Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Vigil's Keep Side Quests

Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Vigil's Keep Side Quests
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Vigil’s Keep is your new home and base. This means that we need to pay for a few upgrades and help our soldiers get ready to fight the Blight. We can this quite easily by just keeping our eyes open during the main quest. Note that the quests under “Letters for the Commander” which come from your private by the gate have their own section.

What Is Built Endures - Voldrik

Voldrik is in charge of maintaining the walls of Vigil’s Keep. He wants the walls to be up to Dwarven standards. Chances are that you should want them to be the best that they can be too.

We need to start this all off by spending 80 sovereigns. If you’re importing a warden into Awakening, then this shouldn’t be a problem. I assume that you should still have a half decent war fund from the last game. If not, just do a main quest mission first. Wending Woods wouldn’t be a bad place to start, since you can finish the “Trade Must Flow” quest, which I’ll cover below. That will net you enough sovereigns. The Merchant’s Guild quests aren’t bad though and even the chantry pays decently for it’s quests.

There also wasn’t too much that I felt it was absolutely necessary to buy. So hand over the coins when you get them. Once that’s done, he’ll state that he needs some better materials. This means some good granite.

This is actually easy though. There’s a large deposit of fairly white granite just sitting at the end of the path in the Wending Woods. It should show up if you use TAB too. Just click on it to get a sample and record the location. Tell Voldrik about it and send a few soldiers and servants to mine it. The walls will be perfect shortly afterwards.

This appears to have some fairly significant consequences for the final battle, especially if you expect Vigil’s Keep to stand on its own.

Bombs Away! - Dworkin

Well, just keep your eyes open for lyrium sand while you’re adventuring.

There are two samples in Kal’Hirol, after you enter it from the Knotwood Hills. One is on a “lyrium-infused skeleton” close to the Main Hall. There’s also another sample lying a little further inside.

There is one in the basement of Vigil’s Keep. You’ll run right into it during the “It Comes from Beneath.”

You can get one more in the Silverite Mine when you go to kill the dragon-tamer for Keenan’s Last Wishes.

You need to get one sample to let him experiment. For each one after that, you’ll get some explosives that you can use. The strength of the spell depends on just how much risk you told Voldrik to take (and men to sacrifice in accidents basically). I didn’t find much use for them, but rogues could really like it.

The big benefit is if you plan to defend Vigil’s Keep at the end of the game. Having all four samples of lyrium sand will let him make an incredibly powerful explosive that he can use in bombardments from the Vigil’s Keep catapult.

Trade Must Flow

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Trade Must Flow - Armaas

Well, the title says it all. You have to find some new traders for Vigil’s Keep. There are two that you need to find and recruit.

Lillith is the first one. You should just find her along the main road at some point in a random encounter. She’s a bit to the west usually, so take a trip to the Knotwood Hills or any of the estates out that way and then walk back. Save her from some bandit darkspawn and she’ll be quite grateful. She’ll happy reward you and go to Vigil’s Keep to start trading.

Armaas is the other one and he’s the potential problem. You’ll find him near the box holding your gear while you escape the Silverite Mine. If you didn’t get the “Trade Must Flow” quest before going to the Wending Woods, then he will not be there. This means that you cannot complete the quest.

If he’s there though, just talk to him and ask if he’d like to trade. He’ll agree.

Once you have both of them there, report back to Mistress Woolsey and she’ll reward you with 60 sovereigns from the new flourishing trade. Yuriah will also have new gear for sale.

Elemental Requirements

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Elemental Requires - Veridium Ore

As usual, Wade feels that he needs some much better resources in order to make good armor. Our old friend is right though. Your soldiers will be much better equipped if you have all three ores available for his use.

You should find one right off the bat. There’s Veridium ore in the Vigil’s Keep basement. It’s right next to Adria for the “Adria’s Plight” quest. Just grab a sample.

The iron ore sample is in Kal’Hirol. You can get here by going through the new hole in the ground at Knotwood Hills. It’s by the large forge room. You can’t miss it. Just grab a sample.

Shockingly, the silverite sample is right in your way in the Silverite Mine. You’ll get put into here during the main quest. When you fight the last group of experimental subjects, you should be able to find it on the ground.

Just hand the samples over to Wade and he’ll organize a mining trip. Go ahead and loan him a few soldiers. Your general infantry will be practically immortal gods in the final battle.

A Master’s Work

Once again, Wade can make some really cool stuff if we can bring him cool ingredients. Each of the main areas presents an opportunity for some cool stuff.

For the quick rundown, you can get three special pieces of equipment. There’s the heartwood from The Old One in the Wending Woods. It’s just a big sylvan and it goes down easy. There’s the spectral dragon in the Blackmarsh (Also called the Queen of the Blackmarsh). You get one of the Eldest Dragonbone by finishing the “Lost Dragon Bones” in the Blackmarsh. Killing this big dragon takes a big strategy and that has it’s own article, linked above. The last one is the Inferno Golem. You have to fight him for the main quest in Kal’Hirol.

Once you get these pieces, you need to do a little shopping.

Worked to the Bone

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Queen of the Blackmarsh - Eldest Dragonbone

For worked to the bone, you need a few extra things besides the Eldest Dragonbone.

You need a Diamond. I’d be shocked if you didn’t find one along the way. If you already sold one, then you can just buy it back from the merchant.

Greater Warmth Balm can probably just be found or bought from someone. No big worry there.

A Fresh Dragon Egg can be found in the Silverite Mine when you go to kill the dragon-tamer in the back. There’s a fresh dragon egg sitting in the nest. Just grab it. If you didn’t grab an egg during your egg escape, then I’m sorry. You can go back to the Silverite Mine. You just can’t finish this quest. Don’t worry that much. It’s a decent sword but isn’t something to freak out over. It’s only slightly better than Dumat’s Spine.

You also need a Grandmaster Flame Rune. You have to craft this one, if you don’t already have on from Origins. I didn’t, so you probably won’t. Do go ahead and check your weapons before you waste a lot of money crafting though. You basically just have to buy about eight novice flame runes from Ambassador Cera. Then buy the journeyman and expert tracings along with the grandmaster flame tracing.

You can then climb the ladder. Make four journeymen runes that can make two expert runes and one gradmaster flame rune.

Turn it in to start crafting Vigilance. You actually have a little more customization here. You can get a longsword or a greatsword. You can then have it be powerful or flexible. Flexible has a bonus to base attack and ice damage. Raw power should give a boost to amor penetration and fire damage.

Heart of the Forest

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Catgut - Heart of the Forest

Once you’ve got the heartwood, you need to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt.

The bottle of oil is in the Crown and Lion Inn, close to the entrance. Just grab it.

Catgut can be taken from the dead Marbari Hound in the ruins of Blackmarsh Village. It’s pretty easy to spot.

The Flawless Ruby can be found in loot throughout the game. You should also be able to buy one from a few merchants in Amaranthine.

The Grandmaster Lightning Rune is a bit trickier than the Grandmaster Flame Rune. You have to buy the Grandmaster Lightning Rune tracing from Yuriah, but he’ll only have it once you complete the “Trade Must Flow” quest and talk to Woolsey. You may have to walk in and out to register it.

Once it’s there, you can buy it and walk up the rune ladder again with novice runes going to journeyman lightning runes and then expert and grandmaster.

Once you’re done, you can turn the gear in and Wade will give you an option. You can get a nice bow or a good shield. It looked a little bit better than the Landsmeet Shield that I’d been carrying for awhile.

Golem’s Might

Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Wade - A Master’s Work

Well, we’re going to have to go to a lot of trouble to put that golem shell to good use.

You can buy some Pure Iron from Glassric. He’s the weaponsmith in the Amaranthine Market.

The Wool Padding is just in a box in Amaranthine. If you’re a good looter, you already found it. It’s close to the spot marked as the Commons. TAB is naturally a big help. If you already sold it, check your usual merchant’s inventory. They should still have it.

The Blood Lotus is all over the Wending Woods. One is right next to the burning caravan at the start. Just take one.

The big challenge is the Master Lyrium Potion. You have to finish the quest that you started in “It Comes From Beneath.” If you were really good in searching the area, then you should have found four keys. One is a key to the crypt and the rest are oddly named, like Key of the Lady, Korth and Haakon. Two of them are locked up though, so It’s possible that you missed one. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s worth a second trip.

If you’ve got them though, go back into the first basement and walk to the prison area. You know have a key to get into the crypt. Go in and fight a few more skeletons. They aren’t too bad, but someone should run up and handle the skeleton archers at the start to keep them from annoying you.

Once they’re dead, you have to start looting. There should be one more key in the sarchopagi in the room. Run around and put a key into each of the keyholes. The door should open and you’ll have to face an old friend and the three Avaar Lords. Just grind right through them. Since you had to handle “It Comes From Beneath” I assume that you can handle them. The reward is some good loot, you can grab Howe’s Bow as a gift for Nathaniel from the crypt itself and the all important Master Lyrium Potion Recipe.

Just craft one up and get some nice armor.

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