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    • Review of Dynasty Warriors 7
      Dynasty Warriors has been a cult classic for many years due to its fun hack and slash game play and large environments to roam in. Does Dynasty Warriors 7 live up to the previous games?
    • Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockables for the PS2
      Warriors Orochi 2 for the PS2 is an action hack n’ slash game that continues the saga of the Serpent King Orochi and spans over many historical Chinese dynasty eras. There are many characters available to unlock. Here's a guide on how you can access and incorporate them into your game play.
    • PlayStation 3 Reviews: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2
      Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is the second sequel of the Gundam series. It not only takes you to the futuristic Mecha battles, but also takes one step forward in offering dull missions and bland graphics.
    • Dynasty Warriors 6 Review: Another Boring DW Hack-and-Slash!
      Dynasty Warriors 6 was released for PlayStation 2 last year as an attempt to please PS2 owners. The game has some bonus stages, weapons and scenarios exclusive for PS2, but lacks good graphics and gameplay value.
    • Warriors Orochi 2 Review: Another “Dynasty Warriors” Clone!
      Warriors Orochi 2 has plain hack-and-slash with zero strategic elements, a trend followed by most “Dynasty” games released by Koei. The game tries hard to be different from other Dynasty Warriors game by including characters from both DW and Samurai Warriors, but fails to offer any innovativeness.
    • Dynasty Warriors Gundam Review
      Ever wanted to hop into a virtual robot and hack, slash and shoot your way through a horde of enemy mechs, Dynasty Warriors style? Well now you've got your chance!
    • Dynasty Warriors 6: Free Strategy Guide
      Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you get past some of the tougher parts of Dynasty Warriors 6. There are no cheats or hacks here - just practical advice from one gamer to another.
    • Dynasty Warriors 6 - PS3 Game Review
      Dynasty Warriors 6 is more of the same stuff you've played in this long-running series of video games. While it is still fun, the lack of real innovation is making this series a little tired.
    • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Review
      Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is the newest installment in the Dynasty Warriors series by KOEI. The newest installment, exclusive to PSP, boasts several new features, such as the optimization of multiplayer, and the inclusion of RPG-like system in game. How good is this game actually?
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