Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Letters for the Commander - Vigil's Keep

Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Letters for the Commander - Vigil's Keep
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There’s a new source of little side quests this time around. Letters for the Commander can be obtained by talking to the private standing by the entrance to your keep. These are really good for earning some quick money with just a little bit of easy combat. It does also help your lords, which doesn’t directly do anything but is good for roleplaying.

I only found three of these in my first playthrough. I don’t know if that’s really all there were. The other quest boards didn’t have as many, so that might just be it. I’ll give it another shoot on my next playthrough just in case though.

A Daughter Ransomed

This quest should be available as soon as you take command of Vigil’s Keep. Just talk to your private and accept the quest.

Go to the Forlorn Cave on the world map. Approach Mosley the Snake. You can get him to show you the girl first and then use persuasion to get him to send the girl over (there is really no excuse for not having full coercion by now). I believe you can also pay him if you have the spare sovereigns and really don’t want to use persuasion. Once the girl is safe, attack him. Nathaniel, Oghren and Anders all like this course of action and you’ll get a little approval from each.

The battle is easy. The bandits can barely scratch you, so just let someone grind through them while Oghren or your warden distracts Mosley. Make sure that you let Nathaniel get behind either the tough bandit or Mosley. The tough bandit and Mosley are both good at dodging, but they have trouble actually dealing damage. Just slug it out and you’ll be fine. Eileen will run home at the end. Make sure that you get the nice dagger off of Mosley’s body. Nathaniel used this one for the rest of the game.

Go back to the private and accept the next message from Bensley. He’ll send you ten sovereigns as a reward. Accept the message to complete the mission.

Far Afield

This one should also be available from the start too. Just accept it and head out to the estate.

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Far Afield - Letters for the Commander

Turnoble Estate is to the left of Vigil’s Keep on the world map. The area is already overrun. We’re a little late to actually help. Kill the first group of darkspawn. The alpha is the only tough one. Go down the road and watch out. This is actually a little tricky. There is an ogre along with a bunch of random darkspawn. A hurlock sniper and two genlock archers are also picking away at us from their spot by the farmhouse. The ogre is a lieutenant class. Be careful with him. He was able to kill Oghren on my run. You should be able to kill him quickly if you focus on him though. Mop up the rest and rush the snipers. If anyone died, then retreat to the front and see if you can get them to revive. Or use a spell to revive them.

Check the charred corpse and loot all of the bodies. Move on up and search the wife’s body. She should have a lot of money on her. Check the templar’s body for the stormchaser boots. There is one last group just past us. Rush them. The emissary in back is the big risk, so see if you can stun him with Crushing Prison. Kill the rest and then leave. There isn’t anything else you can do.

Salvage Operations

Dragon Age: Awakening Guide - Salvage Operations - Letters for the Commander

This one should show up after you complete the first two and definitely after doing one of the main quest.

Head on out to Anselm’s Reef. There are a few scavengers here. The only real threat is the blood mage in back. See if you can put Crushing Prison on him to buy some time for a melee rush. The scavengers can get cut down easily. Once they’re dead, just check all the crates and the dead scavengers for loot and salvaged trade goods. We can’t do anything with these except sell them. Go back to base and sell them to someone for 2 sovereigns a piece. It’s easy money.

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