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Eve Online: Salvaging Guide

One of the most popular “professions” (for lack of a better word) within Eve Online is that of salvaging. In laymans terms, whenever a ship is blown up it leaves a wreck (well duh I hear you say), this wreck can then be salvaged for components that can be used to build things, sold on the market, so on and so forth. In very very simple terms, you get more shiny things from making the bad ship go boom than you would otherwise.

The requirements to be able to salvage are quite low, all that is needed is an item called a Salvager, which can be fitted into any turret slot on a ship should you have enough CPU/Powergrid. To be able to fit this salvager you need the following skills:

Mechanic level 3

Survey level 3

Salvaging level 1

Should you wish to salvage Tech 2 ships and above, then you will need Salvaging level 3. To use your salvager on a wreck you need be within 5000m (this is where tractor beams come in handy!) Once your salvager has completed its cycle then it will tell you whether it was successful or not.

The types of items that can be salvaged vary from the almost worthless metal scraps, to the pricey alloyed tritanium bar. Of course the bigger the ship, the greater the likelihood of you getting a more expensive item when salvaging from it.

Salvaging is primarily done by mission runners on their own wrecks when they go back to loot, the more money the better naturally. But there is a darker side to salvaging, what can be done is to “scan down” (find) a mission runners location, warp in, and start salvaging the wrecks there while the mission runner is distracted shooting the NPCs. And considering the rules of Eve don’t count this as stealing, CONCORDE (Eve Online’s police force) will not intervene.

Learning to salvage takes so little time and start up costs, that I would recommend it all Eve Online players. Plus, you can easily make some great money with the items that you gather up - whether you use them for other things or sell them to other players.