Dungeon Siege 3 Lucas Guide (PS3)

Dungeon Siege 3 Lucas Guide (PS3)
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Introduction to Lucas as a Playable Character

While Dungeon Siege 3’s gameplay is typical of the genre, it doesn’t exactly have typical classes. You could say that Lucas is the game’s warrior/tank character though. One reason that the game doesn’t have typical classes is because there’s no healer and each character can deal pretty nice damage. Plus they each have a skill to heal themselves. They also have two offensive stances, allowing them to switch to a different set of abilities.

In Lucas’ case, the two are two-handed and one-handed weapon stances. In addition to these stances, there’s also the defensive abilities he has access to, as the other characters do.

Both of the offensive stances can deal damage, but you’ll probably find that the two-handed weapon stance is more effective in that sense.

Equipment Statistics You’ll Want for Lucas

Lucas in the two-handed weapon stance, with Anjali accompanying him.

Lucas wears heavy armor and can wield a shield. He is also limited to using swords. The equipment you want for him will vary depending on how you want to play him. If you want to focus on being able to take a beating, you’ll want to focus on building up your stamina and armor rating. I’d recommend avoiding block as much as possible also, as dodging is best.

If you want to focus on dealing as much damage as possible though, you’ll want to focus on boosting attack and thanks to a talent, Lucas’ will. Agility will also come in handy, due to boosting your critical hit chance. Also, bloodletting may come in handy if you use abilities that exploit foes that are bleeding. Other than that though, it doesn’t really matter what other statistics you take (such as ice or fire damage). It comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

In addition, I find Anjali to be a good companion thanks to her abilities that can allow Lucas (and other characters) to heal.

Overview of Lucas’ Abilities

A tough enemy heading towards Lucas.

Lucas, like the other characters, has a total of nine different abilities that he can use. Again, like with the other characters, they’re spread across the two different stances. alongside the defensive abilities.

Below is a listing of the abilities with my thoughts on them included:

Shield Pummel: Shield Pummel is a one-handed stance ability that makes Lucas strike out with his shield. It can stun enemies, while damaging them. It’s a useful skill at times, when you need to create a bit of distance or stop an enemy’s attacks.

Heroic Charge: Another one-handed stance ability that makes Lucas charge into battle to deliver a powerful blow. It’s decent, but there are better abilities.

Vanguard’s Strike: Again, another one-handed stance ability. This one makes Lucas leap into the air and bring his sword down in a powerful strike and it does deal nice damage, so it’s quite useful.

Blade Dash: Blade Dash is a two-handed stance ability that makes Lucas dart forward, slashing enemies in the process. As it can damage more than one enemy, it’s quite good.

A look at the ability window for Lucas in Dungeon Siege 3.

Wind Shear: Wind Shear is another two-handed stance ability that makes Lucas slash the air, sending a projectile hurtling towards enemies. It’s only effective on up to 8 enemies though. I find it quite useful, especially with proficiency upgrades.

Earthrending Strike: This two-handed stance ability makes Lucas slam his sword into the ground, causing damage to enemies in front of him. If you spend proficiency points, it can also knock them down adding to the skill’s usefulness.

Graceful Repose: This defensive ability allows Lucas to heal himself. This is one ability that you definitely want to focus on.

Shield Wall: This defensive ability allows Lucas to increase his armor rating, therefore allowing him to suffer reduced damage while it lasts. It’s an ability I’d recommend improving.

Unbridled Wrath: The final ability and another defensive one that allows Lucas to regenerate his focus. This is one ability I rarely used.

An Overview of the Ability Proficiencies for Lucas

An enemy slowed by Wind Shear after spending proficiency points on the ability.

Like the other characters, each of Lucas’ abilities can be customised by investing points in one of two proficiences. A maximum of five points can be spent on each ability, with you being free to spend those five points on the ability’s two proficiencies as you wish.

Shield Pummel: You can customise Shield Pummel to deal more damage or to gain a chance to knock enemies down. While you can go for the extra damage, which is the Brutal Pummel proficiency, I prefer the ability to knock enemies down personally. So, maybe split the points between the two while favoring Impetuous Slam.

Blade Dash: Blade Dash can be customised so that it deals extra damage to bleeding target or gain an increased chance to critically hit enemies. Personally, the extra chance to critically hit enemies is a good choice, so I’d put the majority of the points into that proficiency.

Graceful Repose: Graceful Repose can be altered so that Lucas gains health with each successful hit. The amount gained is dependant on the damage done. Also, it can be customised so that Lucas gains more power when he’s hit. However, Live by the Sword seems more helpful, so I’d recommend pumping points into that proficiency so that Lucas heals quicker.

Vanguard’s Strike: Vanguard’s Strike can be customised so that it pushes nearby enemies away alongside slowing them or so it helps Lucas regain focus after defeating an enemy. Vanguard’s Gale, the proficiency that pushes enemies away, seems more helpful here. Personally, I’ve never had any real problems gaining focus anyway. This is on both normal and hardcore difficulties.

Heroic Charge: This ability can be altereded so that it critically hits any enemy with less than 10% health, or so that it deals an extra 20% DPS (damage per second). Either of these choices are good really.

Shield Wall: This ability can be customised so that Lucas’ block value is better. However, the Reflexive Defense ability is the best bet

A look at the proficiency screen for Lucas.

honestly which makes the ability reflect the enemy’s damage back at them. The reason for this is because evading enemy’s blows is far more effective than blocking.

Wind Shear: This ability can be improved so that it slows enemies down or makes them bleed. I’d put more points into slowing enemies down here (but still put 1 or 2 into Wounding Gale). However, if you focused on upgrading Blade Dash so that it dealt more damage to bleeding enemies, then do feel free to invest more points into Wounding Gale.

Earthrending Strike: The ability can be customised so that it can knock enemies down. The ability’s range can also be extended, making it useful when enemies are crowding you.

Unbridled Wrath: The ability can be upgraded so that Lucas avoids interruption when it’s activated or so that his focus regeneration is increased. I’d recommend investing in the focus regeneration proficiency myself, though I don’t find that particulary useful.

An Overview of Lucas’ Talents

In total, there are ten different talents that Lucas can improve, with each having a maximum of five points that can be invested in them.

Devastating Criticals: This talent is worthwhile, especially if you’re favoring the two-handed weapon stance, as it increases the

Enemies that have been set alight by Anjali swarm her and Lucas.

damage done by critical hits.

Force of Will: Force of Will boosts your attack by 10% of Lucas’ will for each rank purchased, which is quite handy. It’s especially nice when combined with the other attack boosting talent.

Victory Rush: This talent gives Lucas a chance to regain health when an enemy is defeated. If you’re primarily defensive, then you may want to consider this, though I find Lucas’ defensive abilities sufficient for healing.

Wrathful Might: Wrathful Might is rather nice as it boosts Lucas’ attack. As mentioned, it’s also great when combined with Force of Will.

Focused Strikes: This is pretty useful as it’ll allow you to use your non-defensive abilities more often, with granting a chance to gain extra focus when hitting enemies.

Rejuvenation: Rejuvenation’s a great talent, for both defensive and offensive characters, with it boosting the amount Lucas is healed by.

Trade Master: I’d avoid this talent altogether as it’s useless.

A look at the talent screen for Lucas.

Cull the Weak: This is handy, as it improves your chance to critically hit enemies with less than a third of their health left.

Death Defying: Death Defying improves your survivability when below 25% health, by giving a chance to mitigate damage entirely. It’s quite recommended.

Focused Rage: When damaged by enemies, you’ll have a chance to generate extra focus with this talent. Useful, but not as useful as it could be as I again find focus regeneration fine when striking enemies.