Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough – The Merchants’ Guild Board

Ser Alvard’s Missing Sword

This actually isn’t a fetch quest apparently, since your reward is just a half decent sword. You might as well do it though. Basically you just need to kill the Baroness and finish the entire Blackmarsh quest. There is a key on her body to open the locked door to the docks. Search the crates back here for a sword in one of the rotting crates. There doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it in, so sell it for a few sovereigns if you want.

The Merchant’s Goods

This is actually a little funny, since nobles all over Amaranthine complain about their supply of silk being cut off if you talk to them. I like the little notes like that. Anyway, this is an easy fetch misson. You need to cut a path through to the Wending Woods as part of the quest to secure Pilgram’s Path.

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Side Quests - Fine Silks

There are nine packets of silk that you need to find. Note that they are all before you cross the bridge. The first two are by the ruined caravan at the start. There is one on each side. Attack the scavenger group and loot their bodies. You should get some more fine silks from them. There are a few in the crates at their little camp and some more in the crates there. If you don’t have seven yet, then check for more scavengers around the area and kill them. The last two should be in crates close to the bridge. Grab them and you’ll be done.

You have to talk to Mervis to complete the related main quest, so you can probably just hang on until then. We’ll actually have some other quests to turn in anyway.

Maferath’s Monuments

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Engraved Statues

All eight of the statues are in the Wending Woods. The first four are before the bridge. I can’t really give great directions. The only tricky one is that there is a statue to the left of the first big group of scavengers. The rest are spread out throughout the sylvans. They are fairly easy to spot from a distance.

Once you’ve got all four you can cross the bridge. There are two in each of the side sections. Two are past the darkspawn camp. They’re in the far back close to several of the ancient sylvans and The Old One. Just get the inscriptions and move on to the next area.

This is a big flat area so you should be able to see them. Just move along and watch for the sylvans. Once you’ve got them, you’re done. Just turn them back in once you’re done with the main quest.

Keep out of Reach of Children

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Poison Bottles - Side Quests

It seems like a bunch of merchants have accidentally been stocking poison. We need to pick it up before there are any hilarious mishaps. Just collect the bottles of poison. Remember to use TAB to highlight them. One bottle is right next to the board. Another is on the table of the weaponsmith in the market. Another is on a little end table near the city entrance. The fourth and final one is past the board on a table near the rear exit of the city and the guardhouse.

Turn them all in for a very easy seven sovereigns.

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