A Dungeon Siege 3 FAQ - All You Need to Know

A Dungeon Siege 3 FAQ - All You Need to Know
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Dungeon Siege III is a Square Enix game, made by Obsidian Entertainment for a number of platforms. It is a top down action RPG game which was released on June 21, 2011. Rated Teen, this game focuses around the multiplayer experience with the ability to play both co-op and multiplayer while still having a unique world, story, levels, tons of loot and more.

Where is Dungeon Siege III Available

Dungeon Siege III can be played on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC and it is available on Steam, which allows it to be bought electronically. The price for the Xbox and Playstation version is $60, while it will be $50 on the PC. The requirements for the PC are not high, but unless you having a gaming PC it is likely that it will look better on the consoles.

Basics of Gameplay

One of the most basic questions this Dungeon Siege 3 FAQ needs to answer is what the gameplay is like. The gameplay of Dungeon Siege III uses a top down action adventure movement system, similar to games such as Diablo. With multiple attacks and even the ability to switch between character fighting stances, this allows for a considerable amount of skill. By including levels, skills, weapons and talents in the mix, there remains a lot of skill involved both in playing by yourself and with your friends.

The strategy of this game is largely about switching between fighting styles. This allows you to focus on a single enemy when there are a limited number, or attacking a large group when necessary. In addition, you can focus your talents and strengths through the equipment you use and the skills you train.


Dungeon Seige III Characters

You are given the choice between four characters in Dungeon Siege III. The first is Lucas Montbarron. As an armored swordsman he has the option of fighting with sword and shield, which is best against a single opponent, or a two-handed sword, which is better against multiple enemies. Next is Anjale, as an archon, or fire spirit, she has a human form which uses a staff or a spear, and a fiery incarnation where she can shoot fireballs and create healing flames. Third is Reinhart, a wizard who can fight using magical attacks or through magic channeled into his gauntlet. Finally, there is Katarina who is a master of guns and is able to use a sniper rifle for a one-on-one fight, or dual shotguns for closer combat. Each of these should allow for a different feeling in the game while remaining useful in most battles.


The story begins with the Tenth Legion as the heroes of the story being hunted down and killed. The offering of a reward for the capture of any members of the Legion forces them to act. This causes them to gather their number in a single place and prepare for the fight ahead. They are led by Odo, the last surviving legionnaire, who has a plan to retake the kingdom, that had been created and lost by the legion, before it is too late.

There is a dynamic storyline that is controlled at least in part by the actions of the player, allowing you to make decisions which will affect the outcome of the game. In addition, there are many quests which can lead you through the game. That said, in the demo of the game the voice acting is not engaging and makes it difficult to care about the storyline.


One other common question concerns the multiplayer in Dungeon Siege 3. This is one of the more innovative aspects of the gameplay, as it allows you to take your character and join in a friend’s game, regardless of equipment or level. This means that you can easily step into a friend’s game to help them, but it can make it a bit difficult to play with friends on a level field. Still, in other games the ability to pop in and out of multiplayer is well worth it. The difficulty of this is that the developers have chosen to not give experience to characters who simply jump into someone else’s game. Instead, if you create a multiplayer character it will grow and advance normally, but if you do not create a special character it will not advance in the story or get experience. A major disincentive from playing with your friends.

This is odd since the co-op section of the game is one of the major aspects of gameplay. In this game, the characters are able to work together to create new attacks. You can also revive a fallen ally, creating more of a team feeling, and finally it uses the voting style of dialog interaction that is expected to be in the new star wars massively multiplayer game. And odd choice overall.

Dungeon Siege III

Trying to bridge the gap between RPG and action adventure is not easy. It often creates a game that is shallow and doesn’t make anyone happy, but this games feels as if it has a good idea of what it wants to be, and if you like games like Fable and Diablo then there is a good chance that you are going to enjoy Dungeon Siege III.