Tips On How To Play A Successful Rogue In The Original Diablo PC Game

Tips On How To Play A Successful Rogue In The Original Diablo PC Game
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Overview of The Rogue Character Class

Rogues in Diablo are seen as something of a hybrid character; occupying the middle ground between Warriors and Sorcerers. Rogues have fair skill in both melee and spell-casting and are very balanced characters to play. What’s more, Rogues have the fastest attack with bows, making them extremely effective in distance attacks, while they can also be developed towards either the Warrior or Sorcerer path depending on your style of play you prefer.

The Rogue

From The Ground Up: Rogue Starting Statistics

Rogues are nimble and agile. They are also blessed with some arcane magic talents.

1 level Rogues start the game with the following abilities:

Strength: 20; Magic: 15; Dexterity: 30; Vitality: 20; Life: 45; Mana: 22

and begin the game with the following equipment:

Shortbow; 100 Gold Pieces; 2 Potions of Healing

Rogue Skills and Abilities

Rogues excel with the bow; often a Rogues' sole weapon is a bow, although it’s not unlikely online to run into a sword/shield Rogue. However, for the most part, a Bow is the Rogue’s friend.

Rogues begin the game with the skill feat to Detect and remove traps, which commonly occur on chests, sarcophagi and barrels.

Rogues have some magical ability and cast spells faster than Warriors.

Rogue Level Advancement

When a Rogue gains enough experience to attain a new level, she receives the following:

+2 Life per level and +1 for each point of vitality

+2 Mana and +1 for each point of magic.

+5 attribute points.

A Rogue’s maximum attribute scores are:

Strength: 55; Magic: 70; Dexterity: 250; Vitality: 80; Life: 210; Mana: 173

Rogue Playing Strategies

Learn when to use the SHIFT key. Fighting with a bow entails knowing when to remain stationary and this is achieved by holding down the SHIFT key when attacking; even if you accidentally click on the ground instead of on the monster you will remain in the one spot until you release the key. When attacking a large group, after taking a couple of shots hold the SHIFT key when firing at your target. By doing this, you won’t inadvertently charge your target but you will lose a little accuracy – a small price to pay, especially against large hordes or powerful monsters.

Rogues can’t wear as heavy armor as the warrior does, but she is a lot better off than the sorcerer in this regard. You shouldn’t have too much of a problem finding a decent suit of armor to wear but try to balance the character but don’t sacrifice abilities for armor class.

The rogue is a better spell-caster than the warrior so it would probably be worth it to pick up some spells; especially those which deal damage at close range since you already have a long range attack. Chain Lightning, Fireball, Firewall, Stone Curse and Teleport are spells which every Rogue should look to have in their spell collection, preferably at a high spell level although Rogues' maximum magic score means spells will rarely attain maximum levels without aid from shrines and magic items.

Rogues can’t take anywhere near the amount of damage a Warrior can, especially at close range, so if you get mobbed you should try to retreat around a corner and let loose with your bow from a distance as enemies follow.

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