Dragon Age Origins Awakening Guide for the PS3 - Handling The Assault on Vigil's Keep, the Medical Necessity Side Quest, Finding Anders the Mage

Dragon Age Origins Awakening Guide  for the PS3 - Handling The Assault on Vigil's Keep, the  Medical Necessity Side Quest, Finding Anders the Mage
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The Assault on Vigil’s Keep

In Dragon Age Origins Awakening, you are the Gray Warden Commander. You can play a new character or an imported character from the original Dragon Age Origins PS3 game. You are on your way to the new Gray Warden Keep. Unfortunately, you are attacked by Darkspawn. With you, is a new recruit named Mahairi. She is to escort you to the Wardens Keep. Why the Darkspawn appear now seems to be a mystery since the Archdemon was destroyed during the Blight.

After this attack, the assault on Vigil’s Keep mission officially begins. On your way to the entrance you will encounter Genlock, Ogres, Emissarys, Shrieks and Hurlocks. Your goal is to defeat the Darkspawn forces and find out what’s going on at the Keep.

Be prepared to handle a lot of Darkspawn, since they are numerous in this area. You will also encounter Vigil Soldiers who are being attacked and will require assistance. As you encounter them, kill off the threat to help the soldiers out. Explore this area carefully, using the map as a guide. Pick up random loot you will find in chests and on fallen enemies. On the north end is the gate to Vigil’s Keep. When you have cleared out the Darkspawn, head in this direction.

The Gate to Vigil’s Keep

The entrance to the Vigil’s Keep is up a short set of stairs with a large gate. As you approach, an explosion hits and blasts open the gate. Behind it are a lot of Darkspawn you must dispatch, along with an Emissary who uses some nasty spirit and nature magic spells on you. Exploring this area further you will encounter even more Shrieks and other Darkspawn enemies. Beyond the gate area, keep an eye out for an entrance on the left side. Nearby, you will also find a soldier who needs medical supplies. If you fend off the Darkspawn before they kill him, a side quest will open up to you called “Medical Necessity”. You will need to retrieve the supplies for them on the other side of the Vigil’s Keep outside grounds. Look on your map for the location.

Vigil’s Keep Interior

Dragon Age Origins Awakening screenshot

Once you get inside the Vigil’s Keep interior, look out for Shrieks. Once you get rid of them, check out the western side of the room. At this time in the Dragon Age Origins walkthrough you will see a lever that you cannot access at the moment due to a locked door. Go to the room on the right that is just up a short set of stairs. Here you will encounter Anders, a mage who was just battling some Darkspawn. He is an apostate, but has numerous spells in healing and regeneration. After talking to him, you can choose to have him join your group (or not).

Dragon Age Origins Awakening screenshot

Behind Anders in the next room is a survivor of Vigil’s Keep. Kill off the Darkspawn attacking him. Afterwards, talk to the survivor. “The Survivor’s of Vigil’s Keep” side quest will open up. You will need to keep an eye out for additional survivors and try to rescue them from any attacking Darkspawn.

Keep fighting your way south to the Battlements entrance. Once outside, battle through some more Darkspawn which includes an Emissary who has nasty spell attacks. Keep moving across the narrow ledge area to another entrance to the Vigil’s Keep interior. Once inside, you will have access to the lever you were unable to reach before. Pull it, and it will open. An explosion hits below, causing damage to some more Darkspawn. The others will rush in. Chop through a barricade that is blocking a door nearby and go after the enemies in the area below.

Once you take care of this threat continue with this Dragon Age Origins Awakening guide by carefully heading through the open gated area. Unfortunately there are more Emissaries and other Genlocks to handle. While exploring, look around on the east side for the remaining survivors and pick up some miscellaneous loot. Use the map to make sure you have checked out every room. Head north and you will encounter Ogren who is fighting more Darkspawn. Once enemies are dispatched, talk to him and he will join your party.

Further north you will encounter Rowland, a dying soldier that Mahairi knows. He informs you that the Darkspawn have a leader who can talk! Yikes! Unfortunately, you cannot save Rowland and he dies.

Moving forward take a breath and be prepared to face a lot more enemy attacks. Look out for the Genlock Alpha who is the leader of a bunch more Hurlocks and minor Genlocks. At the northeast end of this section is another Battlement exit.

Fighting the Withered Darkspawn Boss – Finishing Assault on Vigil’s Keep

Dragon Age Origins Awakening -The Withered

When you reach the Battlement exit, go outside. Nearby is the talking Darkspawn leader named the “Withered”. He is holding the Seneschal Varel hostage and you need to rescue him. Prepare for the attack, since he has a lot of hit points and has an ability to resist all types of attacks for short periods of time. Dispatch the Withered’s minions first. Once they are eliminated, gang up on the Withered with direct attacks. Use the mage’s healing abilities to keep your melee fighters going. When you kill him, the Assault on Vigil’s Keep is done. The scene will cut and you have completed this Dragon Age Origins guide.

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  • Information and strategy based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.
  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.

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