Demigod Unclean Beast Guide: Master Of Melee

Demigod Unclean Beast Guide: Master Of Melee
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Be Unclean

The Unclean Beast is one nasty guy. Just read his biography. That’s right - this un-cuddly dog gets his kicks by eating people alive. As you might expect from such a nasty character, he is one of Demigod’s premier offensive characters. If he could be compared to anything from a standard RPG, he would be the rogue, using speed and dirty tactics to quickly kill off anyone in his way. But he is also more than that, thanks to an array of infectious powers.

On the downside, the Unclean Beast can’t take as good as he gives. His builds generally ignore this, however, as the Unclean Beast has no recourse except for his speed when it comes to avoiding damage. Instead, the Unclean Beast builds tend to focus on how damage is done to the enemy. There are so many options that while each build focuses heavily on offense, they play quite differently.

The Venom Build

One of the Unclean Beast’s trademark abilities is Venom Spit. This is a single-target DOT (damage over time) which lasts ten seconds and does a high amount of damage by the time the effect wears off. At its first level, it does 500 damage, and at rank 4 it does an insane 1500 damage. Because it does so much damage, and there are few ways to cancel the effect, it is a great ability for wearing down both enemy demigods and enemy buildings.

Obviously, Venom builds will always keep Venom Spit maxed, and will also pick up the Putrid Flow upgrade at level 15, the soonest it is available. Venom builds will also want to level Inner Beast and Diseased Claws. Inner Beast increases movement and attack speeds, and the upgrade called Acclimation makes the Unclean Beast resistant to blows which deal heavy damage. This syncs well with the build, because you will be using hit-and-run tactics, and opponents will respond by trying to kill you with burst damage. Diseased Claws is great because you can reduce movement speed, allowing you to keep a wounded enemy from running back to base.

Up to level 10, the Venom build will basically be rotating Venom Spit, Inner Beast, and Diseased Claws in that order. You will also have some extra points for picking up what you’d like - Foul Grasp is a good idea, as it lets you render a target immobile for a short while. As you level up, you’ll have more and more room to customize. As you get into your mid-teens you will pick up Putrid Flow and Acclimation, but your other skills are your choice. It would be recommended, however, not to take Bestial Wrath, as it forces you to stand and fight and contradicts the hit-and-run approach of a Venom build.

The Ooze Build

The Unclean Beast Is Masterful At Close Combat

The Ooze build is also a DOT build, although of a different breed. Ooze builds focus on the Ooze ability, which is a DOT that effects an area around the Unclean Beast. When activated, enemies in range of the Ooze are hit with damage as well as a reduction in their attack speed. The downside is that the Unclean Beast loses health when Ooze is active. This type of build is best suited for the close-range brawler who likes to gamble with death to gain insane AOE (area of effect) damage.

The play-style of the Ooze build is one of a cautious in-the-thick damage doer. This build must be careful to watch health because of the self-damage which Ooze causes. However, when played well it is a very deadly build. A maxed out Ooze does only ten less damage per second then Venom Spit. Besides keeping Ooze maxed, this build will also want to focus on Enhanced Attributes. This is unusual for any build, but since you will be so sensitive to damage, you will want the extra health regeneration and hitpoints. Post Mortem should definitely be taken at level 5, as well as the upgrades of Plague and Plague II at levels 10 and 15. This will further increase your DOT damage.

Other abilities are up to the player. The biggest question will be taking Venom Spit. Taking Venom Spit with Ooze would make the single-target AOE insane. However, taking Venom Spit means you will be so specialized that you’ll miss out on everything else the Unclean Beast can do. Inner Beast and Diseased Claws are considered staples of the Unclean beast, but you wouldn’t have enough points to give them much attention.

The Rogue Build

While the previous two builds focus on the Unclean Beast’s nasty DOT abilities, the Unclean Beast does it with its claws. That doesn’t mean it will ignore the non-melee abilities, but it does mean you’ll focus on getting up close and personal. While this means that the rogue build tends to do less damage per second, it does gain burst damage. Rogues are all about ensuring that a kill is made.

The mainstays of rogue builds are Bestial Wrath, Inner Beast, and Diseased Claws. These early abilities will be rotated to fill up most of your abilities in the first ten levels. Bestial Wrath gives you the ability to burst enemies with heavy melee damage, Inner Beast gives you what you need to chase down an enemy, and Diseased Claws helps you ensure that they will not escape from your fury.

Foul Grasp is another great ability, and should be picked up as soon as possible. Upgrading it to maximum is optional. The Life Drain effect is very useful, but not a must have - you mainly want this for a stun. Picking up some levels of Venom Spit is a good idea, simply because it is a simple and easy DOT which will help your overall damage per second. And finally, Enhanced Attributes is a good idea, as the added health, armor, and damage will help you overall. I do not suggest taking Ooze, simply because it will distract you from your main mission. If anything, this should be the most survival-oriented build of them all, and this should be remembered when taking equipment. The point of the rogue is to get the killing blow, and this can mean taking heavy fire from enemies trying to save their buddy.