Demigod Character Guide: Regulus The Sniper

Demigod Character Guide: Regulus The Sniper
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What Was That?

Have you ever been fleeing from a battle in Demigod, low on health but not near death, and found yourself suddenly and inexplicably dead?

That was Regulus.

Packing a crossbow that fires arrows the size of harpoons, Regulus is the undisputed sniper of Demigod. He has a long base range and an attack ability that can fire incredibly far, allowing him to take out an enemy Demigod in a battle that he has yet to arrive at. He essentially reduces the hitpoints of every enemy demigod in the game because any demigod that allows their hitpoints to fall below a certain point is running a serious risk of being sniped. Yet sniping is not his only ability. Regulus also makes a surprisingly effective mid-range fighter.

The Sniper

The most obvious way to build Regulus is to take advantage of his sniping skills. A sniping build will have the ability to do a high amount of damage against enemy demigods at extremely long ranges, but it should also be noted that there is plenty of room in this build for DPS skills. That means that while building Regulus as a sniper increases single-target damage through the use of abilities, it also increases general DPS, making this Regulus a formidable foe even when not making use of Snipe. On the downside, sniper builds leave little room for utility or mid-range fighting.

The primary skill for the sniper is, as you’d expect, Snipe. Snipe is a deadly long-range attack that can do up to 700 points of base damage and gains a damage bonus if a target is far away. Snipe has a 15 second cooldown and high mana cost, however, so for regular shots the sniper will need Sniper’s Scope, which increases the range of normal attacks. Finally there is Maim, a passive ability which gives a chance to reduce a target’s speed by up to 10% with any normal attack. I recommend all four ranks of Snipe by level 10 and at least two ranks of both Sniper’s Scope and Maim.

The sniper angle being covered, the next step is to increase damage generally. This means taking Angelic Fury and ranking it up fully as quickly as possible. Vengeance is optional, however. A secondary priority to Angelic Fury is further passive upgrades like Impedance Bolt, which gives Regulus a 10% chance to double ability costs for the target on any normal attack, and Deadeye, which gives Regulus a 3% chance to interrupt on all normal attacks. This will leave a few points to play with, and those can be placed into either Enhanced Attributes or Mark Of The Betrayer.

The Sniper’s role is obvious and at first seems simple. This is deceiving. Learning when to fire off the sniper shot can take just as much skill in Demigod as it does in a first person shooter. Fire too early, and you won’t get the kill, perhaps allowing the enemy to escape. Fire too late and the enemy may move out of range or be healed by a potion or an ally. Remember that this build is not a skirmisher, and that front-line combat is rarely a winning scenario. Do not be afraid to retreat, but remember to move swiftly back towards the line of battle once the attention is off you.

The Grenadier

Angelic Fury makes Regulus capable of sustained damage

While Regulus is defined in the popular eye by his Snipe skill, Regulus is just as effective as a general damage dealer. The grenadier capitalizes on this by focusing on Angelic Fury early rather than on Snipe, and by making consistent use of the Mines and Mark of the Betrayer skills. This Regulus has to get up close and personal, and as a result he can be more difficult to use effectively than the sniper. Carrying health potions and a teleport is always recommended. However, this Regulus will also likely level quicker than a sniper build as he can kill creeps much faster.

In the first five levels, the grenadier will want to focus on Angelic Fury, Sniper Scope, and Mines. Getting Angelic Fury at level 1 is a must. It is a great damage boost and allows for quicker creep kills. It is also efficient in terms of damage versus mana cost. The first five levels should be spent farming creeps as much as possible. Once level 6 is obtained, pick up Mark Of The Betrayer. Mark Of The Betrayer is a great skill that does a large amount of damage and has a large slow effect. The mana cost is high, so beware of that, particularly because draining yourself of mana will deactivate Angelic Fury.

For the rest of the levels, the build should focus on Angelic Fury, Mark Of The Betrayer, Mines, and Sniper Scope in that order. I greatly encourage placing points into Enhanced Attributes as well. The close-in nature of this build is detrimental to the health bar and mana is a constant concern. However, an alternate path is to start investing heavily into Snipe or offensive utility skills like Maim.

As might have already been noticed, this build is called the Grenadier, not the miner. That is because the mines can be and often will be used as grenades. They go off instantly if an enemy is standing where they land, making Mines a great nuke. But Mines are also good for strategic reasons - for example, they can be placed behind an enemy demigod which is low on health to prevent their escape. Mark of the Betrayer is also essential to this build. Use it often, as its damage is great and the large slow effect will keep enemies within range of your awesome DPS.