reach, located in The Serpent’s Spine itself. Drakkin can only worship Veeshan. When you create a Drakkin, you can choose between six different heritages that determines what kind of breath weapon that you’ll be given. The breath weapon is a light damage over time area of effect that includes a resist debuff - gold for magic resist, white for cold, green for poison, red for fire, black for disease and blue for magic. Each ancestry also gets a corresponding increase to resists for their elemental damage type. You can strengthen the breath power of your Drakkin through completing a long series of quests as you level, until finally getting a very powerful version of the breath weapon at maximum level.

The Drakkin were created by a council of six powerful dragons to protect their kind from external threats. They’re essentially half human and half dragon, created by applying magical dragon blood to a willing human host. As they transform into Drakkin, they forget their former life and rededicate themselves to serving the draconic cause. As they are a neutral race, they are welcome in most cities, giving them an unusual level of freedom to travel throughout Norrath. Drakkin are class restricted depending on the heritage that they choose, but otherwise they can play as bards, clerics, druids, enchanters, mages, monks, necromancers, paladins, rangers, rogues, shadowknights, wizards and warriors. Their statistics change depending on what heritage type they choose, making them adequate for whatever class you choose for them. Their breath weapon is arguably the most useful racial ability in the game, and their neutral status reduces headaches for travelling. The resist debuffs make them useful in parties in particular, as well as giving them a boost to elemental damage if they’re a class that uses some kind of magical attack.

Crescent Reach is a lovely area itself, with dangerous tunnels running below the city and a hostile ogre tribe nearby. The city is open to any race, and it’s rather dense with quests for new players, making it a great place to start out compared to many of the old world areas. The Drakkin themselves look rather like humans with slightly visible scales and plenty of tattoos, and many have horns.

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