How to Travel Safely in EVE Online

How to Travel Safely in EVE Online
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Travel Safely in EVE Online

The Autopilot

If you want to travel safely in EVE Online, you should never use Autopilot when in Low Security Space. Using the Autopilot leaves you vulnerable to all types of attack before and after jumping. In fact, it always warps you 15km from the Warp Gates. It’s like calling for ganking. You should also be prudent using Autopilot in High Security Space as Suicide Gankers exists in EVE Sandbox. Instead of using the Autopilot function, you should Warp to 0 manually. Simply choose the “Select Default Warp to Within Distance” menu and enter 0 as a value for X, and you’re set! After Warping, select the gate and press the jump button to manually jump. Be sure to look at your starmap to examine your possibilities and avoid low security space when you can. Sometimes, adding 15 minutes to your trip is better than losing you ship and your entire cargo to pirates!

Dealing with Gate Camps

Gate Camp Eve Online

If you happen to fall into a Gate Camp (A fleet of hostile pilots waiting for their prey to come out of the gate), your better solution is to retreat towards the gate you just left and jump to another system as fast as possible. It is generally not a good idea to try to pursue your destination as the hostile ships waiting for you will be optimized for speed and damage and equipped with warp disruptors. However, there is a session timer that blocks the access to the warpgate 30 seconds after you warped in the system. There is a quick fix to this. When you warp in the system, you’re usually cloaked. Basically, wait 30 seconds and make your way back to the warpgate. To get the fastest jump possible in these situations, it is recommended to use the autopilot. If you still want to pass Gate Camps and avoid being Ganked, there is a solution. You can use Stealth Bombers and Covert Ops Ships to pass by Gate camps without being detected. The strategy is to Warp Drive when you get out of the gate and then engage Cloak as fast as possible. If you’re lucky, the hostile pilots will not have time to see you. You should be able to get by safely with this strategy, but remember that you always have to analyze the type and the number of ships before taking a decision.

Warp Cores Stabilizers

Travel Safely EVE

If you’re planning traveling in low sec with a lot of hostiles, having Warp Cores Stabilizers fitted on your ships is a good idea. This equipement strengthen your Warp Core system and prevent the use of a normal warp disruptor by the hostiles. As most hostile pilots will only use one normal warp disruptor, your Warp Core Stabilizers should do the job. However, if there are a lot of hostiles using Warp Disruption or if there’s a Warp Disruption Field Generator in the area, you will need to fit several Warp Core Stabilizers to be able to get by safely.

Know your Destinations

Eve Online Bomber

If you want to travel safely in EVE Online, you need to get information about the places you travel through. The first place to look in for information is the Star-Map. You can easily check out how a system is made, if there are alliances or corporations ruling it and how many pilots recently died there. This already gives you a great preview of what awaits you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask through the corporation and alliance channels to gather intel on certain territories. These channels are usually open for everyone and you can ask questions, learn what sectors to avoid and more! Some people also take notes on printed maps as they discover the world and get attacked by pirate. If a corporation needs information or intel on a specific territory, you can even sell these maps and make some ISK. If you plan to make business in specific sectors for a long time, get to know the people living in it, get contacts and mark the pirates. With these informations, you will be able to take safe decisions to avoid danger and travel safely in EVE Online.