Dungeons & Dragons Online: Paladin skills (Part One)

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Dungeons & Dragons Online gives you many playable characters, one of which is the holy warrior of a paladin. They have different skills through four levels. These are the various Paladins skills that you will have if you play that class in DDO.

Level One Skills

Seek Eternal Rest – This will grant you a +4 sacred bonus to turn undead.

Virtue – This will grant 10, +2 per caster level over the caster level of 4 for a maximum of 20, hit points temporarily to a friend.

Bless – This will infuse allies with courage, giving a +1 bonus on to-hit rolls and saves vs. fear.

Cure light wounds – This will heal a friend for 1d6 +2 +max(caster, 5) hit points. It will also give damage in the same amount to undead.

Resistance – This will give an ally energy that will keep them from harm, it gives a resistance bonus on saves.

Lesser Restoration – This will remove magical spells and affects lessening a friend’s ability score, their fatigue, and their exhaustion.

Divine Favor – This will give you the mind and brawn of a god and grants +1 bonus every three levels on the to-hit and the damage rolls.

Protection from Evil – This gives you a shield to ward off evil attacks, gives +2 deflection bonus to AC and +2 resistance bonus to saves, also wards against magical controls and compulsions.

Level Two Skills

Bull’s Strength – Gives a friend +4 enhancement bonus to their Strength score for one minute every level.

Angelskin – This will give the lawful good allies a damage reduction of 5 to evil.

Eagle’s Splendor – This gives a friend a +4 enhancement bonus to their Charisma score for a minute every level.

Remove Paralysis – This will free up a friend from any effects of Slow and paralysis.

Owl’s Wisdom – This gives a friend a +4 enhancement bonus to their Wisdom score for a minute every level.

Resist energy – This will give your ally a protection from any energy you choose to reduce the damage/attack by 10 (20 if caster level 7 and 30 if caster level 11).

Part two of this article will give you levels three and four of the skills that your paladin will have in the game of Dungeons and Dragons online.

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