Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Walkthrough of Vigil's Keep

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Walkthrough of Vigil's Keep
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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Walkthrough of Vigil’s Keep

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening is the retail expansion to one of the standout RPG releases of last year. In it, you take on the role of Warden-Commander, fighting a new threat to Ferelden after the defeat of the Archdemon in the original game. This article serves as the first part of a Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening walkthrough. The main focus will be on Vigil’s Keep and the opening parts of the game.

It should be noted that players can import their saved characters from Origins into the game. This will allow them to begin the game at a higher level, instead of the defaulted level 18 character that is available when not importing, with most items & weapons carrying over. The advantages of importing a character from Origins outweigh the negatives and would be the preferred method of playing through Awakening.

Vigil’s Keep: Entering The Main Gate

After the opening scene, defeat the three Genlocks and speak to the survivor beside them. This will activate “The Assault on Vigil’s Keep” quest in your journal. Defeating two more Genlocks, players should continue west until they reach the main gate, taking out any Darkspawn that appear. Head to the left and up some stairs to save a merchant from attack and a soldier on the opposite side of the raised walkway. Turn back towards the main entrance to the keep, saving another soldier, and select to enter it.

Defeat the Shrieks that appear, then head up the steps, opening the door at the top. Anders can be recruited here. Save the survivor as you continue forward, beginning “The Survivors of Vigil’s Keep” quest. Travel outside, defeating the Darkspawn, and travel through the opposite door. Interact with the lever to kill some more Darkspawn and go to the now open gate. Look to the left and a survivor will be in a room behind a closed door.

Vigil’s Keep: The Withered

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Move north to encounter a Hurlock Emissary. After defeating it, go into the right room to find the second of three survivors, continuing to the right to complete the quest by saving the third. Return to the room with the Emissary in it and go north. This is where you will be reunited with Oghren, he will join the Warden, unless you opt against it. Keep moving to the north where you will meet Rowland. After his scene, continue forward and take the stairs up to the roof, where another cutscene will play. After the scene, you will fight The Withered, who is easily frozen or stunned depending on your chosen class and shouldn’t be too difficult a boss battle.

His defeat will lead to a scene where the three current party members go through the Joining. Only Oghren and Anders survive the ceremony and become Grey Wardens. The Keep is now under you control, albeit tenuously, as there are still quests to attend to. In the Throne Room, speak with the Seneschal, Captain Garevel and Mistress Woolsey to open three separate quests, while also taking time to loot or read all items in this location. Take note of the merchant and enchanter who can be used in the Throne Room throughout the story.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Walkthrough Continuation

Once in the courtyard, many quests can be obtained, which often entail travelling to a new location. These include speaking to Herren for the “Elemental Requirement” quest, Voldrik to begin “Cost of Doing Business”, Sergeant Maverlies to start “It Comes From Beneath”, Varel & the Dignitaries to open the “Oaths of Fealty” quest, Lord Eddelbrek to begin “Defending The Land” and Mistress Woolsey again to start the “Trade Must Flow” quest. Furthermore, going into the dungeon (near Sergeant Maverlies), players can speak to and recruit Nathaniel if they so wish.

The second part of this Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening walkthrough focuses on Amaranthine and some of the side quests mentioned at the end of this article as well as some new ones found in the city.

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