Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough – Knotwood Hills and Kal’Hirol – Last of the Legion

Knotwood Hills

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Knotwood Hills - Last of the Legion

This is pretty quick. Move forward and slice up the bereskarn. Then go up the winding path to go ahead and kill the two hangmen while we’re here. Go down and cross the bridge and follow the winding path. There shouldn’t be any enemies here. Keep moving forward until you find the chest by the steps. Get the letter inside to start the "Long-Forgotten Treasure" side quest. Move down into the chasm. You’ll run into some deep stalkers here. Just cut them up. The leader might be able to use overwhelm, but that’s it. Go back to the start and look for a bag. This has Micah’s lucky charm in it, so you might as well grab it and give it back to him. He did find the chasm after all.

Move down into the tunnel and you’ll see some darkspawn dragging off a woman. Help her kill them. There isn’t much to do for this one. Just target the alpha and then grind through the rest. Sigrun will talk to you and explain the Legion of Dead’s failed operation at Kal’Hirol. You can agree to help her storm the place. Once you’re ready, go on into the fort. Note that you don’t actually have to have her in your squad. I didn’t, although she should be a suitable rogue.

Kal’Hirol – Tunnels

Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Childer Grubs - Last of the Legion

You can take a look out on the ruins of Kal’Hirol. After that, move down and talk to the dying soldier. He’ll confirm Sigrun’s warning about the new army. Keep moving and turn a little corner and engage some shrieks. Go back out and engage a group of genlocks. You should be able to steamroll right past them. Advance again and hit some hurlocks. There’s nothing complicated about slicing up some darkspawn. These guys don’t have any mages and should barely be more than a light distraction to your battled-hardened squad.

Check the crates and then cross the bridge by the waterfall. There are a few deep stalkers nearby. Kill them and raid the vase and crate. Move on up and fight a few more darkspawn. You’ll run into a ton of childer grubs here. Just stay close together and hold them off with some good crowd control magic and general support. I did this late in the game and had Massacre, which works great. Any area spells will do a lot of damage. A few backstabs will finish them off. Our goal is that large gate. We can go through the gate to enter the main hall of Kal’Hirol.

Kal’Hirol – Main Hall

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Kal'Hirol Main Hall Is Full of Traps

There are a few darkspawn to kill inside. Take them out and check the area. You can then move on up and engage the first guardpost here in the entrance hall. There are traps everywhere. The pressure plates trigger flames and fireballs, golems, and big spike traps. You need to tread carefully or get out of the killing zone. Someone has to charge the Golem Master, since he knows some pretty awful magic and seems to be able to control the golems. If he dies, they seem to die with him. Have someone rush him while the rest handle the darkspawn. Again, this should be fairly standard for us by now. Move on up to the chamber.

The mage here is on top of a bridge, so we’ll need to have someone run all the way up the steps to engage him. Look at the scrolls on one side of the bridge and the chest on the other. Go down the steps to reach the other side of the Antechamber. Go through the side hall and kill a few more darkspawn. The scout isn’t that hard. Move out to the commons. You can go up the steps and into the slums. Kill the darkspawn in here and go around back to read the journal and scrolls. Move up a bit more. You’ll see some more stories and you’ll eventually run into some corrupted spiders. Just hold your ground and take them out. Just keep moving and you’ll reach the other side of the commons. The only thing worth looking for is a lyrium-infused skeleton which has more lyrium sand in it. You can go through to the other room and kill emissary. There is some good loot and a shattered maul in the dwarven crate at the top. Go back out and down the steps to reach the door for the Trade Quarter.

Kal’Hirol – Trade Quarter

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Kal'Hirol Trade Quarter - Hirol's Shrine

Move out and take a left turn. Kill the two hurlocks in Hirol’s Shrine and then loot his sarcophagus. This triggers three golems, but you should be able to burn right through these guys by now. There’s some decent loot worth grabbing, so the fight is worth it. Move forward and run into the darkspawn battle. There is a apparently a bit of a civil war going on. That’s good news for us. Most of the fights from now on will be three-way battles between a few strong invading darkspawn and the more numerous Mop up the rest of the darkspawn and basically just keep moving forward until you get to the forge. There really isn’t anything too tough about this. Keep an eye out for a lyrium deposit though, if you want more explosives. The forge is the spot of the first really big battle.

There will already be a fight as you enter. Try to weaken the invaders, since the defenders are usually weaklings anyway. Once the area is clear, you can cross the bridge and go to the forge. You can also pick up a damaged axe by a bed. Any damaged equipment that you’ve picked up can be reforged by that golem manning the anvil. It’s worth doing. If Anders is around, you can also talk to him about lyrium by looking at the basket.The forge itself is a dead end, so move on to the prison. Rush the mage and wipe out the rest. You can talk to the prisoner in the cage. Stefan just wants to leave. Unless you’re just roleplaying as a mean player, then you should let him go for his treasure. Move on to another room for another battle.

Kal’Hirol – The Darkspawn “Children’

Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Tomb Runestone Puzzle - Kal'Hirol

We’re leaving the Trade Quarter for some connecting tunnels. Naturally we’ve got a lot of fighting to do here. There are some "hatchlings" of those freaky childer grubs. Just take them out and make sure that you bash them if they overwhelm anyone. Keep going forward and into the little cave marked as the tomb.

You just have to click on the runestones until they line up right. If one gets stuck and lights up, then you can go to one of the other mismatched ones and flip it to match them all up. Once you’re done, you can access the central sarcophagus for more of the Hirol’s Defense set. Move on and kill some more childer grubs. Note that if you have Massacre, this is a great place to use it. It will just about kill all the grubs. Take a detour to the treasury and loot the five crates for some good stuff. Then move on further in that tunnel. There are still a few more childer grubs and hatchlings that you’ll need to keep grinding through. The final battleis already happening between the invaders and the childers. Just run in and kill everyone with some good magic. You can backtrack to the beginning of this sector by using the lever to open a door going back to the start. You can also take the side exit back out to Knotwood Hills. If you’re still feeling fine, then go into the Lower Reaches.

Kal’Hirol – Lower Reaches – The Lost

We’ve got one long path to follow for this one. All that’s left is a few boss battles. Just keep going forward and you’ll reach the big circular room and you’ll get to watch one very large golem do a ‘fatality" move. This is our big battle. It’s just us against The Lost and his Inferno Golem. Well, I managed to beat it with this strategy.

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Kal'Hirol Lower Reaches - The Lost and The Inferno Golem

My warden was a tank buffer in Sentinel armor. He just rushed The Lost and started the long process of wearing away at him while interrupting his more complex spells. I mainly just let the AI handle it, except for watching fun moments, such as seeing him fireball himself in the back corner. Justice and Nathaniel ran in and attacked the Inferno Golem. Nathaniel got behind him and backstabbed. He would get kicked across the room occasionally, but it was nothing that a healing spell couldn’t fix. Justice used Beyond the Veil to just slug it out with him. Remember to use up some of those Stamina Draughts you should have found along the way. The Inferno Golem can cause a bit of pain and uses some nasty abilities. In particular, it can do a special earthquake that also acts like a fireball. If the fight flows as it did for me, then you’ll be able to finish off The Lost first. If you’re having trouble, you can send over your rogue or your mage to help take him down faster. The Golem is basically just a tough tank once it comes down to it. If you have Anders wait near the start, then you should be fairly safe. As long as you’ve got a healer, you’re good to go. The golem shouldn’t be able to dish out enough damage to bring down anyone. You can also pop a few potions, since this is basically it for the mission. Loot both of them and then go out the exit to follow another corridor.

Kal’Hirol – Lower Reaches – The Broodmother

Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Kal'Hirol - The Broodmother and Her Tentacles

You’ll start finding tentacles now. The first set should just be a warning. The second will attack you. Stand your ground and cut them up quickly. Step out and run to the chain on the right side. Break it to loosen the big hanging chandelier. I assume this was supposed to be a climatic battle with the tentacles. Yeah…just have someone do a bull rush through them to get to the other chain. Break it and the broodmother will die. Go ahead and head on out. I assume that you want to recruit Sigrun, so tell her that she should feel free to join.

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