Demigod Character Guide: Oak The General

While many of Demigod’s characters are deadly individuals who appear to represent their own self-interests more than anything else, the same cannot be said of Oak. This noble paladin can raise the spirits of fallen allies to fight on and can assist those allies left standing in a number of ways.

Demigod Character Guide: Sedna The Healer

In a game filled with gnarly looking characters, including a walking castle and a fierce archer wearing goggles, Sedna looks surprisingly normal. She also fills a surprising role – healing. Sedna is the only real healer in the game, and those who normally play the support role will fall in love.

Demigod Guide: The Rook

The Rook is the most iconic character in Demigod, thanks to his constant use in marketing for the game. He is a powerful character, as you’d expect, but his key role in the marketing campaign does not mean he is without weakness on the battlefield.