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    • Demigod Character Guide: Regulus the Sniper
      Capable of killing enemies at long range with divine wraith, Regulus is the resident long-range killer of the Demigod character line-up. Yet he also has some surprisingly useful mid-range abilities which can surprise unsuspecting opponents.
    • Demigod Character Guide: Keeping It Unclean
      The Unclean Beast is a machine of death, created by the darkest forces known to devour and conquer. Quick and vicious, escaping from the Unclean Beast's vile claws is near impossible, but his lack of hit-points does demand a barbaric finesse.
    • Demigod Character Guide: Heart Of Oak
      While many of Demigod's characters are deadly individuals who appear to represent their own self-interests more than anything else, the same cannot be said of Oak. This noble paladin can raise the spirits of fallen allies to fight on and can assist those allies left standing in a number of ways.
    • Demigod PC Game Review: Failure To Launch
      Gas Powered Game's new multi-player DOTA clone, Demigod, does an excellent job of re-creating and in some ways improving on the gameplay of the famous Warcraft 3 mod. But the game is currently marred by nasty bugs and a retail price which seems too high.
    • The Demigod Launch: Game Reviews And The Evolution of Games
      The launch of Demigod was a disaster, but the game itself is quite good. Should gamers and game reviewers trust that games such as this will clean up launch problems, or is criticism of a short-term problem valid even if it may no longer be relevant in a few weeks or months?
    • Demigod Character Guide: Sedna Is Your Best Friend
      In a game filled with gnarly looking characters, including a walking castle and a fierce archer wearing goggles, Sedna looks surprisingly normal. She also fills a surprising role - healing. Sedna is the only real healer in the game, and those who normally play the support role will fall in love.
    • Demigod Rook Guide: Fortress You
      The Rook is the most iconic character in Demigod, thanks to his constant use in marketing for the game. He is a powerful character, as you'd expect, but his key role in the marketing campaign does not mean he is without weakness on the battlefield.
    • Demigod Torchbearer Guide: Fire And Ice
      The Torchbearer is the heaviest spellcaster in Demigod, harnessing elemental powers of Fire and Ice to bring down foes. He is weak in close quarters, but a careful player can do significant damage with his many deadly spells.
    • Demigod Cheats
      Are you looking for cheats for Demigod on the PC? You’ll find details on how to edit your game files and activate various cheats in game in this article. You can also find out how to unlock all achievements and favour items.