Dungeons & Dragons Online: Paladin skills (Part Two)

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Dungeons & Dragons Online has the holy warrior paladin as one of its playable character, of which they have four levels of skills. These are the various Paladins skills that you will have if you play that class in DDO.

Level Three Skills

Remove Curse – This will dispel curses off your friends and allies.

Remove Blindness – This will dispel blindness off your allies and friends.

Magic Circle against Evil – This will put the skill Protection from Evil on many targets instead of one.

Prayer – Gives a +1 luck bonus to friend’s attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and weapon damage. Gives -1 penalty for enemies on same rolls.

Dispel Magic – This will take away a spell that was cast on a target, when caster level check of DC 11 + the spell’s caster level is successful.

Cure Moderate Wounds – Will heal your friendly ally for 2d6 +4 +max(caster level, 10) hit points. It will do the same damage to any undead too.

Level Four Skills

Cure Serious Wounds – This will heal your friendly target for 3ds +6 +max(caster level, 15) hit points. It will also do the same damage to any undead target.

Break Enchantment – This will free curses, transmutations, and enchantments off allies in your area. Your caster level check of 1d20+your caster level (max+15) vs. 11+spell caster’s level to be able to remove the enchantments.

Death Ward – This will give an immunity to death, energy drains, and negative energy spells to an ally.

Restoration – This will give a cure to temporary ability damage, it will restore a negative level from energy drain, and it will dispel exhaustion and fatigue on an ally.

Neutralize Poison – This will detox an ally and cause him to be cured of poison. It will also immunize them for the length of the spell.

Holy Sword – This will turn a blessed cold iron weapon to a +5 holy cold iron weapon, granting Protection from Evil while the weapon is equipped. It remains, but will destroy itself on a dungeon exit.

These are all of the skills that your paladin will have in the Dungeons and Dragons online game. Part one shows you levels one and two of the skill tree.

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