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Walkthrough of Hell: Level 20 of Doom 3

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

How to get through Hell and survive in the game Doom 3. This is level 20 and this walkthrough guide shows you how to beat this level.

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    Welcome to Hell

    Grab the pick ups around you then cross the bridge ahead and climb the stairs.

    Stand in the green beam and you’ll be sucked up; a cage forms around you and then it drops to the ground and breaks leaving you surrounded by enemies. Kill the imps surrounding you but be careful not to fall off the edge. When they’re done you’ll see a bridge forming, cross it and head into the passage - grab the ammo on your right.

    A hellknight will emerge as the wall parts; kill him then head down the right passage and kill a cherub and an imp. Grab a medkit and some more shells. Head back and take the left passage. There’s another two cherubs and some armor and more shells.

    Now go back and grab the chainsaw from the right hand side of the door that the hellknight came through, and then proceed through it. On the left you’ll find a chaingun, while on the right two imps will spawn in, followed by some lost souls.

    Continue on and carefully jump across the stepping stones. Enter the doorway on your left and grab the medkit.

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    There are two lost souls ahead and then a hellknight spawns in behind you, followed by an imp in an alcove. Enter the alcove after you kill him for more pick ups then kill two more imps and the bars will recede into the floor.

    Head in and kill the cherubs that spawn, followed by a mancubus. When the mancubus is down head through for some pick ups and a plasma gun. Make sure you grab the pick ups first because when you get the gun the floor will collapse.

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    Unidentified Deeper

    At the bottom grab the beserker helmet and run around pulping the various imps and the hellknight that spawn in with the chainsaw. When they’re done grab the pick ups scattered around and proceed along the corridor. You’ll find Simon Garlick’s PDA and some goodies including a rocket launcher.

    Head through the doors once you have everything.

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    Unidentified Scary Chamber

    When you walk forward a big rock will slam down and a mancubus will spawn in to your right on a platform. Run under the rock as it lifts up and jump across the next passage, kill the lost souls and follow it round and up the stairs to kill an imp.

    Head straight on at the top for some pick ups then double back and turn right to kill two imps. Climb the stairs and kill another imp and then turn left and go through the next door. Kill the lost souls that zoom in and then imps will pop up right and left as you enter. Grab the medkit from the left alcove and proceed.

    Kill more lost souls, grab a medkit from the left and some armor down the stairs before you proceed along the bridge, across the planks and up some stairs. Kill the two lost souls, grab the pick ups up on the left and waste the zombies with your chainsaw before proceeding through the next door.

    Kill a hellknight to your right as you enter, then some lost souls. Grab the medkits on the right then there’s another hellknight through the door at the end on the left.

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    Unidentified Scary Chamber 2

    There are imps left and right, grab the pick ups from the left corner and kill another imp ahead then a hellknight behind you.

    Grab more pick ups ahead to the right and turn to kill another hellknight that spawns in, then head along the corridor and kill another hellknight.

    When you turn right at the end there are some cherubs and some lost souls. Head through the doorway at the end on the left, up the stairs on the right and kill a mancubus. Grab the pick ups on the right and go up the next set of stairs.

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    Unidentified Scary Chamber 3

    There’s a mancubus waiting straight through the door. As you enter there is another mancubus to your left and then some cherubs.

    Take the corridor on the left and a hellknight will appear on your left hand side. Be careful when you back off that you don’t stand in the fire! When he’s dead go through to the right and up the stairs.

    When you reach the beam turn right and make sure you get all the pick ups before jumping into it, you’re going to need them. Jumping into the beam will trigger a cut scene.

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    Guardian Boss

    Time for the big scary end of level boss, this guy is a huge guardian and he means business. You can only hurt him when the light on his back turns blue; use rockets and then switch to your gun to take out the small searching spotlight things he sends to find you.

    Keep moving constantly so he doesn’t catch up with you and every time his back turns blue as he goes to release more searchers hit him with everything you’ve got. Once he goes down, grab the soul cube and stand in the green beam, run back across the bridge while the soul cube chatters away and activate the teleporter to finish this level.

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