Dragon Age: Awakening - Oaths of Fealty - A Brewing Conspiracy - Handling the Nobles

Dragon Age: Awakening - Oaths of Fealty - A Brewing Conspiracy - Handling the Nobles
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Oaths of Fealty

You can get this quest by just doing something. Handling the first part of the “It Comes from Beneath” side quest was good enough for me.

Just talk to Varel to start the ceremony. Once it’s over you can talk to Varel to get your information. Esmerelle and Eddelbrek are the only two powerful ones. You can also talk to Ser Tamra. She will warn you of a rebellion in the background. This starts the “A Brewing Conspiracy” quest.

Oghren has some funny dialogue over by the cask. Oghren doesn’t like it if you tease him though. I lost 3 approval that way.

Talk to Eddelbrek. Human nobles again have a unique statement. He is having some problems defending his farms. This will start the “Defending the Land” quest.

You can then talk to Esmerelle and get her side of it. She wants Amaranthine to be protected, naturally. Basic question of money or life.

You can also tell Varel about the conspiracy to get your options. You can use the soldiers as spies (which just won’t work as he explains), search for the Dark Wolf, hold the nobles as hostages, or just fight your way out of the trap they’ll eventually set for you. It’s your call.

Nothing happens with the soldiers. The hostage option basically takes care of it for you. Going to the Dark Wolf will require a little looking and a lot of money. If you wait for the trap than Ser Tamra should talk to you and you’ll end up fighting Bann Esmerelle along with some crows.

A Brewing Conspiracy - Dark Wolf

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - A Brewing Conspiracy - The Dark Wolf

Well, this is one way to handle the “A Brewing Conspiracy” side quest. You can seek out Dark Wolf to get the information that you need. Note that this actually doesn’t get the head directly. You’re just taking out the footsoldiers, basically. It appears that the rest of them get taken out quietly from the information that you get. There are a series of “accidents” that happen in the epilogue.

The Dark Wolf will make contact through a city guard on the outskirts of Amaranthine. You can talk to an unmarked city guard. They’re waiting by the shady character near the cow. They’ll pass on the note about Ser Wolf.

Ser Wolf is the man near the rear exit. He’s listed as a suspicious guard. You can tell him that you’re the real Dark Wolf. This is what they called you if you did the “Crime Wave” missions for Slim Couldry. He’s not the real one, but he is an honest spy. You can give him 50 sovereigns and he’ll get you the information. Leave and come back and he should be ready. He’ll tell you the location of the conspirators location and send you on your way.

Go to the marked spot on the map. Old Stark’s Farm has a meeting going on. It seems that the conspirators were Lord Guy and Ser Timothy. They are also there with a few mercenary archers and a crow assassin. The assassin is the only really tough one. Focus on him while a warrior jumps into the fray and takes out the rest. The archers are just a nuisance. Finish them off at the end. Search the bodies for some gold and then leave. The conspiracy has been dealt with properly.

The Riot

This is actually linked to the conspiracy, as you’ll learn if you let them set the trap. Regardless, handling the rioters is pretty easy. There’s a bit of a trick to it though. You can just attack them. If you try to talk them down though, you have to use persuasion to start the conversation. Do not use the second persuasion to get the rioters to leave. They will just yell out that they don’t want any more of your empty promises (which it is, since you can’t really promise them more grain without directly giving it to them).

The only way to nicely end the riot peacefully is to give them the grain through the regular conversation option.

You should be able to use intimidate to scare them off too.

The Trap

You can pick this option by demanding that you just sit back and let them set the trap. This will result in Tamra’s death, unsurprisingly. You’ll have a brief moment appropriately labeled “And You, Esmerelle?” She’ll ambush you along with some crows and the nobles. Apparently if you are jerk in “A Day in Court,” then more nobles will join the cause. I have to play with that a bit more to confirm it though.

Anyway, it’s a straightforward fight. Crows are annoying fighters but your warriors should be able to pin them down and take them out. The nobles themselves aren’t anything to special. Just finish them off and loot the bodies to end the threat to your throne.

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