Demigod Cheat Codes and How to Get All Achievements and Unlock Favour Items

Demigod Cheat Codes and How to Get All Achievements and Unlock Favour Items
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Developed by Gas Powered Games Demigod has been billed as an RPG/RTS cross with plenty of action. The game focuses on multiplayer and casts players into battle against one another as monstrous demigods. The release was marred because the servers were unable to handle the increased server traffic brought about by widespread piracy of the game.

The game-play is a peculiar blend and the debt it owes to Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients has been widely acknowledged. The visuals and sound are excellent but there are a few bugs to be worked out in the game-play and the lack of a dedicated single player story or tutorial was a source of annoyance for some. It is a shame for the developers that they only get one chance for a Demigod review from magazines and websites because without the multiplayer problems this would have been scored much higher.

Demigod Cheats

In order to activate cheats in Demigod you will have to edit some game files. Make sure you back up your original copy in case there are any problems. First of all you should locate the following file


It should be located in Gas Powered Games/Demigod and you’ll want to right click on it and open it with notepad. Then, at the beginning of the file above

profile = {

You should add the following

debug = { enable_debug_facilities = true }

Now save the file, right click on it and choose Properties and tick the Read Only box. With the file edited you will be able to enter the following cheat codes in the game.

  • God Mode – ALT and N
  • 999,999 Gold – CTRL and ALT and B
  • Wireframe Mode – ALT and V
  • Instant Level Up 20 – ALT and F
  • Teleport Selected Unit – ALT and T
  • Kill Selected Unit – CTRL and K
  • Spawn Any Unit – ALT and F2
  • Copy Unit or Structure – CTRL and SHIFT and C
  • Paste Unit or Structure – CTRL and SHIFT and V
  • Reveal Map – CTRL and ALT and Z
  • Toggle Opponent AI – ALT and A
  • Increase Game Speed - + (plus)
  • Decrease Game Speed - - (minus)

Demigod Achievements

You can also unlock all of the achievements and get your hands on the favour items by editing the same file again.


Find the section that says Items and paste in the following

Items = {