Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - The Blight Orphans Notice Board (Blight Orfans Notis Bord)

Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - The Blight Orphans Notice Board (Blight Orfans Notis Bord)
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First Tier and Introduction

The quests for the Blight Orphans are quick and easy ways to get some experience. They’ll take a little bit of money and a little running around town, but that’s not too bad considering most quests need us to stab a demon in the heart. To start the quest line, you have to get the ball rolling with the Blight Orphans.

Go to the Crown and Lion Inn and look at the door. There should be a notice board up labeled “Blight Orfans Notis Bord.” Look at it and take the first quest. You just have to put fifty silvers into the mug. Just click on it to drop some coins in and finish the quest. Walk out the door and go back into the inn. This should open the next tier.

Second Tier - Blight Orphans


The Blight Orphans (Again) - This is a quick one. They want two sovereigns and a bottle of nice brandy to “keep them warm.” Talk to the bartender and you can buy some nice antivan brandy from him for a little more than a sovereign. Click on the new donation box to put in the brandy. You also need two sovereigns, which I’m sure you should have.

The Sermons of Justina II - Another quick one. They want to get the head chanter’s book of sermons. This is just sitting on her podium up in the chantry. Just walk right up and grab it. No one should say anything, surprisingly enough. Take it back and drop it in the box. Note that Anders will find the whole thing a bit funny and give you a plus one to approval. “Good/Honorable” characters like Nathaniel, Sigrun and Justice won’t like it.

Moonshine for the Children - They would also like some of that moonshine that everyone has been talking about. This is the only one that is actually tough, since you have to find it. Hubert’s Den is by the market. It’s a little shack close to the blacksmith and the grocer. You can always hold TAB down to see it better. Just walk right inside. The moonshine makers won’t be too happy to see you and they’ll attack. Naturally they aren’t too tough though. Just grind right through them and grab the crate of moonshine. Take it back to the crate and drop it off.

Once you’ve done all three of the quests, the third tier should open up.

Third Tier - Blight Orphans

Dragon Age: Awakening Side Quests - Scavenger Hunt - Blight Orfans

Those Sweet Orphans - This is a quick one. You’re going back to see the Revered Mother. Grab the nice “herbs” from the desk by it. In case you haven’t figured it out, they’re like poison ivy. Just go back up to the chantry and head into the back room and face her bed. You can dump them right inside. Once again, you’ll lose a point with the honorable party members and gain a point with Anders and Oghren.

The Scavenger Hunt - We need to take a walk around the city. You can go in either order. Let’s go to the left for a counter-clockwise circle. Note that you can use TAB to help find everything. If you didn’t eavesdrop on the patrons, then just know that all of these things are scattered around the village because a couple had a huge fight. We’re helping them. Leave the inn and turn to the left and start the tour of Amaranthine. The pitchfork is buried into the tree. Grab it and walk down to the market. There’s a slice of pie on the table by the merchants' guild board, so grab it. The shoe soles are just past the weaponsmith and are lying on the ground. Keep going and head back around the corner to start heading back to the inn. The doll is lying in a corner partially hidden by a cart. The hammer is right next to the Crown and Lion Inn. It’s above the two people talking and somewhat buried into the balcony. Once you have all your items, drop them off in the box.

A Present for Melisse - Let’s make a real scarecrow. We need a normal knife, not a dagger for the scarecrow. Go into the kitchen area of the inn and you should be able to grab a knife. Head out into the fields along the outskirts of the town and you should be able to spot a scarecrow. Grab it and plant it in front of her marked house. It’s just inside the gate.

Fourth Tier - Blight Orphans

Making Amends - We’re almost done. We just have to get Melisse some followers to make up for the scarecrow. Go into the chantry and steal some flowers from the bedroom. Leave them in front of her door to finish the quest. The honorable characters will like this, and this should cancel out most of the negative.

This is it for the quest. You should get a nice little note on the outcome in the epilogue.

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