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The Frogloks of Everquest are split into good and evil sides, allowing players that want a chance to live as an amphibious humanoid a choice as to what sort of path they wish to follow. They can choose between warriors, paladins, shadowknights, necromancers, shaman, clerics and wizards. It’s an eclectic selection that few other races match, and it fits the fractured nature of this race. Player controlled frogloks look considerably different from most of the monstrous ones that wander throughout their native swamps of Innothule. When the Froglok race was first introduced in Legacy of Ykesha, their people had conquered the old troll city of The Grobb and renamed it Gukta. Since then, the trolls reconquered their former homeland, and now good frogloks start out in a new Gukta in the Rathe Mountains. Good Frogloks generally follow the god Mithaniel Marr, who awarded them with enlightenment in return for certain quests that their people performed for him.

Frogloks begin with swimming bumped up to 125, and they can also hold their breath for unusually long periods of time. It’s not a really significant bonus ability, but every point of swimming helps when you find that you need to cross a body of water. They’re also gifted with ultravision and additional poison and magic resistance. Necromantic Frogloks are outcasts from their society, and as such find it hard to make friends elsewhere in the world - they’re distrusted for their race among the evil races, and for their profession among the good ones.

The Rathe Mountains are a very large zone filled with dangers for a low level character. Unless you already have a fair amount of experience with Everquest, it’s probably a good idea to hop into the Plane of Knowledge and find an easier to navigate newbie zone if you’ve decided to create a Froglok.

Frogloks have weak intelligence, stamina and strength, making them relatively poor choices for intelligence casters and melee fighters. They shine a bit in terms of their wisdom based abilities, making them good clerics and paladins. Their agility and dexterity scores are above average, as well. Even so, the differences between races tend to even out significantly as you level up and get better equipment, so if you really enjoy the aesthetic of playing an amphibian demihuman, go for it. They also have some interesting and active lore behind them, as they were only recently enlightened to join the other intelligent races of Norrath.

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