Tips On How To Play A Successful Sorcerer In The Original Diablo PC Game

Tips On How To Play A Successful Sorcerer In The Original Diablo PC Game
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Sorcerer Overview

Sorcerers are generally regarded as the toughest characters to play at lower levels, due to their lack of melee prowess. However, what they make up for in terms of combat skills, they more than make up for with their spell-casting ability. However, it can be a challenge keeping your Sorcerer alive long enough to begin to enjoy the arcane power at your disposal later in the game.

At early levels, Sorcerers have limited health, while their spells aren’t powerful enough to take down monsters in a single blow. However at later levels, Sorcerers' power is such that they become more powerful characters than either the Warrior or the Rogue.

The Sorcerer

From The Ground Up: Sorcerer Starting Statistics

Sorcerers may be weak in terms of health and physical strength, but they are charged with much arcane magic talent.

1 level Sorcerers start the game with the following abilities:

Strength: 15; Magic: 35; Dexterity: 15; Vitality: 20; Life: 30; Mana: 70

and begin the game with the following equipment:

Short Staff of Charged Bolt (40 charges); 100 Gold Pieces; 2 Potions of Healing

Sorcerer Skills and Abilities

Sorcerers aren’t designed for combat using physical weapons. Rather they rely on their own magic and those imbued by magic items found in the game; only ever entering into melee when there is no other option.

Sorcerers begin the game with the skill feat to Recharge Staves, but like the Warrior with repairing items, using this skill reduces the amount of charges a Stave can hold each time it is recharged. Only Adria can recharge a Stave without penalty.

Sorcerers gain double bonuses for items that increase magic, while damage can be reduced for every level of the spell, Mana Shield a character possesses.

Sorcerer Level Advancement

When a Sorcerer gains enough experience to attain a new level, he receives the following:

+1 Life per level and +1 for each point of vitality

+2 Mana and +2 for each point of magic.

+5 attribute points.

A Sorcerer’s maximum attribute scores are:

Strength: 45; Magic: 250; Dexterity: 85; Vitality: 80; Life: 138; Mana: 596

Sorcerer Strategies

Try to get the Mana Shield spell as soon as you can. The Mana Shield allows you to take damage from your Mana pool, rather than your hit points and is useful to have, especially when faced with a horde or a group of missile-equipped monsters or ranged spell-casters.

Look for weapons and equipment with some magic enhancing characteristics as you’ll receive double bonuses for them

Rings and amulets that increase strength will allow you to wear some decent armor as you progress into the tougher areas of the game.

Try to balance your spells between close-range spells and ranged spells. If you stack your Sorcerer towards spells designed for close-in use, such as Flash you’ll be less effective if you need to deal with a horde at a distance.

Mana potions are your friend; even more so than healing potions, especially if you have Mana Shield. Make sure you stock up regularly.

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